Saturday, June 30, 2007


When driving to Mahone Bay, I noticed a quaint little art, cafe and clothing shop that was to open! It opened up about two weeks ago, and when stopping my Amos Pewter today to pick up a gift for Mallory, my mother and I stopped in to take a look. I bought a cute little teal skirt and talked to the lady about the artwork that was for sale. She takes artwork on a commissioned base - I get 70% she gets 30%! So next weekend I'm going to drop some art in and see what I can do!

I'm so excited!!


After watching those crazy CSI shows I have started to get more of an understand of what DNA really is. I know that I'm not one to be really scientific or anything. But thinking about DNA and uniqueness between others is almost quite inspiring. I think that would make a beautiful paintings. Project #4 here i come!

Inspirational Uniques Artist #12 - silentlotus

nickname: silentlotus

i love the rich symbolism of the blossoming plum tree- hope, perseverance, renewal and vitality, and thought to summon love and generate abundance. and i think the contrast between the craggy, thick, curvature of the tree's trunk is such an intriguing contrast to the soft sweetness of the flowers! like perfect balance!

why unique:
i used color to convey alot of meaning in this piece. the indigo background is meant to represent wisdom, intuition, imagination, and insight... movement inward and connection to the innermost self. the soft green of the blossoms represents a livelier, more outgoing energy, and signifies growth, renewal, and free expression, and harmony and stability.
Check out artwork here: Original Chinese Brush Painting of Plum Tree with Blossoms- "Outward Introspection"

Friday, June 29, 2007

Inspirational Unique Artist #11 -electricbluebird

Nickname: electricbluebird


I think she is so cute. I think her collar gives her attitude. No real inspiration other than I thought a bulldog would be fun to paint.

Go check out her shop and paintings here: Electricbluebird

work work

my job is really interesting because it really connects me to a lot of different professions in the community. Chad was telling me on the phone last night that he was "really proud" that I had taken this job because people in this community really need support from people like me, and centers like this one. I have learned a lot so far about social workers, community home visitors, drug rehabilitation services, child care centers, speech language pathology and the works. I attended my first staff meeting yesterday and it was really interesting. I am really starting to enjoy myself here, it's really a relaxing atmosphere where you can care for children but also have time to do all your planning. Most child care settings don't give you any time for planning and you end up doing it all at home. So this is such a treat!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Inspirational Unique Artist #10 - Katie

My nickname: Katie Taylor

My inspiration was my recent miscarriage and the feeling of pain and loss that comes with it.

It is unique to me because I have never touched a subject like this before so quickly and feel I have a duty to put this out there to make others feel better that they are not alone when something like a miscarriage happens in their life.

Go here to check out Katie's shop and items: Falling Lives

Hot Hot Hot

So after we had rain for like - three weeks? I was super hot here yesterday. Troy came up to visit and he bought me an air conditioner! How insane in that. My room was so nice and cool last night! We played a little bit of some video games (Greg's PS2) and some poker! I can't wait for Canada day!

I am at work right now, this morning was pretty busy, but this afternoon it will be more realaxing, I have a staff meeting then I have to work on some camp stuff!

Food Soap Life

I really need to go grocery shopping. All I have been eating for the past two weeks is soup and cereal. They are starting to make fun of me at work because that's all I have brought for lunch since I started working here.

I also need to buy some skin care products like soaps, shampoo. I think that would be a nice little adventure to go down to the grocery store. I think it would be nice after I start paying off my loans and all that jazz that I could start investing more on buying products online. It's my addiction. There is awesome skin care stuff that I would love to get off that website! Hopefully I get paid tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Inspiration Unique Artist #9 - Heather

Nickname: Heather R Lange

Inspiration: God

Why you think this painting is unique:
It is created with that every room/ every day concept in mind. I want people to enjoy the bright colors and feeling of peace that it will bring to any room in which it is displayed.

Go here to check out Heather's etsy shop and paintings: Abstract Art

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Work is busy
Painting is a slow progession ( I have 3 projects started )
Food is light
Sleep is low

I found the strangest thing this evening. Thinking about poetry I located this website with a bunch of poems I wrote like 5 years ago. Super Dark. Super Twisty.
I feel like I had a better vocabulary 5 years ago. Weird. Super Weird.

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #8 - Rainy

This next artist I would consider an etsy friend of mine. She's so sweet!

Nickname: Rainy (well, my Etsy nickname anyway)

I believe in Hope. Without it, we are all lost, whether we know it or not.

What makes it unique?
Why, the fact that I painted it, of course! :) Ok, what I really like about this piece is how "dirty and unkempt" the background is and how the arrow of Hope is pure, clean, and crisp. Like a fresh mountain wind blowing into a smog-covered city.

Go and check out Rainy's etsy's shop: The Point of Hope

Monday, June 25, 2007

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #7 - Jo


struggle, meditation, prayer, life

Why you think this painting is unique:
It can be seen on a lot of different levels and be seen as a lot of different things...holy men, santos, meditating figures, vaqueros, praying figures...

Go here to see Jo's etsy shop and painting: AyeCHIHUAHUA's shop

New Project

I'm excited about my new project.

My Broken (and a little rotten) Paddle. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but this was my attempt. I am going to sand it and prime it tonight. Now i need a idea of what to paint on it!

Qoo Forum

I have always wanted to get into writing on forums. I have found a few ones that I have liked and have tried to post on them often, like etsy and wetcanvas. I like how you can communicate with people who are interested in the same things you are. But I found this new forum: Qoo Forum. I signed up for it today and it looks pretty promising. I already found some crafters on it (or aspiring ones shall I say).

I think it's exciting to contact with people outside of the art forums because you can learn about what other people are doing and what people find really works for them. It's exciting finding new little nooks online. The website is really sweet and professionally laid out. They have lots of sections to post in - so people from all kinds of backgrounds can be part of it and post in it too. I love the colors and it's very quirky, it suits my style I think. I didn't think that websites can fit styles - but it's something that I have been thinking about lately. Maybe that doesn't make any sense! But anyways, it's a great forum and I'm excited to see what new things I am going to learn!


It’s Monday. I don’t want to be mean to Monday because I don’t want it to back fire on me. I had a pretty good weekend: David Francey concert, sleeping in, playing pool, getting a new cell phone, going to the beach, mowing grass, barbeque. There were some “ups” and “downs” but overall it was nice.

I’m at work right now. I just finished my lunch break. We are going to have a meeting about our summer camp, so I have to present my ideas for the first week of camp which is dinosaurs.

I bought this illustration off etsy yesterday. I’ve had my eye on it since the artist listed it, and now I’m happy to say that it’s on it’s way!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Song List

I saw David Francey last night and it was absolutely incredible! I unfortunately forgot my camera but that's okay. I bought his newest CD and got him top sign it for me, it was nice to have a little chat with him.

When I go to shows like this I always wanted to write down a song list, but I always forget a pen/paper. This time I actually had some with me so I work down the song in order that he sung them! Here they are:

1/ Paperboy
2/ The Waking Hour
3/ The B. Train
4/ Tonight in my Dream
5/ Kansas
6/ Their Wedding Day
7/ Promise Land
8/ Under the Portland Weather
9/ The Ballad of Bowser Macrae
10/ Leaving Edmonton
11/ A conversation
12/ The Gate
13/ Come Rain or Come Shine
14/ Red-winged Blackbird
15/ Morning Train
16/ Torn Screen Door
17/ Highway 95
18/ All Lights Burnin' Bright

Inpirational Unique Artists #6 - beedazzlingdesigns


For this painting to have fun and get away from realism.What color milk would this cow give?Whatever the painting the artist should find joy in what they are doing.

This painting is unique because:
how many cows have you seen this color while sober?

Go here to check out beedazzlingdesigns etsy shop: Milk Color

Friday, June 22, 2007

Inspirational Unique Artists #5 - Brittni

I don't really have a nickname. My name is Brittni. A couple friends call me Britt and a handful more just call me B.

I have many influences and inspirations. Here's the short version...I am inspired by illustration (mostly lowbrow style) and incorporate crisp line and flat color into my work whenever possible. These delicate lines contradict the organic textures and fields of color in the rest of the piece.
In addition to illustration, my work is strongly influenced by stereotypical gender roles, specifically in relation to women. I look to powerful female artists from the past and present, such as Eva Hesse, Barbara Kruger, and Ellen Gallagher, who explore similar themes in regards to sexuality and gender roles.

All artwork is unique in one way or another:
good or bad. This painting is unique because it doesn't fit into a specific category: it isn't exactly illustrative nor is it completely abstract. I enjoy the elusiveness of it.

To Check out her etsy sity go here:

Workie Work

Right now i'm at work on my lunch break. My computer and phone got all hooked up yesterday now i have the internet! It's exciting because now I can check the internet for activities/snacks/game ideas for the summer.

I'm so glad it's FRIDAY!

I am leaving for Bridgewater after work tonight. I think I am going to stop by the apartment and get my laudry first! I am hopefully going to see David Francey tonight! I'm going to call the Chester Playhouse later on this evening to make sure there is still tickets - I think there will be, I'm not worried

I have to get away from all this dwelling!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tutoring Services

Last year I had thought about doing some tutoring, well things go crazy and it didn't happen. I'm in the process of doing Big Brothers Big Sisters, and we'll see what happens with that. I always wanted to be a Tutor before I just never knew how about doing it. I think having an online tutor is absolutely amazing. To be able to learn and still be in the comfort of your own home is awesome. I would do everything at home it I could. Having a service for Canadians is important too! Maybe I can see about signing up to be one myself! You need to have a degree with this website, but I may get mine in the next few years.

A Murky Conversation

I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that I have a new art piece! I think it's cute and something a bit different that I have done in the past. I haven't decided yet what I want to do about selling it? To sell it (or try to), or not to sell it. hmmm

"The Murky Conversation"
9 X 12
Canvas Board
Acyrlic, decorative wire, different paper mediums

The Drama in my Life

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm female but I do (and I'm ashamed to admit it) "want" some drama in my life to keep it interesting. I hate it when the drama has to do with me though - if it's the people around me - then that's perfectly fine! I usually am not one to really get into celebrity gossip. I never ususally catch any on the televsion because I don't watch that much (only at night before I go to sleep). I caught a bit of David Letterman last night and he was talking about Paris Hilton. I could care less about her, but man I don't understand why she is so popular. I came across this celebrity gossip website. It's pretty interesting and sounds like someone like myself would have written it - just the way it's worded. I like that though, I don't like things that you know is totally ridiculous just by the way it's written. I'm totally not digging the pink in the website though; boys may not stay and look around, but it is a pretty good website. It's pretty easy to navigate through the website. Oh drama - how I Love thee

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #4 - nellableu


My inspiration:
comes from music, nature and the innocence of childhood.

I think my art is unique because:
it's not traditional art. it's not digitally enhanced and i've only been painting for 1 year.

To Check out this postcard set by nellableu: Nellableu's etsy shop

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Art and Photography combined!

I'm so excited about something! I found out about this website that does photo enlargement's of photo's you like, and put them on canvas! Through my beautiful ways, I am going to recieve a 16x20 canvas of any photo of mine that I choose!

I think I am going to get my Raffi's stage photo for my 16X20! I'm so excited!

The website is really professional looking and their prices seem really reasonable. It's hard to really order anything like that around here. I don't know if you can get stuff like this in big city's or something, but around here it's hard to find unique imaging like this. These photos on canvas would make beautiful gifts!

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #3 - natorious


For this painting specifically? Donkey Kong, cute fluffy sheep, and geometry. For my "art" in general? Often the great outdoors. And colour. And cute things. And neat perspectives. Occasionally, dinosaurs!

Why you think this painting is unique:
Ummm... it's sheep - playing the role in an odd version of Donkey Kong. Or, because I painted it. Or... well... I just do!

We need what?

So I have this love-affair with three boys. I love my Troy dearly but there is something just wonderful about Henry, Tom and Rod. Bland names I know - but great characters. I stumbled about these boys in a show on Youtube called "we need girlfriends." They have a new episdoe every month (not soon enough). Here is the latest episode, but it would be smarter to watch it from the very beginning. I just love the newest one!

All work and no play makes Ashton a dull girl

Okay, so i'm not "all work" like the subject title says, but I have been working. On Friday it will be my first full week, and I'm getting settled in nicely. I'm going to stay at the Family Centre, I think it's going to be good. No place is perfect right, and they have great standards. Open-ended materials, all that jazz.

So I was suppose to cover child care during a workshop tonight, but it got cancelled! I would have liked the extra hours though. I ended up eating my supper there (soup and oatmeal), and I got an extra hour in, so that's not too bad.


Tomorrow I am doing "circle time" during Family play group. Making a fool of myself in front a bunch of parents, that's the life.

material girl

So since yesterday was like the worst day of my life I went shopping. So I usually don't go for the typical "i'm depressed - so let's fill the empty hole in my life with material objects." That is just not me.

I did end up buying some things that I needed like, razors and soap, underwear, shirts - you know good fun stuff. I even picked up a tom petty CD that was $5 and The Nevering Ending Story that was $10! How awesome is that! I can't wait to watch it, i'm just itching with excitement!

Ashton, it's just the little things in life

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seriously: worst day in a long time.

I can't physically write it all out. I'm going to sum it up

Work, Job, Stress, Boring, Uncomfortable, Unhappy, Calling Lady, Answering Machine, Lunch, Calling Lady, Not there, No messages, Trying to decide, Trying to not be greedy, Trying to not think about everyone and leave myself out, driving, crazy traffic, sidestreets, driving slow, car accident, crying, calling my mother, $1500 bursary received, calling troy, crying, blogging, crying, headache.

The $1500 is nice though. Maybe I should just sit at home and blog all day and live off payperpost and bursary money.

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #2 - scarlett


My inspiration:
was a love of deer, woods and big-eyed girls with pink hair! I wanted to create something with a sense of fairytale to it, but in a very bright, light and cheerful way.

I think it's unique because:
it's somewhere between cartoon and lowbrow/pop surrealism. While most lowbrow art has a sense of menace this is very light and cheerful. By the same token it doesn't quite fit the cartoon category and it seems to have a more substantial feel to it. And subject matter - well most people don't start a painting with a giant green deer!

See Scarlettcat's painting here: Doris and Dearie

Monday, June 18, 2007

freaking out

So ...


I called back the recuiter for Kinderville. She has convinced me that I have made a huge mistake and should go and work for Kinderville. I know it's full time and they would probably pay me more. So what's the problem Ashton, seriously. What's the deal.

It's not the I don't like the family center. I'm starting to get to know the families and everything. I can't burn bridges, but what am I suppose to tell them. EVERYONE is telling me that they would - blah - blah - understand. But i don't want to feel like I am screwing them over or anything. AHHHH

Opinions. I need opinions stat.

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #1 - Kelly


All of my work is inspired by children's art in one way or another, because i paint with hospitalized children for a nonprofit arts and healing program.

This painting is unique because:
It explores that transitional phase between endings and new beginnings; it is an intuitive meditaion on:
natural flow...
new life...

The flowers are hand-painted using references from turn-of-the century botanical photography. The collaged butterflies, colored with crayons, were found in a children's coloring book/field-guide.

Check out the painting here:kellyeason etsy shop

New Series

I am doing a new series of posts on "inspirational, unique art" from artists one etsy. Even if you aren't on etsy and would like to join in on the fun please feel free to drop me a line or comment here! I am very excited and I have gotten a great response from the etsy forums! I will try and post one piece of art a day.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day


TO make a long story short - sleeping in (oops), waffles, mowing lawns, going to the valley, eating, pretend to be happy, driving back the TOB, seeing troy, buying icecream pizza, driving to the city, now sitting here by myself!

Tomorrow is going to be my very first FULL day at the Dtown Family Centre. I'm a bit nervous, but i think I will get to go out into the community and do some activities which will totally rock the house. But I have no idea - I'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow!

My mom was worried about me - she called and left a message for me to call her when i arrived. The drive was boring but I had my "spring cleaning" and my "tree writes poetry" (or somethinglikethat mix)

Saturday, June 16, 2007


So I almost forgot that one of my favorite singers, David Francey is coming Nova scotia this week!! Now I cannot decide what show that I want see him at. DO I want to go on Friday and see him at the Chester Playhouse or stay in the city and see him at the Celtic Corner in Dtown. Decisions decisions! I'll have to hurry up and decided so that I can get tickets! Too bad you can't buy them online: that would be the sweetest.

Musical Music

SO I've decided to be happy. To finally be satified with my job. I think it's going to be awesome. It's not going to be as stressful as working at a child care center, and I think I am going to gain a lot of great experience. It's really hard to get into a place like this, because of it's relaxed atmosphere, yet great programs. I am going to get some new strings for my blue guitar and take it and think - keep it there at the center. I am going to take the guitar music that I figured out for my music and movement class and make a binder to keep there. It will be so much easier to be prepared.

Troy bought a new kick pedal, so he's up in the garage playing the durms!


I know this can be a bit morbid, but something that I have never thought about taking out is Funeral Insurance. Right now, the only insurance I have is a form of life insurance, that if i get something major happen to be like cancer I will get $100,000. I think it's important to get funeral insurance because you never know what's going to happen and you're family may not have the money to pay for it. I'm pretty upset with the governement that they will hardly give any money to families who's sons or daughters who die over in Afganistan. That's just terrible. I've been getting into politics lately. What's up with that!

Friday, June 15, 2007


I haven't been watching the news lately but I did just catch this.

I ended up finding this from the actualy Nova Scotia Government website.

Sometime I think Rodney MacDonald is kinda strange but it's nice that he is starting this petition:

"In 2005, the federal government made a deal - the Offshore Accord - with the people of Nova Scotia. The 2007 federal budget rips up the Accord, and breaks this deal. If the federal government can rip up an agreement with Nova Scotia, are federal agreements with any province or territory safe?"

I checked out what the Offshore Accord actually is. It basically is a contract stating that Nova Scotia receives so much money from our offshore oil rigs. Now Stevie Boy (Prime Minster Stephen Harper) doesn't want to give us ANYTHING. If we got those promised funds this province will finally get out from being "behind the times" and actually be a great economic province!

Go HERE to sign the petition!

Sale sale sale

I've decided that

Everything's gotta go!!! Check out my ETSY SHOP and get 33% off everything in my store. I need to get rid of these items in order to create more pieces! Tell your friends! Offer is good until the end of June! Summer Sale!


So I really tried to make prints of my own - with my black and white tree painting, and it turned out horrible. i really need to figure something out.


Artist block. artist block. artist block :S

:) / :|

SO I worked this morning from 8:30 to 12:00pm and it surprisingly went by really fast. We had the baby social for the parents and we looked after the other preschoolers and toddlers that the parents bring along. We had some free play time, snack, circle with a story and some songs and some more play time :) It was really nice how fast time went by. I didn't work in the afternoon because they had to spray the place for ants :S It was starting to get really bad.

Tor yand I were going to go out to eat for an early supper but Troy and i had to race back to TOB so he could fax some information off to NSCC so that he can get his certificate. Crazy nscc.

Kinderville called me, surprise surprise, i didn't call them back yet.. i don't know what to say.

I shouldn't be greedy, because then i may end up with nothing.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Thursday night, without Grey's anatomy... how sad

Alright so.

Today was great since I wrote last! Troy and I "cruised" around the city a bit and I wanted to go to the art store. I SLPURGED and bought 3 canvas' (10 X 12) which were on sale, and 10 canvas sheets, which are very interesting - pictures soon to come. I can't wait to start creating - I need some new ideas and creativeness! I think I'll have to do something to get that flowing!

We went to the grocery store and bought hashbrowns, sour cream, cream of chicken soup and made hashbrown cassarole! It was sooo awesome, it's already gone! I made a huge thing of it, and just finished the last bit of it 20 minutes ago!

I helped Mallory out with her laundry tonight, and my friend Matt came to see me! I invited him over for smoothies! We sat out of the balcony for a bit - but it was so chilly. What is up with this weather! Seriously. It's been either freezing cold, or raining. Ridiculous. It was so nice to see him I haven't seen him in almost two years. He's a police officer up here in the city, which is so good for him!

So... Dtown family centre called me twice. I didn't call her back until 6:30pmish because I wanted to see if Kinderville was going to call me back. They didn't. So i just said, frig it, i'll go to dtown, they really like me there it seems. The pay probably isn't as good as it would be at kinderville but it's good enough for now. I just HATE the fact that it is a term position, hopefully they'll keep me on longer that that if they can find the funds or something will happen and I get on at a good center. I'll have to wait it out and see what happens. I just can't wait around for Kinderville forever. Watch - they'll call me tomorrow i just know it.

I start my first day tomorrow at 8:30. But it's only going to be a half a day because they are getting the place sprayed for ants or something like that. SO it shouldn't be too bad at all! :)

What day is it...

Oh it's Thursday, I'm getting my days all mixed up. I keep thinking it's Wednesday. I was going to title this entry, "another hump day" but I was like... wait a second, didn't I just write a post with that title, it can't be Wednesday. It turns out that it is Thursday, wow this week is going by crazy insane fast.

So... I had my second interview for Dtown Family Centre. It went well, and it's a really great place. They said, if my references check out that I will be starting on Monday! Kinderville still hasn't called me back yet, so i'm not sure what I should do. I'll have to give them until tonight, and see if they call. I had my interview there on Monday so they really should have called by now... but they are probably busy.

I don't know where I want to work more, Kinderville for the Family Center. I enjoy both places I just think that Kinderville will pay me more and the Family Centre is only a TERM position - until the end of September - then i'll have to go through the whole looking for a place and interviewing phase all the frig over again - and I don't want to do that. They said if I work out that they can put in a request to keep me, but I don't want to base my income on that. Stressful!

I guess I'll have to wait it out and see what happens!

I am going to look at an apartment at 5:00pm tonight! Me, Mal, probably Troy and maybe Chris is going to look at it. It's just down the street which is nice. There were no pictures on the website, so it's going to be a big surprise.

I want to go down to Barrington tonight and check out this art store that sells handmade items from people like me. There was a girl on etsy (here) that sells art prints so I'd like to check it out and see what they have to offer. I also and still obsessed with getting a library card, and I would like to do that at least today or tomorrow!

Tonight I am suppose to be meeting up with an old friend from Highschool too. He's a police officer in the city now, which is so good for him because he's such a good guy. It would be really nice to see him, i'll have to call him later and see what's up!

Wow - longest entry ever :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Hour

I'm sitting here - drinking new tea that my sister bought - white tea - island mango and peach and it's very yummy! I love Lipton's tea: my ultimate favorite is thier ginger tea.

So i got a call from Sobey's and my orientation starts on Sunday. But I didn't!! get a call from Kinderville. So i guess I'll go for my second interview at the Dtown family centre, I hope they don't ask me to give them an anwser on the spot tomorrow if I want the jobbie or not =\



So after I got back, posted in here, and ran around like a mad women trying to get my criminal record check. I didn't know where I was going, or what I was doing. I went to some random Municiple building that I have never been in before, and that went well. I scrambled to fill out the two forms, and then rushed over to the RCMP station to drop it off. I had the correct ID's (thank goodness) and now I have to wait until next Wednesday to pick it up.

For Kinderville I also need:
  • Child abuse check (I do that with them)
  • A doctor's note stating I have no communicable illnesses
  • show them my diploma

and frig I hope that's it. It was like information overload in my interview so I hope I didn't forget anything.

Troy and I are leaving for the city in a few minutes - he takes longer to get ready than I do! I hope when I get there I'll have a message or at least a phone call from Kinderville!! :D!


I just finished helping Troy with his lawns. There was this one lady that he mows for, and she invited me inside while he mowed. I was going to help him, but she was too sweet I couldn't resist not sitting with her. I chatted with her a bit and we started to watch Oprah together, we talked about that, which was interetsing because it was all about realeasing your inner "sex pot" which was just weird. We concluded together that - that - should remain between you and "your sweetie" as she put it. She's in love with troy and calls him her "guardian angel"... so ... freakin'... adorable!

I think I am going to get this criminal record check underway... i was going to do it this morning, but they changed it all around and you have to run around town paying for stuff, getting a recipt, filling papers out, and taking it to a different spot, THEN you have to wait 7 days. A bunch of crock if you ask me.

Then i'm going back to the city. I don't really want to go to my interview tomorrow. I don't know what to do!


There won’t be much for vacationing this summer. Starting my new job and everything I won’t be taking any time off. The good thing about my profession is that I am able to work during the day, anytime from 6:00am to 6:00pm; which isn’t bad at all. I like having my nights to relax, and I just know that I wouldn’t be able to handle shift work. I don’t know how Troy is going to do it with Resolve and everything. He’s working there so he can save enough money to buy a ride-on lawnmower.

One place that I have never been to is Disney World in Florida. When I was a child that’s where all my friends or children my age would go. If they went on vacation it was always Disney World, Disney World, Disney World! I know that if I did go in the future when I have children possibly I would get a Disney vacation home to stay in. Instead of staying in a hotel, motel or some sort of resort you can rent a house to stay in. I think that would be really interesting and more “homey” when you are on vacation – and I like my home.

Another Hump Day!

I'm going to help Troy mow his lawns today after the grass dries off a bit, because it's been raining here nonstop for the last few days. We only have three lawns to mow today because we did the rest of them on the weekend, so that's not too bad.

I need to get my criminal record check done today, but I don't know how many pieces of ID I need in order to it. I haven't done it for awhile so I can't remember. I don't want to go all the way over there and not even be able to do it because I don't have enough pieces of ID.

I am going to go back to the city tonight. I have to have an interview tomorrow, but I am really hoping that Kinderville calls me and tells me that I have the job! I don't really want to cancel my other interview at the family center but I don't want to lead them on.. oh i don't know what to do!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unfortgetful you


Don't forget to get a criminal record check done tomorrow before going to the city. DOOO ITTT.

Ghost Crap more like it

This is the stupidest movie that i ever saw. I'm putting myself through the torture of watching a movie called "ghost rider" with Nicholas Cage.

Don't watch it, even if someone pays you seriously.

I also have "no woman no cry" by Bob Marley stuck in my head. Don't cha just hate that?!

Tonight Shall Come

Troy is coming here with a movie soon! When I called him to let him know that I was back from Graduation he was very excited to hear me, I think because he thought I was going to go right back to the city, but I decided I would come back to Bridgewater for at least until tomorrow! :)

I know that Kinderville was calling my references today because Betty called my dad while we were eating at "The Swiss" (Swiss Chalet) to tell him something about real estate and she told him that someone called her about a reference for me! I hope she said nice things I haven't really talked to her lately. :) I hope they call me and left me a message, or call me tomorrow, or something!!!



If you listen to the Television, or radio, people talking to one another, anything you would have heard the song "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake...

For some odd reason, for the longest of longest times I thought he was singing about his sexy back. That is not that the fact he was going to BRING sexy back (back to what we will never find out) but that he himself, had a sexy back.

That is my embarassing confession.


Today was Graduation at Acadia University. It was held at Acadia because there wouldn't be enough room at the Kingstec Campus: NSCC that I had attended in Kentville. It was nice. I think they said there were about 426 graduates which isn't too bad. The ceremony lasted about three-ish hours. It was nice to see everyone one last time and get some pictures taken. I have my diploma so now I can put it in my portfolio and give it to the people I had interviews with last week and this week. Troy didn't want to go, and his name wasn't even in the book, which was weird because he was on the graduation list. I'll have to check that out, his marks were good and everything so I don't understand why he wasn't in the list, another mixup, just his "luck". I posted photos on my facebook because I'm addicted.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Vitamin D

News Anchor: "There is a shortage of Vitamin D in our area, find out why at News AT 11:00"
Me: "It probably has something to do with the Oprah Show"


the big day! (tomorrow)

Troy showed up mid afternoon, we ate Kraft Dinner, and we lounged and watched 90212, then came back to Bridgewater so that I can go to ....

Graduation tomorrow!!!
I'm excited ... now I can actually work and make monies!!!

This Reasoning

Last night I painted this. I wanted to try and create a pratical yet emotional piece. I think it turned out pretty well.

5 X 7
"This Reasoning"
Acyrlic, paper, wire, ink on canvas board

Buy a House?

I was reading on facebook that a girl who is my age is looking in buying a house. Her and her boyfriend have talked with a bank about getting a mortage. I can't even imagine at this age, getting a loan and looking for a real estate broker ... it totally boggles my mind. I think in a few years and all that jazz, but not yet!

I'm not sure where Troy is today. He had an interview in the morning in TOB and one at 2:30pm in Dtown. I thought maybe he would stop by here to see if i was home first. I'm not sure, I guess i'll just wait it out and see what happens.

Kinderville Interview

Alright. So. Today.

My interview at Kinderville Child care centre in Dtown was this morning. I was there at 10:30 but I think the Directors thought to meet me at 11:00, but that's okay :) I was there until 12:45! I think it was the longest interview that I ever had before, but they were so adorable. Their questions were hard and I think I answered them pretty good, I don't think I have any regrets. At the end I went through my porfolio and showed them a bunch of papers and all that jazz.

After I anwsered their questions Denzel told me about their center and techniques and responsibilites. When he talked about how all the children were like his and her own, and that's why it's hard to hire someone because... I thought I was going to cry! They are so adorable and everyone seems so sweet :) They talked as if I had gotten the job, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high. I need to get some checks done and go to the doctor and get a medical note.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to Back

So... I'm back in the city. Steve thankfully drove me back so that I would be able to go and meet the directors of the center tomorrow morning at around 10:30am. I'm starting to get nervous about it, but I think it will go okay. They already have my resume, so they know a bit about me.

It's been an interesting weekend. Troy's going to come to the city tomorrow afternoon because he has an interview in Dtown. Hopefully the weather is going to be okay tomorrow, I wanted to walk around a bit and maybe go to the library.

I was thinking about walking to the Dartmouth bus terminal tomorrow but I'm not sure how long that would take me. It would probably take a long time. Maybe I'll go and try to get change tomorrow morning from somewhere or bum money from Mal.. hmmm.. I don't know.

Wet Hectic Sunday

Troy and I ended up stayig at my parent's house last night. We woke up this morning ( a bit late that i would have like to but oh well) and started doing our 4 lawns that we planned to get done today. We just finished them up. It took us a bit longer than we would have liked because we kept getting rained on and taking breaks here and there. I'm glad it's over with though, i'm all green from the wet grass.


While I was in PEI two weeks ago my aunt Lori and my uncle Jason decided that they would teach Mallory and I how to play Poker, since we both didn't know how to play. It was something that I always wanted to learn how to play, I just didn't understand it and no one offered to teach me before. We got some cards and chips while were in PEI and Lori and Jason gave them to Mallory and I. Now i'm in love.

Now... I'm not going to go all crazy or anything - i'm not going to the casino anytime soon, but Mal and I both taught Troy and Steve how to play... now we can have Poker nights together! Something that would be interesting to have would be poker tables. It could be something worth looking into. Mallory and I are also going to look sometime for the Rummoli game, which has poker like rules but it almost like a board game. It's neat.


Poker - my new love.


Sometimes it takes something bad to happen to you to be inspired. I've had a lack of inspiration and creativity lately. Not knowing what to create and paint has been a struggle, but I think I have a new insight. Now I just need the funds to get me going a bit.

One word: Fog.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Two Days

I changed my layout, I wanted something more personal to me, so I added a photo (up above ^) that I took a few years ago on my Europe trip. It was taken in Florance, Rome while we were having breakfast in a little cafe. I love the picture even though it's not the best quality. I cropped off the top and bottom so that the picture would fit - but I like the way it turned out.

I never thought I would ever say this - But I can not wait for Monday to come. I say this because I want everything to happen. I want to meet the directors of the center, find out if they like me, what job i'm going to get, so on and so on.

Two more days till Monday. :)

Scarey Movies.

So Troy couldn't mow his lawns today so he decided to put in a horror movie that his brother brought over.

Well... when I was young, especially in grade 4, I used to watch horror movies like there was no tomorrow, especially the old Freddy Kruger - Nightmare on Elm street series. When I would go for a sleepover with my posse that's what we would watch all night, horror films. You would this this would be the other way around. But i just can't watch them anymore, they freak me right out. There is just something about them now that make my stomach turn. I don't even think of renting them anymore, and that's all i used to rent when i was younger. *shiver*

Maybe I swaped my hate for vegetables with horror films.

Art Fans Here

I found this artist awhile ago, and I wanted to write a post, so wherever I go I can get the link and show him to people. This artist's name is Phil Hansen, and I absolutely adore him because why? Because he's incrediable.

Ok, okay, i'll elaborate a bit.

He's so intriguing. When you go to his website you'll understand. He's created so many unique pieces of art that I wouldn't have even thought of before. He does a lot of large scale pieces (six feet tall or higher). He does alot of meaningful pieces, like creating a huge piece of photos or names of people who have died. He's been on the news a lot, and when you see his artwork you will understand why - and also why it takes him so long to complete a piece.

Check this video out, it's one of many wonderful videos that Phil has done on youtube:


Friday, June 8, 2007

Interview #2

I forgot to mention today that I had my interview #2 of the week at the Dtown Family Centre. It went really well and I think I basically have the job, I just don't know how badly I want it. Do I want this temporary position that would give me great experience at a development center, or should I go and work for the adorable couple who have to child care centre? I guess I should wait until I meet the directors on Monday morning to see how much I enjoy the child care centre.


You know it's pretty bad when my mom knows more about pop culture than I do. I never keep up with the times, i have just recently done some text messaging, and I didn't even know what was going on with Paris Hilton, or why she was even charged - then went to jail in the first place. I'm so behind the times with that kinda stuff, i should consider that a good thing.

I did just catch something on t.v though - Isiah Washington or better known as Dr. Burke on my favorite-ist show ever has been been cut from Grey's anatomy! I think that's a good thing, it's just going to be really interesting to see what happens with the character - Christina who played his on screen girlfriend. ouuuu! I'm excited.

I'm back in Btown for the weekend. I am going to go and check the mail (hopefully there will be a check there reimbursing me for my courses) and get a cake for my dad's birthday.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

100th post

Here's my 100th entry on my ashtonsart blog!!

But there are always firsts to everything - and - today was my very first time ever trying TOFU! Troy, Greg and I went grocery shopping, and we picked up some food, tofu being something that we picked up. I wanted to "experiment" so this is what I did. Chopped up a block of tofu, put it in a frying pan with salsa, soy oil, chicken, garlic and a bunch of other spices. We wrapped it up in lettuce shells and put salad, broccoli and sour cream. I was extremely impressed with the way it turned out. The tofu tasted like chicken, honestly it did, and it was really awesome!

We just went for a walk. It takes about a half an hour to walk downtown - which isn't too too bad.

Now we are just veggin' out and eating icecream :)

Plans Plans

Tomorrow i'm thinking about walking downtown and getting a library card! I'm excited about reading more, because I really need to since I haven't read anything since my textbooks :)

Tomorrow I have my second interview!! At least I have my portfolio for this one! Thanks to Troy. I think Troy is going to take me over in the afternoon then I am going to go to Btown for the weekend.

Yesterday's Night Lights

So last night after Troy came here, i went and got a key cut for the aparment so that i can actually get in without Mallory. Greg, Troy and myself went out to "My Father's Mustache" for supper. I didn't want to get anything too expensive so I just got a soup and a salad. The soup was cream of tomato, which you would think would be really bland but it was so awesome. I got a ceaser salad with it.... yum.

At around 9:30 we went downtown and met up with Tim because it was his birthday. We walked around by the warf for about an hour and a half, then went back to his apartment lobby and ate the cupcakes that we brought for him. It was really nice. I hadn't seen him in over three years. He's so shy though, it's hard for him to open up and chat. But it was great.

Troy is on the phone right now with a call center, hopefully he can work up here and stay with me! I have my second job interview tomorrow - another one in Dtown. We are going to go over today and try to find the street and where it is located. More later!

Garbage Garbage Everywhere

So. I know I haven't been painting much; with my 8 X 10 Coffee Cup series, and some washer pendants here and there. But I finished this one up yesterday. I got a strong urge to paint a garbage can. And this is what can out of it.
11 X 14
Love for Garbage
Acrylic, paper and beads on Canvas Board

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hump Day

Troy is coming up tonight! i'm so excited. He got a call from a Call Center in Dtown today, which totally rocks the house. He and Greg ( his best friend ) should be here in roughly a half an hour.

I think he wants to go out and eat and play pool or something? I think i am also going to go and get a key cut for myself, so i'm not paranoid about getting locked out of here. :)


So.... I got up and took a bus ( i had no idea where i was going ) this morning over to Dtown for my "interview". I wasn't really sure what to expect - the lady just told me to bring over a resume and references. I ended up filling out a three page application form. I had my interview with the lady - she's hiring for a child care centre. She was really nice and it was a pretty laid back experience. We talked a bit - but she didn't really ask me very many questions.

The couple (they own and operator two child care centers) she is hiring for sound like great people with a great business! They even have a bus for the children to go on trips, it seriously sounds awesome, and the pay I may get is incrediable. I have to go over - take a bus - then hop in the lady's convertaible (oouu lala) on Monday morning around 10:30. I'm super excited (but a bit nervous) to meet them. It's a full time permanent position which sounds beautiful.

After that I caught the bus back and went to a Big Brothers Big Sister's thing with Mallory. It was really nice. Her boy was cute :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Adventure #1. Shower curtin spree.

Once Mallory showed the mold taking over the shower curtin in the bathroom ( i should have taken a picture - seriously disgusting) so i was determined that I would not shower until we got a new one. We went and bought a pretty shower curtin with circles and a liner with a nice pale blue. I'm excited to shower now. We spent a while cleaning out the tub and everything. This house is so nasty. My room is small, but it's managable. I don't like the lighting though, it's always too dark or too bright. I'll have to see what i can do with that later.

We made cupcakes tonight. Pictures are most likely soon to follow :)

Jobbie Hunting

Today at 2:30 i met a lady at the Sobey's Deli for an "interview" it wasn't really an interview - i guess i was a shoe-in. :) I'm going to start there some time next week. Someone is going to call me about an orientation starting sometime next week. Hopefully my graduation on Tuesday won't interfere with that.

I got TWO phone calls today about Early Childhood Jobs!! I have to meet someone tomorrow and another person on Friday, both in Dtown. The Friday interview is for a temporary position but the lady seemed so adorable and she said she was really excited to meet me. The lady I have to meet tomorrow didn't seem as friendly but that is a full time permanent position. So it's really hard to say. I'm SUPER nervous about taking the bus tomorrow - because I have absolutely no idea where I going.

Troy went back to Bridgewater to mow his lawns (5). I'm not sure when or IF he is going to come back. I really would like my porfolio (which is in Bridgewater) for my interviews, but i don't think i'll be able to get it for tomorrow. But my Friday interview I'll hopefully have it. :) It's only Tuesday - which is great.

I just painted a little bit, hopefully i'll have some new artwork to post soon!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Job Hunting, Life Searching


Job hunting didn't go well today... well it didn't get far at all. After I called NSCC at noon and found out that I am now on a waiting list for the Deaf Studies program - after debating over a few hours I can to the final conclusion that I am going to not take my precourses this summer. I am not going to school at all in September - and now I am going to have to start paying back my student loan.

That is my life as of today.

I did get a phone call from Sobey's but I didn't call them back, I didn't know what to do - i was just super flustered today. I think i am going to call a Early Childhood Centre tomorrow about a job that starts in September. I think I am going to call Sobey's tomorrow and maybe I'll work there for the summer, and hopefully get on at a centre in September. At least i'll have a job until then, and maybe i can work at Sobey's on the weekends or something.

That is my life as of now. : AhhH!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Art Business

Etsy has been slow - but i haven't posted anything new in so long that i only blame myself for not selling anything on it lately. I have been continuing my coffee cup series and washer art pendants.


Things have been stressful tonight. Finding out on that my course is full - and i've been taken off the list for the course because i didn't have enough money to pay for my confirmation fee. I was so concerned about paying for my two precourses which equaled $600 - that i forgot - now i'm kicking myself for being so ---i don't know.

I don't get stressed out very often - hardly ever - but these past few days have been awful for it. No job, no spot at school ( i have to call them tomorrow and see if i can get that figured out) no money. It's harsh.

We'll see (cross fingers) how job hunting goes tomorrow. Hopefully i'll get a call from someone!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Apple Blossom

Today I woke up at approx. 10:50. I found out that we were going to the Apple Blossom Parade in the valley at approx. 10:55, and we were out the door at 11:00. Even though it was a super rushed start to the day it turned out to be a pretty good one.

We arrived in the valley around 12:15, and waited around holding our seats dear till the parade hit us at 2:00. It was an uncomfortable occasions, but nice nonetheless. There was a whole lot of us, we took up two vehicles. (It was all with Troy's family).

Then after the parade we went to Wendy's father's place (Troy's sister inlaw) for a barbeque. It was really nice and sunny (i got a bit of a sunburn) and the food was delicious! Michele even made daiquiri's - berries. yum!

Friday, June 1, 2007


List of places to apply/talk with:
  • MarksWork Wearhouse
  • Coconut Creek
  • Sobeys (Halifax shopping centre)
  • Sears (Halifax shopping centre)
  • Miss Teen Ardene (Halifax shopping centre)
  • Penningtons


Troy and I and Greg went up to Halifax ("the city" as i call it) this afternoon and took a bunch of my stuff up - a bed, clothes, mini fridge, art stuffs. We came to find out that I actually got a queensized bed from and not a double that I thought i got. It's kinda nice - but way too huge for my small room that I have.

I'm in a place with my sister and two other girls. I guess it's called a "flat" - because it's like half a house, but it's only one level. It's nice though, but so smelley because the girls never clean their littbox. It's really gross. I think either Sunday or Monday I am going up to stay (and i'll go crazy without my own computer!!) - because i really need to find a jobbie. I hope MarksWork Wearhouse calls me!!