Monday, July 30, 2007

Inspirational Artist #40 - Beth


My inspiration comes from many things, many,the 19th century, music, fairy tales and literature.

Well, I think that all original art is unique in some way. I think this one is unique to me because I don't normally use bright colors in my work and I think this one is very vibrant but also has a very haunting dark quality to it.

Go check out more beautiful art by Beth: Marie Antoinette

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Everybody has their own quirks - right? I like to think I have my own unique quirks that I may or may not shar out loud with people in the "real world".

Something that I enjoy is having things personalized cups. I like seeing my name on things. My aunt gave me a change purse that reads: I (heart) Ashton. It really means the Ashton - like the celebrity Ashton Kutcher but that doesn't mean that I can get enjoyment out of it too. Whenever I go shopping I don't want people to think I actually am obssess with him - or myself for that matter! I have always liked seeing names on things since I was a child. I like seeing names on pens and such, it makes everything more personal. Maybe that's why I like it. I'm just a personal kinda gal?

I think so.

Inspirational Artists #39 - karineswenson

My inpiration for this painting comes from the patterns, textures and colors of grasses. I think it is unique because I have singled out one distinct image, and abstracted it. I have been painting for nearly 15 years.

Check out more beautiful artwork here: Spring Grasses

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Naturelike houses

My parents have been pretty busy with real estate these days. Which is really good since Mom doesn't drive the school bus in the summertime. I think as time goes on they are doing better and better - but it's really hard to say because they don't say much. I am faily critical about other real estates agents now If I think they are doing a slack job with someone that I have talked with.

I'm moving really soon. It's going to be so much better having my own spot and not feeling awkward or scared to go into my own bathroom or kitchen without someone staring at me or shuting their door in the presence. It's just plain weird where I live. I can't wait for Troy and I to live a hermit life in the woods. He's my little nature freak!


I got my cheque from Paint Mahone Bay! I ended up making $205.50!
That is so insane! I did get an e-mail address from the lady who bought my crow painting! I finally have a photo of it. Since I deleted it off of etsy, I only have the photo on my parents computer.

I ended up getting $105 for this painting! Which I am super happy about! That's the most I have sold a painting for yet! Now let's just see if I can top that.

Things are going well working in the canteen at the exhibition. Super busy weekend. I will end up making a couple hundred dollars for sure. I'm hoping I'll make around $300. But it's hard to say with all the tax they take away. I'm just home for a few hours taking a break then I'm going back in later on tonight. I'm hoping this year - that I am going to get a head start on some Christmas shopping. There is something I have been watching Ebay for - for Troy. And I am going to get some things off of etsy for Mallory and Mom. :) I'm excited to see what happens! I just know I can't go too crazy with money! I'm doing really well working on paying my credit card off!

My dad went to the city today to see if he can fix my car ! I'm scared to see what happens.

Back to school?

Even though I have only been in the work force for about a month and a half I am thinking about going back to school. Troy and I talked about yesterday after all my ongoing car trouble that I should just take a mechanics course for a year! That would be awesome.

Sometimes I think that I should go back to school so I can get a better paying job, have a luxury home, and fancy things. I would like to have a cute little house in Mahone Bay or someplace like that but I don't know what I should do. There are so many different things are calling my name. There are just so many things that I want to do I can't make up my mind. All I know is that I am at the DFC until the end of Sept. After that I'll make up my mind from there.

Inspirational Unique Artists #38 - Dr D

nickname: appears to be Dr D, lol. Or DW

Inspiration: shrooms

why it is unique: because the shrooms are staring at you?

Go here to find more prints and originals! Mushroom Folk

Friday, July 27, 2007

Inspirational Unique Artists #37 - Rena

Nickname: Rena

Inspiration: the world around me :) I am always amazing by the things I see!

Why you think this painting is unique:
I think this painting is unique because how many plants do you see with pink stems? :)

Go here to check out more beautiful work!: 5 pink flowers

Oh dear.

Sometimes I wish I had a desk job where we had meetings around conference tables all day long. Today was a pretty good day actually. We went to the beach - interacted with some families, had some great laughs, and all that jazz. I like sitting in front a computer and talking and having meetings though at the same time. I think that's why I really do like my job at the DFC. I doubt I'll be able to stay on after the girl comes back from maturity leave. But I guess I can always dream.

Ever since I got my job at the DFC I have had such car problems. I locked my keys in my car, I left my lights on and killed the battery - now today the HOTTEST day of the summer so far my car won't start. It rolls and talks to me, but it just won't start. My sister didn't help much. I was suppose to go back to Bridgewater tonight (I guess troy's coming to get me) - and I was freaking out, and Mallory got snarky because I was freaking out at her - but don't I have all reason to be - shouldn't she be more comforting. I guess not. Every time I expect my "family" to be comforting lately they always let me down. I guess I'm going to have to turn to all my friends now when I need help. I'm glad I have at least a few up here in the city.

I am going to be really busy this weekend. I barely have time to write this all out (luckily I'm a fast typer). I'm not sure how many artist's I'll be able to feature this weekend - but i'll try to get up at least one or two. *sigh.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I love you moon

I am taking a break!
from creating two new ACEO's! =]

I wasn't sure if I wanted to list this or not. But I said, "what the hey" - why not try. You never know! I'm listing it for a bit cheaper than some of my other records because it didn't take me as long to create it. But alas here it is!

I love you moon
Acrylic on Record

Art News! (a lot of hopefuls)

I uploaded new photos of my record painting that I listed yesterday. The original photos were just too dark so I spent some time and took better ones this afternoon.

Angela!! an Artist friend that I have has written an article on me and my aceo's and it will be (hopefully) published for the ACEO Magazine! I just sent in a subscription for the magazine yesterday too! I'm so excited to see how it all works out! If i am featured I think it will be in the winter issue :) How exciting!

Here's a painting that I finished up... but I don't think I am going to list it in etsy. I am going to try and sell it at an art shop in Mahone Bay! (hopefully)

Inspirational Artist #36 - Hillbilly artist

Hillbilly artist

This painting was inspired by my 2 year old...who woke up one morning recently, to the sound of rain outside. So he looked at me seriously and told me that the birds and butterflys needed umbrellas. So that prompted this painting

Go here to check out more beautiful art!! Flyin in the Rain

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Record!

I just listed this new piece that I finished tonight! I did wait a little bit late to take the picture and it started to get dark outside - so I am probably going to have to retake the pictures to get more of the true colors. I hope it does well!

"I know where I've been"
Acyrlic on Record

Moving and Furniture!

I like my office here at work. It’s pretty packed with stuff but it’s nice and cosy. It has some pretty nice office furniture, and I even have my own personal extension number and e-mail address! It’s nice that I have a computer here to work with but I don’t even have one of my own at home! That’s okay though, after I get some stuff paid off I will hopefully get one for myself. I can’t wait until I move where I can actually lay out some of my furniture in our living room! Right now I have everything (I don’t have that much stuff crammed in my little room. When I try to paint I can’t even walk because I have so little space and I can’t even move. I have to sit on a pillow on my floor and I have a little stool where I lay out my tub of water and canvas. But I’m hoping when we move into our new place I will hopefully have a table in the living room just for my art stuff. That’s what I had when I was in the valley and it worked out really well. I’m excited!

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #35 - Kahla

Name: Kahla

Inspiration: music and glam, I always have a particular song in mind while painting and draw almost all my imagery from lyrics or musicians. Glam visuals were so iconic for a short period of time, and I feel a lot of that showmanship has been lost in the last 15 years.

Why it's unique: As much as I love to render things realistically, I also like to combine that technique with graphic elements. I think this creates a unique finished product that isn't just a portrait but isn't a flat graphic design either.

Wow - go check out more at her etsy shop! Pure Morning

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

art out the ears.

Right now I am working on THREE art projects!

1. A record
2. A 10 X 12 canvas - Africa landscape
3. A 10 X 12 canvas - unsure yet - but my background is brown and blue with a white overlay.

They are super fun!

I am taking a break from painting right now actually. I was hoping to relax this evening but my stomach has been really bothering me. I think I really need to drink some water and that will help. It's almost like I'm dehydrated - I guess I didn't drink much water today :\. I am trying to finish up some art pieces to put up on etsy as well as take to Mahone Bay this weekend to display in a store. Wish me luck!

Inspirational Artist #34 - Jaishi

Nickname: Jaishi

Inspiration: Life, Emotion, the need for escape

Why you think this painting is unique: I think each one of my paintings help you escape just a little bit. Looking at the character, knowing that there is something mysterious about them and want to know the story.

Check out more beautiful artwork here!!!! But that's not my name

Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh the art store. I love you.

I returned some books to the library today, and I hopped down to the art store. I picked up some white piant (i was going crazy without any!) a paintbrush (fine tip) and two 10 X 12 canvases. I have an idea of what I am going to do for one.

I am working on another record right now - and I am going to start one canvas tonight. I am going to shower, paint, eat, clean - and call Troy. That's tonight's plan! :)

Yay for the art store!

The houses and the hills.

I haven't painted any records since the kitty cat ones that I sold in early January. Funny how January was my best month on etsy and I thought for sure that it would be my slowest. I finished up one last night. I had so much fun painting the houses and hills in Mahone Bay for the fundraiser - that I thought I would paint some on a record. I think that it turned out really great. I am going to list it tonight, after my sealer is all finished doing it's thing.

"The houses and the hills"
Acyrlic on record.

Award for me!

Angela gave me an award. She’s so sweet! I’ll be adding it to my sidebar!

go here to get more information!

Inspirational Unique Artist #33 - Chichiboulie

Nickname: chichiboulie

Inspiration: my children and just about everything I see. I'm constantly taking notice of colours, patterns, styles... you name it. The ones that stick help me create new themes or styles myself.

Why you think this painting is unique: All I do is paintings so I didn't pick just one. Not sure if they are unique, but I personally love the colours. They are vibrant especially for watercolours. They are fun and cute and make me smile!

Go here to check out more beautiful paintings by Chichiboulie Eloise the Fairy

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A new print!

I bought something new off etsy on Friday. I bought this print from livefunky.I love her art, and I was super excited when I found out that she was making som prints of her work, since I can't afford any originals yet! So I bought this soul searching print. I can't wait for it to arrive and to hang it in my new apartment! There is just no room where i am now.

Oh sunday.

Today is so hot out! Just a few posts ago I was complaining that it was so hot - now I'm complaining that it's too hot. I couldn't even hold onto my steering wheel of my car when I got in it - insane!

I'm going back to the city tonight for another week of work. It should be really fun though - it's the preschool Bug Week. We made an ant hill last week for the children to crawl in. It's going to be great to see their excitement. We have a lot of children from the first week that I adore so it should be a really fun week! I will hopefully take my guitar in again. I think they would like that.

I am hopefully going to paint a bit tonight! I need to keep listing things on etsy! :D


Something that I haven't really done before is go on a diet. When I was in junior high and I was a little bit overweight, I did a really unhealthy thing. I cut out breakfast and that made me loose a lot of weight, but that's really not a good way to loose weight at all. I still can't eat a lot of breakfast - when I try now. I don't know a whole lot about diet pills or what diet work well. I found this website all about Miracle burn. It displays different types of diet pills and ratings and feedback on different ones. If you are thinking about going on something like that - check out this website first to see ones that people have ad success with.

Inspirational Unique Artists #32 - Michele

Nickname: Michele or art school veganmichele

Inspired by my (passed away) lovebird, CC, neighbors' dogs, Mariah and Sunny, and a goat named Diabla (also passed on) I sponsored thru Farm Sanctuary. The leaves are collected from my backyard in California. 10% of all of my shop sales go to different animal charities each month.

Check out more beautiful art here: Animal Cards

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a crappy day.

One thing that I plan on buying once I have some stuff paid off is a laptop. Right now I am mooching off of my sister and I absolutely hate using other people's things especially when it comes to something like that. Things have been going on and I just don't want to use it anymore. My parents are suppose to be getting a new laptop so they are suppose to be giving me their old one. But I hate feeling that I owe them anything. It makes me feel like they can just take whatever they want from me whenever they want it. Things are going to be interesting when Mal and I move into the new apartment.

I was able to see some friends tonight, which realllly helped in aiding in some happiness - which was really lacking today.


Sometimes I feel like my family really disrespects me. But that's all I am going to say.

I watched "Hairspray" last night. And if you like a good laugh and good music that you HAVE to see it. It was so adorable!! I am still singing the songs today. It was awesome :) It was nice to go and watch a movie. I never get to do anything like that.

This weekend I'm helping my sister clean and sell food at the exhibition. I worked for a few hours this morning and early afternoon. I will go in tomorrow for a few hours. It shouldn't be overly busy though since the fair doesn't really start till Monday night. It will be nice to make a few extra dollars. I'll be helping her next weekend too.

I am hopfully hanging out with my friend Steph tonight after we go to Troy's brother's for supper! :)

Inspirational Unique Artists #31 - Lex

Nickname: Lex - my full name is Lex Leigh

Shapes, colors, mod art.

Why you think this painting is unique:
I incorporate paper in most of my art. You can check out the rest of my art in my shop - most of it is paper collage, but this uses acrylic as a background. I really got into this one, and incorporated antique wood veneer and nails as well.

Check out more beautiful artwork here: Lex

Friday, July 20, 2007


I had discussing the weather - but it has been ridiculous here! It's been raining most of the summer so far. We have had a few nice days, but it always seems to be miserable. June wasn't too bad, but May and July have been so rainy. I feel really bad for anyone who does a lot of construction work or have outside hobbies. I like my hobbies because I can be inside or outside. I feel bad for anyone who bought new golf clubs because there haven't been getting any golf in. Well, what do i know though - most golfies golf no matter what the weather!

Not much painting this weekend. I'm helping my sister at the local fair. She runs two canteens, and the fair starts on Monday, so i'm going to be helping her clean. Extra money!

Off to watch a movie tonight!

Inpirational Unique Artists #31- Heli


Inspiration: My life. I moved to Istanbul 1,5 years ago and my life changed totally! I started to paint this character last year when my camera was stolen and I had to somehow immortalize what I experienced and felt. I started to draw her

Go here to check out more beautiful art: Killing Time


I am very excited because Mom, Mal and myself are going to go watch "Hairspray" at the theatre tonight. I haven't seen a movie in the theatre in a LONG time. I can't even remember the last time I was there. I remember I saw Walk the Line 2 years ago. But that's the last one I can remember. There must have been at least one since them. I don't mind theater seating. I think it's really cool when those decorating shows do little movie rooms with the theatre chairs, and lights and a huge tv screen. I don't know if i would want that, but crazy movie fans I know would. And I know a lot of crazy movie fans.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #30 - Chicken Widget

Nickname: In real life, I don't have one. Online I am the Chicken Widget.

Inspiration: Old stories with rococo plotlines that go on forever...somehow the words inspire me more than the illos usually do. Observing the world around me is a big inspiration, dog has sparked a lot of paintings!

Why you think this painting is unique: Well, for starters, there aren't any prints of it availiable...
Also, it came purely out of my own wierd head, so that should help set it apart.
Here it is:

Go here to check out more awesome items from Chicken Widget: Terrier and Stars

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #29 - Artangel


Inspiration - color, texture, emotions, the passage of time, nostalgia, nature, life ...

Why my painting is unique - it is colorful and strong but has a soft and feminine feel at the same time - all my work is originals so all are OOAK

Go here to check out more beautiful items: Lots of Love

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TWO items in etsy~

Alright. I couldn't help myself, I just had to list these on etsy.

"An Important Time of Day"
Mixed Media
$8 (plus $2 shipping worldwide)

"From the Roots of the Earth"
Mixed Media
$8 (plus $2 shipping worldwide)

Oh etsy.


So i lied last night. I did end up painting a bit. I tried to finish up my stool a bit. I think it's looking pretty good. I just have to modge podge it, and do the underneath of it, which I think I am going to do some sort of folky-musicy collage. I have painted it white (i used up the rest of my white!) underneath so that I can get some sort of visual of what I want to do with it. I want to put my david francey ticket stub underneath. I think it's going to look great.

So my etsy shop is suffferrring. I haven't listed anything because I've been so wrapped up in Paint Mahone Bay - and providing my artwork for there. Things are expiring left and right and I really need to put up some new work! I am going to try and list two new aceo's if not today - then tomorrow.

Hopefully once I list some new stuff it will draw up some new business! :D

Peace out!
(I think i am going to get some hummus... hmm)

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #28 - Becca

Nickname: Becca, or Becs

My brother is a talented guitarist and I was attempting to paint something for him as a gift. I looked at several paintings of guitars, different brands and kinds and came up with Music Theory as a composition. I am involved with music myself and the painting to me seemed to bridge the gap between just the black and white of a piece of sheet music to the colors and depth of the song itself. So I guess one could say that music inspired me to paint this.

Why unique:
My painting is a bit abstract, it uses both black and white and color to express meaning. The use of the black and white and color creates a link between simplicity and depth as well as between music and art. My painting is not for sale on Etsy at the moment. I have a link to the picture though. I have not decided whether or not I want to sell the picture.

The painting is called Music Theory and was done with oils on 16"X20" canvas board. Check out more work done by Becca here at her etsy shop: Bcerz811

Monday, July 16, 2007

Folkn' it up

I want to paint my heart out right now (well after I eat some pizza) but I just can't. Today was brutal. My weekend totally wiped me out and i'm so exhausted. I think I'm just going to chill out and go to bed really early today. Maybe I'll try reading some of my David Suzuki autobiography tonight too, because I have to take it back next week sometime.

Sometime this week I think I am going to make some more ACEO's and submit photos of ones that I have already done to the ACEO magazine that Angela is involved with. I think it's such a great idea. I think I am going to try and subscribe before the price goes up in August too! I can't believe July is half way through. It's been a dreary summer so far, so when it is warm (like today) it's brutally warm! Since we're not used to it!

I going to go try and see if I could get into the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival - but it's all filled up. I'm going to see if I can try and get in for next years. You have to send the photos of your work, to see if you are a "True Folk Artist". That makes me worried. But if I do get accepted then that will really make me feel like I am a true one! I'll have to check it out and see what happens!

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #27 - Joyce


My inspiration comes from:
nature , color , nastalgia , memories , and my own imagination . I believe , I have developed my own unique style over the years . There are a few other artists out there who paint on leaves but none on Etsy .

At this moment this is my favorite painting because I can hear the water and feel the coolness when I look at it , and Ilike the colors .

Go here to check out more amazing ary by Joyce: Waterfall

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Paint Mahone Bay - A big Success

Paint Mahone Bay

Oh how i love you!

Paint Mahone Bay - overall was a huge sucess. I ended up selling 5 previous done works which I get 70% commission and 3 paintings that I did this weekend which I get 50%. I made just over $200! I sold my big crow one, 4 aceos, my two paddels, a mixed media coffee painting, and this one that I titled "Over the Mahony Bay hills"

Here is one of my paddles, which I titled "Bringing music to the town":

This was my first time doing the Paint Mahone Bay and I mostly wanted to use it as a learning tool. It's hard doing things like this the first time because you don't really know what to expect. Now I can better prepare myself for this when I attend next year. All the volunteers who were signing in paintings, and selling them during the auctions told me that I did really good. I have no idea how the other artist's did (there were about 30 of us), but they said I did well so that sounds! I actually met the lady who bought my big crow painting, and it was really awesome. She seemed so sweet. I saw her right before I left the church hall and I thanked her one last time, I was just so thankful!

Yesterday afternoon while I was painting on a bench by the gazebo, a girl came over to me and said hi! It ended up that it was of my favorite campers while I was working at Long Lake Camp a few years ago. I called her Leah at first, but her name was Branwen. I did get mixed up because (I know you aren't suppose to have favorites or anything) I had two favorite campers the four summers I worked there, and one was Leah and one was Branwen. I got her e-mail and I can't wait to write her! :) She's so adorable. She's great a drawing too! She really has talent.

When I told Branwen about my crow painting up at the center, she freaked out. She saw it up there and fell in love with it. She told me that everyone loved my stuff, she told me that if she had the money she would buy it. Maybe i'll make her a little crow painting sometime and mail it to her. :)

So yep- a great success!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm in between of PAINT MAHONE BAY and going swimming at Reena's house tonight! It took my all day (from 10 - 5) to create two paintings, but now they will be up for sale today and tomorrow ( i think sold one of them already - i underpriced it because i was confused but i'll still get $20 for it!)

I sold THREE PAINTINGS TODAY! My big crow one (16X20), my crab ACEO and a set of two crow ACEO'S! I have made at least $122.50 today! I'm so happy! :D That's so insane, i really hope that I can sell more tomorrow :D


Inpirational Unique Artists #26 - Multiple Personality

Nickname: Multiple Personality or Harvey the Wonder Hamster

Inspiration: It sound cliche, but everything inspires me.

Why you think this painting is unique: Well this painting is all about an emotion. I try to leave interpretation up to the viewer. I don't usually express how I'm feeling through words so it comes out through my paintings. They usually have a lot of emotional meaning for me in them but for others I just hope it's something beautiful to look at.

Go here to check out more awesome items! Blue

Inpirational Unique Artists #25 - T. Bianca

Nickname: T. Bianca

Inspiration: Funktism

Why this piece is unique: This piece displays the heart of Funk music. Alphabet Soup is a painting made with gritty materials (paper, glue, other found objects), like Funk music's grit (heavy basslines and horn sections). When these materials come together they make something that you feel in your soul.

Go here to check out more awesome items from T. Bianca: Alphabet Soup Painting

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!

Something that I hadn't given a lot of consideration before is Organic dog food. A girl at work was telling me how she buys only organic dog food for her weiner dog. I think it's adorable how much she love that little pooch, infant another women I work with has 2 dogs, one which is just a puppy and she brings him in sometimes. They are too cute. We went to the pet store to buy fish one day, and I saw all these organic dog treats! I had never seen anything like it before. They were cute and were heart shaped! I think if i had a dog I would want to feed it organic dog food to make she they were nice and healthy, but it is usually more expensive.

Tomorrow is PAINT MAHONE BAY! I have to go early to check in, and hang up some paintings! It's going to be interesting to see how it goes. Since I have never done it before i'm not really sure what to expect!


Inpirational Unique Artist #24 - Tina

Nickname: Tina

Inspiration: LADYBUGS!

Unique? Because she's the ladybug queen!~!

Go here to check out more!: sunkitty7

Student Loans

I know everyone hates them but student loans are great. I know that I would not be able to attend the community college without the help from student loans. It would have been nice if in high school that would have offered some sort of student loan consolidation because I know that I would have benefited from such a thing, and I know that a lot of other people would have to. I like how they aren't asking me to pay it back right now, right after I have graduated - and that they have given me a few months before I have to submit payments. That shows that they really do understand what it's like to be a student. That you have to find a job in your field, get other things off your plate before you can think about student loans. But I'm just going be SO happy when mine's all paid off, which i'm hoping won't take me that long. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Roots of the Earth

The Roots of the Earth
2.5" X 3.5" ACEO
Mixed Media
$10 framed this weekend in Mahone Bay
if this is unsold then it will be moved to etsy to be sold for $8 unframed plus $2 shipping.

Important Time of Day

"Important Time of Day"
2.5" X 3.5" (ACEO)
Mixed Media.
$10 framed this weekend in Mahone Bay
if this is unsold then it will be moved to etsy to be sold for $8 unframed plus $2 shipping.

Paint Mahone Bay

I'm roughly 24 hours away from being in Mahone Bay tomorrow to do my final registration for "Paint Mahone Bay"! I think it's going to be a good experience. Hopefully Troy is going to keep me company on Saturday. I may not paint all day on Sunday, but I'll definitely be around and check everything out.

I started gathering up my paint supplies and I think I'm almost all ready to go. My wooden paint box that my Mom insisted I get for Christmas is going to really come in handy this weekend. I have one canvas, my two paddles and some sheets of canvas to work on. I still have to finish gathering up the rest of my paintings that I am going to hang in the church hall to try and sell.

I'm going to put some big ones as well as small works of art. I think the ACEO's will be great. I'm going to try and sell them for $10 framed, which I think is really good. :)

Inspirational Unqiue Artist #23 - Serina

Name: Serina

Inspired by:
kids, creativity & art supplies :)

It's a unique piece because:
it is actually an original watercolor postcard.

Go here to check out more: raspberrylicorice

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Matching ACEOs

The Happy Crows
Double ACEO set
2.5" X 3.5"
Mixed Media

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #22 - ShellieArt


I guess I love drawing out of my head and from nature

my painting is unique because I have incorported my fabric on wood style into this particular painting- the flowers are fabric

Go here to check out more by Shellie: Full Moon Love

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's creation station over here tonight!
Seriously. It's coming out of no where. And seriously you're all invited. (I WISH) Maybe it's a good thing when no one is around. mwahaha.

But it comes and goes - but i'm going crazy while it lasts!


Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #21 - Double H

Nickname: double h

A tree that I walk by on my way to work every day.

Why you think this painting is unique:
This is an encaustic painting with collage materials that include tea, coffee grounds and paper. The earthy colors and brownish red tones remind me of the sweet and spicy scent of cinnamon.

Go here to check out the painting as well as more items from this artist: Cinnamon Tree

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ta Da

I am going to buy some frames this week sometime so I can frame some of my ACEO's to TRY and sell them this weekend. I am going to try and sell them for $10 a piece - framed. Which I think is really reasonable. After the Museum takes their piece for the fundraiser I will make $7 off each one and roughly $6.50 after I pay for the frame. I'm pretty happy with that. :) I love my ACEO's - I will miss them if they go!

"Tis the Season"
ACEO 2.5" X 3.5"
140 lb paper
Watercolor paint, ink, acrylic, paper


Here is my Robert Frank illustration: Root girl. All framed. She's in a crappy spot right now because I have no space in this apartment. But that will change.

Here are two projects I am working on:

Record Art.

MY PADDLES :D Painted brown so they don't look gross.

Paint and Paint

Troy found me ANOTHER paddle! So exciting. I may paint one to try and sell this weekend and I might save the other one to paint during the weekend. I realllllllly hope that I actually sell a few of my paintings. Since I am allowed to hang up 5 paintings at once to sell in the church hall and I am going try and show some of my big stuff like this crow one and small ones like this crab. I just need to buy at some point this week some very small picture frames for the aceo's. (Preferably at the dollarama)

Work today went pretty good! Busy, but it went by really fast. Crazy fast. Crazy busy. :) This week is going to go by like crazy, but it's going to be a lot of work.

Inpirational Unique Artists #20 - sHandke

I don't really have a specific nickname, but I sign all of my stuff with sHandke... an abreviation for my name.

I'm inspired by all sorts of people, places and things. But I especially find the human form fascinating... hands and feet in particular.

Why you think this painting is unique:
In general, my painting style is less conforming than what the professors and traditions may expect/require. I like to paint flat, using acrylic and india ink in particular. More recently, I've begun using goauche and watercolor in layers with my acrylic and ink. This particular painting is subtractive and objective. I added the paint, wiped some off the canvas... that's how the motorneuron object was created. And the human forms have been created in a more traditional manner.

Check out more beautiful artwork here: My Motorneuron.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Inpirational Unique Artists #19 - Tammy

Name: Tammy

Life, Beauty Within, What I see through my own Eyes and What I see through the Eyes of Others.

Why you think this painting is unique:
My paintings are Mini Works of Art. Wearable Art Pendants- paintings you can take with you anywhere.

Check out more of her beatuiful art here: Almost Heaven

Saturday, July 7, 2007

On the top

Has anyone been watching the SOS Live Earth concert that has been on tv all day? I only watch television usually at night, but where I am in Bridgewater Troy's mom has had this concert on all day, and she was the one filling me in on this. It's hard to really get what's going on when you don't emerse yourself in some pop culture every now and again and find out that there are some good causes going on out there.

I don't think I'll ever really get back into the swing-of-pop-culture things. Unless I get myself in some Las Vegas Luxury Condos then I would be set. Where I could play poker all night (my new love) and drink Cosmos.

Root Girl!

Today I came back to the TOB to visit my Mother and Troy~ My dad is gone to the states until Monday so I wanted to spend some extra time with Ma and see the kitties!

I got my root girl illustration (from etsy) in the mail and she makes me so happy! I already went to town this afternoon and bought a pretty frame for her! I love her! She looks like just as she does on the etsy shop and I would recommend any art by Robert Frank!

I also went to frenchy's bought some shirts and 5 records! I miss painting records, I haven't done any since my musical kitty series!

Inspirational Uniques Artist #18 - wren

Nickname: wren.

Inspiration: old things. broken things. unusual things. cute things. funny things. lovely things. everythings. love inspires me a great deal, and can be seen in a lot of my work.

Why you think this painting is unique: I like to paint on things others may not think to use as a canvas. I like to recycle things others may see as garbage and give them a whole new life. I don't sell prints.. only the original work.. which I think is unique. :)

Check out more of her wonderful art here: VinylMonster

Friday, July 6, 2007

Blog Rating

It's nice to know where you stand in the blogging world. I found this website and that's what its all about - blog rating. I signed up, and they are going to check out my blog and then other's can rate it. I did check out some of the top blogs and some of them were pretty interesting. When mine is up and running I know some of my fans (Like you Angela~) will have you go and rate me!

Right now I'm on the top 100 Canadian Etsy shops. I have the link on my sidebar now >. I fluctuate from time to time, I guess depending on how often and how much I'm selling my the views that I get. Right now i'm #25, which isn't too bad at all! But I was at number #7 for awhile which was really awesome. I really need to update and put something up on my etsy shop. But with this Paint Mahone Bay thing going on next weekend, that's what i'm really focusing on.

Anyways, the blog rating website is really neat! I think it's really good though for getting some traffic to your blog. Which is great because I always want people checking out my art, but I guess I only get an artisy audience, I know that I wouldn't go to a sports blog or anything. I guess we can call it even. Anyways I'll fill you all in when my blog is up for rating!!

Things in a Freakin' BOX

Okay. Ever since my friend Emily showing me this game called Things in a Box I totally fell in love with it when I played it with her Jill and Emma the night of the last day of school.

I looked for it everywhere until today. This afternoon at work we went shopping at the mall and dollarama for some odds and ends for our Sunshine Gang camp and I found the game in the Scholars store in the Mall. I started freaking out when I found it. The game is so simple but so awesome. There are cards with totally random things on them like "something you would never say to your boss" and then everyone replys to the statement by writing down on a strip of paper and then putting it the box. After everyone is finished then someone reads the statements and then you go around the circle and guess who said what statement. It sounds so simple, but it's the best thing ever just because of the crazy (and sometimes grotesque) things people write!

Now I just have to convince myself to spend $40 on it. :o

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #17 - Cheri

My name is Cheri and I find inspiration in nature, modern life, politics, news, music and seeing other artist's work.

This painting is unique because of the experimental processes I used to create this stylized acrylic painting of the cliff dwellings that we here in the 4-Corners area of the Southwest.*it is a combination of collage over a canvas and then painted in acrylic.

Check out more of Cheri's beautiful artwork here: Art2ArtColorado

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Books Books Books!

I think it's really important to be aware of audiobooks. I know that in my particular profession we are always thinking about different learning styles, and one that is always forgotten about is auditory learners. So I am constally thinking about how to incorporate different activities that will benefit all types of learners. It's only respectful to the children.

I thought it was great in the child care centre at school when the children had access to the tape player and headphones and they could listen to the tapes and cds that had songs and stories on them. That is super respectful to children who are auditory learners. I know myself, I am a visual and hands on learner. So sometimes it's hard to those types to really understand where auditory learners are coming from.

That website that I have linked have a lot of variety when it comes to audiobooks as well as paperbacks. They also have lots of variety when it comes to the type of books, there a tons of genres to choose from! They have lots of biographies! How exciting. My new love! It's a really great website so don't be shy and check it out! I love sharing new and beautiful websites. :)


My sister and I went to go and look at apartments tonight. I was really impressed with one in particular. We are still not sure yet what I am going to do yet, but it was really nice to go out and see what we are offered with.

Troy went back to Bridgewater to work. I miss him not being here, but it's okay. :P I have my David Francey, TV, Paints and David Suzuki. (wow two david's to keep me company~).

I can't believe the weekend is almost here!! I am so excited for next weekend to participate in the Paint Mahone Bay. I'm reallllly hoping that I will be able to sell at least A FEW paintings there. I'm going to price my stuff really reasonable i think. I Just have to figure it all out! ahh.

My photo canvas!

I posted a few weeks ago that I was super excited about getting a 16X20 canvas of my favorite photograph that I have taken. It took me a while to finally decide what photo I realllllly wanted to get blown up! It was a tough decision. I flipped back and forth with a few different ones but i finally decided on one that I took in 2005 when I was in Paris. Here's my photo that i scanned and put on deviantart after my trip:

I don't actually have my canvas yet because I had to send away my photo to get it developed onto the canvas. You can just e-mail a digital photo, but when I took my photo I didn't have a digital camera yet, and when I tried to scan the photo, it wouldn't scan clearly, so I had to mail it away. I should get my canvas very soon though!

I'm so excited about getting my canvas! It's going to look so awesome. It would make such a great anniversary gift or even a birthday or Christmas, or any occasion type gift! I'll post a picture of my actual canvas when I do receive it though for everyone to see!

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #16 - Kimmi

Nickname: Kimbina, Kimmi, Kimmi-Dog, Auntie Kimmi

I love color, all colors, any color I see everyday

Why you think this painting is unique:
It's unique because it was created from a photograph of two out of focus tulips.

Go here to check out more! SmittenOriginals

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Inspirational Unique Art Artist#15 - Cheryl

Name: Cheryl

this piece is unique because:
I don't know how many paintings are reflections on the day before the end of the world!

Nordic Mythology, stained glass

Go here to check out more! FreyRichards

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sell Sell Buy Buy!

So it's offical! I am going to be taking part in Paint Mahone Bay on July 14 and 15. It's going to take place from 10:00 in the morning to 5:00 at night! I have to register either the night before or the before 10:00 on Saturday morning. The whole idea of Paint Mahone Bay is to raise money for the Settlers Museum. I can have up to five (5) paintings on display at once in the Mahone Bay Center. Then I can spend Saturday and Sunday painting scenes of Mahone Bay and hang them in the St. James Anglican Church Hall. For the works that I have previously done there is a 70/30 split. 70% going back to me the artist, and the "wet" paintings - or the paintings that are completed on that weekend 50% goes to me and 50% goes towards the fundraiser, which I think is great.

Now if I could just figured out how much I should sell my paintings for then I would be totally set!! :)

Inspirational Unique Art Artist #14 - Court

Nickname: Court

Inspiration: For this piece, Jackson Pollock

Why I think it's unique:
Well, I've never seen anything like it. I feel that I was able to push an idea from the past one step further. And as a result, I was able to create an electrifying and vibrant portrait of my sister with dripping paint house paint.

Check out more of her amazing art here: court1315

Monday, July 2, 2007

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #13 - LoveDynamite

Nickname: LoveDynamite

My inspiration:

It's unique because:
I made a nintendo controller into a girl.

Check out the shop here: Gamers Print