Friday, August 31, 2007

Maternity Clothes

I love seeing pregnant women. I went to the child care centre here where I did my 6 week work placement to visit Jill and the school age children. They were as sweet as ever and I do have some favourites I had missed (i know i'm terrible!) There is one women who is pregnant and I love seeing pregnant women, they are just so beautiful! I can't wait till I'm pregnant so I can shop for maternity clothes! They have some really cute stuff at this website!

Inspirational Artist #62 - PJ

nick name: PJ in college which stands for peanut butter and jelly

inspiration: My dog who was lost was the inspiration for this painting and all my other huskies that I have owned.

If two people painted this husky in this pose it would not look the same just because each person brings something unique to each painting that they do.

Check out more beautiful artwork here: Siberian Husky Dog Painting


Things have been crazy around here. I took today off as my paid "mental health" day. Yesterday was pretty crazy. Lots to get done at work, then I rushed here to see Troy. I was cranky for being all worn out but I think i've caught up on some sleep and I'm doing pretty good. I really should write myself a to do list. I have so much I would like to get done today - but with sleeping in and everything I don't know how much I am going to accomplish!!

Troy and I are dog/house sitting for his sister. She lives out in the middle of nowhere, but it's pretty nice and quiet out there. her dog is adorable. I am really thinking about getting a decent hair cut today! I would also like to get to Walmart and pick up a few things, but I don't want to spend a lot of money! :S

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inspirational Artist #61 - MSArt


This is a digital illustration love of faeries and my love for the fantasy world.

Its unique because of my technique and the flow of the piece.

Check out more beautiful work by MSArt: Do You Believe

Christmas shopping

I wanted to get a head start on Christmas shopping. But it hasn't happened yet. I just had too many things that I had to pay for - but hopefully within the month I get started!

I know that I would love to have some Art Supplys from stores like Art Gazebo for Christmas. I definitely wouldn't mind getting some new clothes from stores like the Old Navy I usually don't get clothes for Christmas (I don't know why) but it's something that I need so hopefully I'll get a few pieces!

Today has been the day of online shopping! I love finding great deals! It makes me so happy.

Painting madness!

Last night I finished up another 8 X 8 mixed media acrylic painting. I will post a photo of it when I get home sometime later this evening. It's similar to "The Melting Moon" - it's almost like it's twin sister when it comes to painting. I don't think I am going to put it up on etsy though. I am hopefully going to take some paintings into Mahone Bay this weekend and put them in the "Art and Soul" cafe. I e-mail the owner to find out if I can still do so (because it's been months since i talked with her last). I think it will be okay and I'm hopefully going to make some extra sales through this venue. When I get some prints done I am going to see about taking them into a shop downtown Halifax - but I'll have to wait and see!

I love sales

I love good deals. I love sales, clearance, flea markets, yard sales, all those fun place and things that allow you to get great stuff at a lower price! Sometimes these things even make my day! (They usually do) At this website you can find sales, reviews, vouchers, products and rebates! It's great that there are awesome websites out there that are out to save you some money! They have about 2000 merchant's online deals - that's insane!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New listing

I listed this painting tonight. I LOVE the way it turned out!

The Melting Moon
Mixed media on wrapped canvas


Australia. Even though I have never been there - it really has stolen my heart. I love the accent, the culture, the animals the architecture. I always wanted to and will hopefully one day take a holiday to Australia. I would love to visit all the major spots like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc.

I love searching out vacations online. I was checking out some flights to Australia through this website. I like that the website is very direct. It gives options to Australia. Most vacation websites give you way too many options to places all over the world, when you really want to be specific. I like that you actually have to speak with someone on the telephone to secure your flight. It would make me feel so much confident and overall better about something huge like this if I actually talk with someone on the telephone or in person. Dialaflight is a leading independent UK travel company offering flights, hotels & travel ideas worldwide.

I want to travel. I wanted to go somewhere this weekend, but Troy and I have to Pet and house sit for his sister, and he has to work on Friday and Sunday which is no fun because it's stuck right in the middle of the weekend. I think we are going to do something special together which is going to be nice!

Inspirational Artist #60 - Hag

Nickname: Hag
Inspiration: Nature
Why its unique: because I made it!

these may seem like terse/short answers but it is true!

I love the tiny details that make common things extraordinary--people over look the complex designs on moths in favor of flashy butterflies all the time both literally and poetically. So I wanted to give props to the overlooked. So here it is. My moth portrait:

Check this awesome painting out at her etsy shop here: Moth Portrait

Monday, August 27, 2007


I was hoping to make another sale before the end of August. As the end of August was quickly approaching I wasn't sure if that was going to happen or not.


I got a surprise today! Angela one of my online artist friends bought one of my ACEO's. My newest listed one actually! Since I was having such a crummy day it was such a nice "pick me up". (Maybe I should have more bad days like this haha) By the way - my car looks like it is drivable. Something in my shifter is worn out. Hopefully I don't get stuck in the ghetto tomorrow! It's so scarey over there!!



Literacy is HUGE at work. We have wall words, and charts and everything labelled. I love embracing literacy. For awhile I thought I wanted to go into speech language pathology. It still would be something I would like to take in the future.
I think it's important to embrace the skill and knowledge of literacy with children, and if they need Reading Tutors I think they should have that opportunity!

I have been trying to read as much as I can. I started reading novels and autobiographies but I have just been trying to do so many things I can't finish them in time before I have to take it back to the library. I bought a Canadian poetry magazine - so before I go to bed I try to read a few poems :)

I try to be nice to Monday... but...

I really try to best to talk nicely throughout the morning - to be nice to the presence of a Monday. But it seems like nothing is really going well today. (I'm physically shaking my head right now).
I sat in my car this morning and said to myself, "wouldn't that just be great if my car didn't start." then... my car... didn't start. So I had to go and get a bus and I was a half an hour late for work. Work was just lonely. It was just weird. It went by pretty fast but it was just strange. But honestly it was probably just me thinking that it was weird. My mood was set for the day now I feel like the whole world is against me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. =\

Rock the rock!?

I have met one of the few rock balancers in the whole world. One of Troy’s teachers (who used to be an Early Childhood Educator in Germany) moved here and started his own landscaping company. He and his work are absolutely fascinating!
Whenever Troy talks about our future house he always talks about our yard and all of the water features and rocks that he will make it pretty with!
Something that I have never heard about before are artificial rocks. Usually fake rocks – well look fake! This Artificial Rocks Factory create lots of different types of rocks that actually look real. They create their rocks out of construction-grade cast stone--not fiberglass or polyurethane that makes rocks look fake and less durable.

The manufacturer has 20 different models of boulders which are all hollow, approx. one-inch thick, and open at the bottom. They're available in three colors and are shipped to your doorsteps via FedEx Ground within two weeks of being ordered. I like all the different shapes that they have and that you can view a 360degree view of the boulder. They are very interesting. I like how they are not real -they can withstand climate, yet they look natural! Check them out!

Inspirational Artist #59 - countrygarden

Inspired by: Nature

I think the delicate quality makes it unique. it is quiet like nature can be at times.

Check out more beautiful artwork at her etsy shop! Solitude

Sunday, August 26, 2007

House and ideas

I hate it when Troy plants ideas in my head. We were talking today about our future. He's thinking about going out to Alberta and making money to beef up his business, I'm thinking about going back to school in 2008 - so many ideas. I consider myself a non-materialistic person. But I love houses. I love thinking about my dream house. I think more about houses than I do my dream wedding. I love thinking about furniture like this Century furniture, and artwork on my walls. I picture my house being very rustic. Very earthy. Very cottage like. Very me? It makes me excited just thinking about it :)

Inspirational Artist #58 - Kammy

Nickname: Kammy

Inspiration: Tim Burton, Frida, Day of the Dead, Latin Culture, all combined into one:)

Why you think this painting is unique: She is a beautiful girl that is interested in the unknown. People sometimes do not like ravens, but they are mysteriously beautiful. And she loves her raven very much.

Check out Kammy's etsy shop with lots of beautiful art: The Heart of the Raven


I like having little tasks for myself throughout the week. And even though the weekend isn't over yet and my work week has yet to begun I like to know what I have planned. Even though most of it consists of painting, watching Arrested Development, eating, sleeping, etc.
But I think this week I am going to check out some home furniture stores and scout out some chairs. It's so annoying not having any chairs in my apartment what so ever. I use a stool to paint - which is killing me. The only other thing we have is a computer chair! That's it! I am getting some chairs! :P

Saturday, August 25, 2007


It really doesn't feel like I do get a lot of time off. Today I spent a few hours in the afternoon helping Troy do some "dump trips" for someone who bought a house that had a rotten deck. It was still nice being with him though! Tonight we are going to his sister's for a family BBQ. It's a going away party for Marissa his niece. She's going off to college to Newfoundland in a few weeks. I don't talk to all of them really so it's not going to be overly exciting. But it is going to some nice food.

I'm thinking Troy and I may head off to a party night. There is this huge music show on some guy's field we (Troy and I) went to high school with - so it should be pretty fun. :)

Best Thing EVER

So I came back to Bridgewater yesterday to visit and... I got my canvas from canvasondemand!! I lovveee it! I will have to post a picture of it soon. I still can't believe I got it for free - I love you internet. When I look at it - it makes me so happy. I can't wait to hang it on my wall in either my living room or my bedroom - decisions decisions!! I think these photos on canvas would make great christmas gift ideas. I know that I would just love it if someone gave me something like this. It's some nice and personal. I love gifts that have meaning. This site rocks the house!


Yesterday was just a productive day for me I listed two paintings on etsy and I ended up listing another ACEO card! I had this listed before but I ended up scanning it yesterday (why didn't I scan these things before I have no idea!) so I decided to list it and see what happens. I also purchased an ad in the upcoming Aceo Magazine using this ACEO- so I can't wait to see what happens with it. I love it.

Lovely Love
Mixed Media

Travel Bug

I go though spurts. I am inching so badly to travel. I wanted to take the labour day long weekend and go somewhere with Troy. He has to work and house sit for him sister which I'm not happy about, but I guess that happens. Troy's parents when to PEI these past 2 days and whenever I look at a map I get so antsy to go on a road trip. I was looking at the big road map they have of USA too and I would love to take the boat over to Maine sometime. I think it would be great to visit a few states - especially Illinois because my aunt lives there!

I would love to go to some sort of Pennsylvania bed and breakfast. I love bed and breakfast's - I think they are so adorable. I think I will figure something out for next year. I want to travel when I can maybe go and see a few bands that don't come to Canada (or at least my neck of the woods). It's such an exciting thought though!

Inspirational Artist #57 - Cid


Inspired by total relaxation and the way it changes your life for a few minutes at a time. This piece was created using watercolor and ink and pencil

Go here to check out Cid's etsy shop with more beautiful artworkNaked Sunday

Friday, August 24, 2007

The business about business

I love my little art business. It's small and I'm slowly getting sales, but it's been so crazy here. I have finally paid off my credit card which is so great, and it makes me so much more at ease when I think about money. I read this personal finance blog and it had some very interesting things to say. I know that I am only going to use my credit card for emergencies or potential schooling. I think I am going to start investing in prints though. I am going to scan some of my paintings this weekend using my parents scanner and upload them, order some and see what happens. I think it could really benefit sales. I think this because I know that when I love an art piece and I don't have enough money to buy the original I'm satified with a print of it. I am going to check out this credit loan website for some more insight!


I listed two new items this morning on etsy! I finished one up the dream one last night and the coffee one this morning. My Staff BBQ got rained out for this morning - but I didn't mind too much because I had a chance to get some etsy action going! I could have slept in, but I was already up so I searched out some new music and got my butt in gear! I love love love how both of them turned out! Hopefully since I am posting more and more - business will pick up!

The Way I Dream
7 X 9
Mixed media on canvas board

Good Morning Earth
6 X 12
Acrylic on wrapped canvas

2 things

Two things I don't have that are kind of nessesary for this apartment. 1. Chairs and 2. curtins. Chairs - well i'm not sure what I am going to do about that one, but curtins I can right now. I don't even have curtain tracks in my bedroom right now, and the ones in the livingroom are not that great at all. I think that will be my adventure next week is to find some really cute curtin fabrics. They have some adorable ones that that terry fabrics store. I love the colors of them all!

Inspirational Artist #56 - christiecottage


INSPIRATION: (For this painting) Being at the creek latein the evenings and catching people bathing.

UNIQUE: No face, as "Lily" was embarrissed to be caught!

Check out more beautiful artwork at her etsy shop! Lily in the water

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Latin love

I love this new cable that I have. I have so many music channels where you pick the genre and they play that style of music 24/7 without any breaks. I’m not used to this new fancy cable! Right now I have the station on “world music,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s music from all over the world, French, English, African, and lots more! Right now I am listening to it sounds like latin type music. I’m sure they are singing about latina dating and latina singles and finding love. Love and hate, the main themes of music. Don’t you think?

I love you Thursday

I didn't get a chance to do much yesterday because I had to work late. It wasn't so bad and it's nice to gain some overtime hours because I can accumulate them up and take time off - which is great! I worked through my lunch today because we had a free BBQ for the families so I got off work an hour early. I went downtown to the art store and picked up a few things! I'm so excited about them, and I can't wait to start creating -but first I need to watch my Arrested Development and get some supper in me!

I also love this Thursday because I may not have to work tomorrow! We are suppose to have a Staff beach day and it's suppose to rain. If it doesn't rain - I get paid to go to the beach and have fun! If it does rain, I get a paid day off. Mind you this hardly ever happens - i'm not totally spoiled or anything. It's nice for a little "end of the summer" gift. Even though summer isn't over yet, a lot of our summer programs are or already have ended so it feels like summer is over.


Inspirational Artist #55 - Samantha

Nickname: My name is Samantha but people call me Sam usually...

Inspiration: I am inspired by memories of the past and the works of the great old masters. I hope to make people have an enjoyable experience with viewing my work rather than a sullen one.

Why you think this painting is unique: Often you will see realism paintings or drawings with traditional subject matter (example: glass pitchers with fruit on a wooden table). I enjoy using contemporary subject matter that will help to bring up memories from the past with a feminine twist. The two oil paitings below are prime examples of this:

Go check out both of these beautiful paintings and her etsy shop here!: Last ride before closingand Little Women and the men who love them

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Inspirational Artist #54 - Heidi


Inspiration: Seurat & Ingres

Why you think this painting is unique: you just don't find a lot of ink drawings (done w/ a dip pen) that is stippled...

Check out more beautiful artwork by Heidi at her etsy shop! Five

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I think I have a new obsession. It's a good thing though. This new obsession is: volunteering. I always wanted to volunteer for a bunch of things, but I just didn't have the time with working and going to college. Now that i'm not doing any schooling (as of yet) I have time to spend on painting more and volunteering! Last week I volunteered a few days at the International Buskers Festival in Halifax and it was a great experience. I would love to be able to do some sort of afterschool program. With work now i'm not sure if i'll be able to but i can check out the YMCA and see if i can find anything. I know a lot of places look for afterschool tutors, especially Math Tutors. I'm not sure how much of a help i would be with Math, but i could definitely help out with english and history type subjects and yah i guess i could do basic math and science too!

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Inspirational Artist #53 - Artandartifacts

Nickname: artandartifacts

Inspiration: UK mosaic artist Cleo Mussi's found art faces- she is a master.
It is made from broken plates,cups,napkin rings, jar lids,glass and is mosaic'ed on to a regular vintage ironstone dinner plate. All of my stuff is from found items and has a high degree of recycled or upcycled content. It is fun to give things a new life.

Check out more awesome art pieces at artandartifacts etsy shop! FUNky FaRo

Monday, August 20, 2007

The most rambling I have done in FOREVER

I honestly think I need something.

There are a few different things I would like to do, but I'm not sure where I am really going. I go to work. Work can be tiring and a bit stressful, but I love it. This evening conisted of me.
me. making chower.
me. watching my 5:30 Arrested Development.
me. sitting in front of a computer all night watching youtube videos.

me. lame?

I know that sounds totally lame, and it is. How I long for a connection with people. I had a 10 minute conversation with a friend from work on msn which was lovely. It was a great connection. I feel like I have no friends. Which i know is totally lame. I know I have a few friends. But I sometimes feel the need to have that "connection" with someone where you can just talk and ramble and express "feelings." This is Troy to me, but he is far away and "can't come to the phone right now." And at the same time - I don't expect him to be my "person" 24/7 it's nice to have a "girl"friend. don't know. Maybe i am just rambling. I feel like so many friends I have had in the past I have lost contact with. I don't take responsibility for that either. Maybe it's just the person that I am. me. But i always seem to loose people and then they get all obssessed with other people, or other people get obssessed with them. Anyways I loose that.

me. I need to paint (and I have no canvas)
me. I need to write (but i have no songs).

This has been fun - i'm out

Inspirational Artist #52- alternatebliss


Inspiration: Nature and color

Why its unique: Ask the viewer!

Check out more beautiful artwork here: Crisp Green

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The illnesses

Sometimes I don't realize how lucky I really am to be healthy. I have never had any sort of allergy or condition. This is really rare and the more time I spend with children I realize how lucky I am. So many children that I care for have crazy allergies or conditions that I have never heard of before. Some of to carry special medicines like pulse oximeters, or special foods because they can't eat what we have for snack that day. It's really insane. When I was younger we never had crazy allergies or illnesses. So where is this all coming from, biological or environmental? Or what?

Inspirational Artist# 51 - k*smith


I am inspired by a little orphan girl...her parents were giants and all she got were their eyes.

I love anything that is hauntingly beautiful, and I am a sucker for the elderly~ which is why I love to draw them! I create these characters with a pen...and the stories come later. I haven't seen a lot of people working with wood as a canvas.

Check out more amazing art at her etsy shop! Mrs. Patricia Lembaum

The week has come,

This weekend was busy. Saturday was a lovely day. Today I slept in a bit, then ran around like a crazy person helping Troy out. SO tiring :(. I just got home from Bridgewater; i'm back in the city. I am not overly excited about this week. I don't know if I am just being a pessimist or not but I honestly think it's going to be the week from Hell. Okay, okay, it's probably not going to be that bad, but I think it's going to be super busy and tiring - but let's just hope it goes by fast. I'm looking forward to this week before over then the next week the centre will be closed and I can just relax, clean and create!

I think I am going to head off to bed soon. hhhmmm... I have finally put up a painting in this apartment that isn't my own! (Besides my Jessica Torrent print :) I have put up my Justin Heller traded original. I love it! He's such an amazing artist check him out!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I love you saturday!

The Buskers ended up being cancelled for the day. It was too bad since it was the last full day and everything, it would have been nice to have the whole day to end it off. I haven't called Stephanie yet, but I'm hoping we will be able to hang out tonight! Troy and I rented some movies (300 and Teenage mutant Ninja turtles) so that will be a nice treat!

I saw my Eedie's babies! They are so adorable - I am going to try and take pictures of their beautiful little faces! :D

Business talk

Sometimes I like to read about things just to make me feel smarter. I was reading about this commercial collection agency. Now stuff like this is way over my head, and I wish I understood it! I'm glad that someone does though because all type of business is important to create a stable society - right? All I undestand is that they help business. I wonder if they could help mine! haha :)

Oh Saturday!

So i was suppose to volunteer at the Buskers from 11:30am - 3:00pm today but they called me and said because of the rain they are going to cancel it until at least 3:00pm. So now I can do whatever! I was thinking about going back to Bridgewater early so I can see the new kittens! My Eedie girl have kittens about 3 nights ago! I miss her and I want to see her new little babies! Troy is working till at least 2:00, but it's almost 10:30am already so that's not too bad.

Last night I went out for dinner and played minigolf with Jill (I haven't seen her since highschool - 2 years) and Derek (I haven't seen him in 10 years!) So needless to say it was very interesting. Lot's of catching up and getting to know each other. It was a nice evening - with lots of photos on facebook :)

I have two art projects started at the moment but I don't have the inpiration to finish them. I don't really have much canvas though. I was thinking I could make a Loomis run but I don't know if I want to go out and drive around the city in the rain. Oh decisions decisions!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Inspirational Artist #50 - A Planet Named Janet

Nickname - A Planet Named Janet

Inspiration - Early childhood spent playing with Barbie dolls and sewing dresses.

I think it kind of has a collage/mixed media feeling to it. The indecipherable writing in the background plays into what the piece is about. Gals reacting to letters they received.

Go check out more beautiful artwork by Janet!: Marlene Kicks Off Her Shoes

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Own Flowers

Things around here have been pretty crazy but I have managed to do a little painting within all the volunteering, and hanging out with Carla - Troy coming up, and all that jazz! It's just a little painting, but I just want to see how it will do on etsy!

My Own Flowers
5 X 7
Mixed Media

Inspirational Artist# 49 - Pejnolan

Digeridoo Festival
Originally uploaded by pejnolan
Nickname: pejnolan

Inspiration:The Digeridoo Festival in Perth Australia

Why you think this painting is unique: I studied Australian aboriginal artwork at my local library and online and was struck that their art shows the interior and exterior physical anatomy, energy and spirit of the subject through the simultaneous use of realistic and symbolic imagery. I created this poster using what I had learned.

Here's the link to pejnolan's flickr site to where you can find this piece: Digeridoo Festival
Here is where you can find her etsy shop!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inspirational Artist #48 - Windowofwhimsy


My inspiration is Halloween

This piece is unique because of the vivid colors, and proportions.

Check out more beautiful artwork of Windowofwhimsy's here: Halloween witch

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inspirational Artist# 47 - reqbat

Nickname: reqbat

Inspiration: new york city

Why you think this painting is unique: b/c its a mixed media painting and acetate drawing! it depicts the heavy city but feels light and airy! :D

Go check out more unique artwork by reqbat here: water tower study number one

Monday, August 13, 2007

new aceo

I finished up this ACEO the other night and I decided that I would take the time to list to tonight! I'm almost done my laundry which is exciting, and I'm hoping to keep getting more done tonight.

Folk House
ACEO 2.5" X 3.5"
Acrylic on 140 lb watercolor paper


So I was suppose to volunteer at the Buskers tonight. But it's raining! So i called to find out what's going on and they cancelled all of the shows for tonight. Thanks goodness becasue I seriously am so wiped out. I ran over and got some laundrey detergent and I'm doing some laundry right now. I am doing some cooking, and writing in this at the same time. I'm just about to put on the music from the 80's channel on my television too, and then I will really be rocking the house. Troy surprised my last night and spent the night with me. It was so nice! But he went back today because he (like myself) has lots to do!


Inspirational Artist #47 - Linee

I am doing really well with listing more and more artists! It's so exciting to see more and more interesting and unique artwork up for sale!

Nickname: Linee


Unique because: The subject actually looks nice for being so wonky.

Check out more beautiful artwork at Linee's etsy shop: Shoes Suspended

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I love sales.

I can't help myself. I love sales. You know what I love even more - online sales. Sales of discounted items or shipping sales - they really get me everytime. I am looking to look for a lot of jewelry sales because I am looking to buy some jewelry for Christmas gifts. I haven't bought any of my Christmas gifts yet but I have been really looking into some things. I know what I am going to get Troy and I know that I want to get Mom and Mal some matching jewelry but I'm not sure yet what.



I am so tired. I slept in till 11:00am today because I was so tired. Now I am tired all over again. I went down to the Buskers again today to sell programs. I did this for 3 hours and sold a few less than yesterday but it was good. I think I am going alright at selling the programs. I know that some of the girls who are doing it (and a few guys) aren't selling as many as I - I just don't know what is an appropriate number to sell during your shift. It's so tiring. Unlike most of the people I just stand in one spot the whole time I think it's better than walking around because people don't know if they should approach you or not. Tim came down to visit which was nice and I saw a girl from my ECS course - Melissa - it was so nice to see both of them!

Back to work tomorrow! Then I am going to sell programs again tomorrow night (and Tuesday night). I feel that it's going to be a busy week.

I am working on one painting now my only clue is: HIDE AND SEEK :)

I hope I can finish it this week!

Costumes :)

I am such a costume junkie. I didn't even realize it until I made my astronaut costume how much I am in love with them. It's funny because I have always enjoyed Halloween and everything it wasn't something that I went totally nuts over - I never decided until last minute what I was even going to dress up as. I love career and animal costumes. Last year at Berwick Day Camp we had created a Tickle trunk with lots of different costumes and it was really fun - it was something different and the children really enjoyed it. Yesterday at the Buskers there was a man dressed up as a solider - he had mud and grime all over him. It was really realistic and Troy thought he was a statue. It was really neat.

I'm going to the Buskers again this afternoon. I was debating walking there - but walking than standing for 3 hours wouldn't go over so well i don't think. I'll have to drive down and TRY to find a parking spot :S I'm not really that anxious to go - but it's only three hours - i'll go and get it over with. :P

Inspirational Unique Art: Artist #47 - Spadazzle


Inspiration- everything around me, I love to people watch, cloud watch, ocean watch, etc

What is unique about this painting is what happened to it when I photograghed it and looked closely- I wanted to make a Rainbow at Night- just because I thought it would be cool to see one, then I added some glitter for sparkly stars- well when I photograghed it the glitter turned into stars and I found a Man in the Moon in the moon- these were by accident!

Go and check out more beautiful artwork here: Rainbow at night

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Tonight I was checking my mail and I had a nice pleasant surprise! I SOLD a painting on etsy. It's been crazy lately here - but I have been trying to paint and post as many paintings on my etsy shop as I can. As of today I only have 14 items which really isn't a lot! But my newest painting "Alive Infant" sold tonight. It's funny when you feel indifferent about a painting and someone loves it that soon to buy it! I just listed it a few days ago. What a great feeling. Here's a photo for those who don't remember me posting it (because I know I post a million times a day)


What time is it Ms. Ashton?

Volunteering at the Buskers festival today really proves how much I need a watch. Everyone was asking me what time it was and where shows where (I had no idea myself!) All I had was my cell phone and I have to dig and dig through my purse just to find that. It's super annoying. I'm hoping that I can get a cute little watch like some of these hamilton watches or something. It would just be so much easier. Life is about convience is it not?


So this weekend so far has been absolutely insane. Troy coming down to visit was one thing. It was so nice to have him here and I was sooo upset when he left tonight. I wanted him to stay an extra night, but he has to get an early start in the morning for working, and I would hate for him to drive back in the morning and be all sleepy. He was a source of confidence for me while I was selling programs at the Buskers Festival this afternoon. It was really difficult, tiring and hot, but knowing he was just around the corner made me feel really good. I have to do it tomorrow but I think i'll do just fine!
Yesterday we went to the public gardens and it was so beautiful. It didn't even take us that long to walk there. I should have timed it - but oh well. I can always do that another time. We saw two couples getting their wedding photos taken there. I swooned and it was marvelous. We went out and played frisbee last night and this morning at the field. It's nice to get outside and run around. It's hard when I'm by myself - I'm just still too nervous in the city still. Let's see how I make out tomorrow! Here's a photo from last night:


Today while volunteering at the Buskers Festival in downtown Halifax - I saw some incrediably beautiful jewelry. All of it being handcrafted. I love creating hemp jewelry but that's about as far as my talent can go for that. It's really hard and I really clap to those who can create such beautiful jewelry! I have been hinting around to Troy lately that I would LOVE some JEWELRY on my left "ring" finger - but he always changes the subject. As long as I know that he and I are comfortable and happy with each other - I can wait for the marriage commitment! It's going to be tough but I can do it. Since I'm thinking about going back to school it would be tough getting a decent loan anyways - so it's better to be safe than sorry and wait it out :)

Inspirational Unique Artist #46 - Jaye

Nickname: Jaye / thirteenthstory

Inspiration: I drew this on a hot summer afternoon while listening to Mendelssohn's Midsummer Nights Dream being rehearsed in the background. I was sitting in a labyrinth and just had to draw the view.

Why you think this painting is unique: The patience it took to make. After the initial sketch, it took me over five hours to ink on this small piece of Bristol board. I'm so glad the lighting of the overhead sun was captured exactly as I saw it, and hope it can bring the mood of a warm summer afternoon into someone else's home.

Wow! Go and check out more beautiful items by Jaye at her etsy shop! Labyrinth Drawing

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's Friday!! :D

I'm so happy that it's Friday! Mind you - today was absolutely insane (busy) but I'm glad that it's the weekend! Troy and Greg are here to visit me and it's really nice! I feel so appreciated. They are watching television right now then we are going to walk down town - grab something to eat and go take a walk in the public gardens! :) It's so beautiful there I want to spend all my free time there. We may go down to the Halifax International Buskers Festival - but we were planning on going tomorrow anyways because I have to volunteer and sell programs from 3:00 - 6:00pm anyways. I doubt Troy will stay all weekend because he has to do some landscaping jobs on Sunday - but it's good that he can do that! :)


Inspirational Artist #45 - WolfLodge


This painting is of the small lake at Bastrop State Park just down the road from my lodge. We have spent countless hours here among the Lost Pines of East Central Texas. My son & I would go far along the banks, out of sight of the tourists, & play our Kiowa flutes together, casting the musical prayers across the calm waters...

Go here to check out the blog and here to check out the etsy shop!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alive Infant

I really enjoy how this piece turned out! I just listed this on etsy :)

Alive Infant
Acrylic and paper on canvas board
9 X 11

Inspirational Artist #45 - Dara

Nickname: Dara

Materials. I love seeing how far and in what ways I can take a material. Nature. The strangeness of humanity. Colour play.

Unique: I was thinking about the marking and markers of time for these paintings. It wasn't a depressing thought process. It was more a celebration of the growth and regeneration of life. This is especially relivant because it was the first work I made with selloing on etsy in mind. A little rebirth for me.

Go here to check out more beautiful art: O how brief the time on the green earth

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Interview process again.

My interview well... I wouldn't call it an interview was well... interesting. I am looking for a place after my term at the DFC is over. I can't be left with nothing because you can't pay rent without an income, and I am really really trying to save money to pay off my loan! I am doing well so far. Well I haven't saved any to pay off my loan - but I have almost my whole credit card paid off! I only have $250 to go! Which is pretty good considering I had over a grand on it. I just put school and books and groceries and gas on it - and it really added up - but I didn't have a choice at the time...


the interview was interesting. She forgot about me. I called her after waiting around for almost 40 mintues - and she felt bad and raced to meet me. She showed me around, but I don't know if her intentions are honourable. She doesn't want to really be a part of it - just wants to open it - so... I'm not sure. I'll keep looking. It would be nice to start at a brand new place though and it's in such a convient location it's going to be hard to pass up... But I'll have to wait and see.

I have another painting almost finished! I will list it tomorrow hopefully! :D

Neil Armstrong (or Ashton Pettigrew)?

Today... you guess it! I dressed up as Neil Armstrong during the Sunshine Gang at work. The children's facial expressions when I came walking out to Ulrich Strauss quirky music was just golden! I loved it. It really didn't take me too long to make my costume either. I finished it up last night. Glorious.


I keep seeing a preview on televison about parents who are addicted to narcotics and the effect on their children. I'm not sure if the parents go into some sort of drug rehab or not? It looks scarey though - all the parents saying that they can "stop when they want to". It's sad at the same time. I think the internet can be a vital tool so people who have addictions. It can allow them to speak and relate to one another - which is always something positive.

Inspirational Artist #44 - Claire


Inspiration from all the beautiful children's books I disappeared into when I was small and my boys'imagination.

Go here to check out more beautiful artwork by Claire! Wood Fairy

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Lonely Visitor

I just listed this cute painting that I finished last night. I didn't paint anything YET tonight. I went out with a friend. We went to the mall got smoothies then went to the public gardens. It was so beautiful. I'm not sure how much time I am going to have to paint tomorrow - with work and my interview and everything! But we'll see :)

The Lonely Visitor
7 X 9
Acrylic on Canvas board


Last night was a very productive yet relaxing night for me! I was able to list a painting, do some organizing and cleaning as well as set up my art table in the living room. It’s starting to look very messy already (my art table) but it’s suppose to look like that! I finished up a little crow and house painting last night on canvas board that I am going to list tonight at some point! Today work has been so insane – and I can’t believe that it’s almost 4:00! I got a cute e-mail from Troy today and he was being really productive today too! I am going to be hanging out with my friend Carla tonight too. I’m not sure when we are going to meet up. I won’t get home until after 5:00pm because I have to go and get gas. This next week and a half is going to be insane. I have a lot of volunteering to do this next while for the Buskers! It’s going to be fun – but very busy!

Inspirational Artist #43 - Lily Pepper

Nickname: Lily Pepper

Inspiration: I love summer, gardening, flowers and the bees just seem to go along with that. I always just start a piece and see where it leads me.

This piece is unique because it is made from a combination of old vintage pieces of items along with my own little creative twist.

Check out more beautiful art from Lily Pepper here: The Hive

Monday, August 6, 2007

The African Dream

I listed this item today. I was going to put it in the Art shop in Mahone Bay. But I am just getting so antsy. I want to see if it will do well on Etsy. It's a semi different style that was I have listed before. I am working on two pieces now. I just started two tonight after I set up my art table! :) How exciting!

The African Dream
8 X 10
Acrylic on canvas

Back to the City


I came back this afternoon to the city. I have been busy putting away more stuff - laundry and such as well as tidying up my room and making it look as pretty as I can. I am in the middle of switching the tables around so I can have my art table in the living room. It's going to feel so wonderful to create again! I cannot wait. I barely have any ideas but just getting a paintbrush in my hand is going to be glorious!

I got my print from Jessica Torrent this weekend. And it's so beautiful. I can't wait to frame it. I think I will do that tonight. Things have been slow this past month when it comes to making some money blogging. But it's nice to have any extra cash that I can get! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

No weekend off for me

So tired! This weekend has been pretty great so far. I went to Jen's cottage for Denise's birthday and it was so fun. I met some really funny great people. I hope that I will be able to see them again sometime this summer.

I came back to Bridgwater to visit with Troy. My car is basically fixed - all I need is two fuses but I can't find the fuses anywhere is town. So I may have to wait another week- if not longer for my car. Tomorrow is a holiday but no car parts stores are going to be open - I doubt it. I don't know what I am going to do yet. I am volunteering at the Busker's festival this upcoming weekend. I will be selling programs - so I won't be able to come back to Bridgewater and visit. Hmmm..

I helped Troy mow a few lawns this morning - so tiring! I may help him more a few more this evening but I'm not sure yet. We'll see!

Friday, August 3, 2007

:D Friday!

It's Friday! I'm just finishing up my lunch break :) I'm being a slacker - but am I not allowed to be on a Friday? I think so! I am going home early actually. My boss is gone, and she said Jen and I could leave at 2:00pm! So i have one hour to kill (I'm totally going to work on my Neil Armstrong astronaut costume) then I'll go and catch the bus (car is still broken).

I got an e-mail from that lady about the jobbie. I have an interview with her next Wednesday at 6:00pm! It should be good! I think I'll just walk on over even if I do have my car. It will only take 20 minutes-ish. I'm glad she still wanted to meet with me! :D How exciting.

Troy is suppose to come up tonight and we are suppose to go to Jen's (an awesome girl from work) cottage tonight. It's nice to feel like I have friends up here. Every time I move I feel like I loose more friends that I gain. But things are looking up!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New job?

I absolutely L-O-V-E where I work. It's relaxing, yet taskful. It has such a great happy medium of time with the children and time to program. The only problem was when I took on this job I knew that it was only going to be until the end of September. I have started to look for another Early Childhood Educator job. I have contacted one lady in particular who is starting up a new facility.

She wants me to meet her next Wednesday morning, but I really can't because that's when we have the Preschooler Sunshine Gang going on - and Wednesday is going to be crazy for me because that's going to my main day for implementing all my activities. I asked her if I could meet her in the evening. I hope she writes me back and says that's alright. I would love a job there I think because it would only take me roughly 15 - 20 minutes to walk there, and it's a new place which is great - new philosophy and I can help contribute a lot to how programming will go.


Inspirational Artist #42 - Peg

Nickname: Peg

Inspiration: I live on the central coast of California and when the wildflowers bloom in the Spring it feels like the entire area has come alive and you can't feel anything but optimistic and happy to be alive.

Why you think this painting is unique: My choice of materials is unique...wire mesh, black string, old sewing patterns (and of course, the obligatory paper and paint).

Go here to check out more beautiful pieces of art: Art Blosson

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Inspirational Artist # 41- Glory

My nickname is Glory

The colors of the nature and its flowers inspire me. Flowers are God's Art Work. Learned to paint as therapy. It also exercises the brain and keeps me active.

Go check out some beautiful artwork created by Glory:

P.S I'm getting really low on features here! If you would love to be featured anwser these following questions after picking a specific piece of artwork:
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