Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh etsy I love you

I really wanted to actually make a real sale this month - with etsy but it didn't happen. I "sold" a lot through mystery shopping and I am going to get a few really awesome things in the mail soon (some of which I already got and I was super impressed so far). I love etsy so much and it's hard not to buy lots of stuff that I love love love! And of course most of the stuff I love is a bit pricey - but isn't that how everything goes in life?

I'm hoping (i'll say it again and again) that the more I list the more I will sell and it's going to be really interesting to see what happens once I put more and more prints of my artwork. I love I enjoy buying originals and prints - but prints call my name since they are cheaper. :P

Weekend love

So I have come down this weekend to visit Troy - and every time I do come down I don't bring any painting stuffs with me at all. SO this time I learned my lesson and I brought a little containor of things to work on some aceo's. I am really going to try to list some more aceos soon. My prints didnt' come yet - but i'm sure they will come this week so I will be able to list them.

I think when they do come I am going to have some sort of "buy 2 get one free" or something like that to kick it off (so watch for that)!

It's just going to be Troy and myself this afternoon and evening - so it's going to be nice just hanging out the two of us!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lots of art love

So I am going to be doing an art trade this weekend with a local artist - Margie Bowes. I have only ever done one art trade before and that was this time last year! It's definitely time for a new one.

I am trading a house painting that I did on a record for a house painting that she has created on canvas. It's going to be so cute - I am really starting to build up a nice art collection now! I really want to get one from Johanna Wright soon and another one from Justin Heller.

I got an adorable print in the mail too from my mystery shopping that I have been doing lately in the etsy forums! I'm going to have to pick up a nice frame for it this weekend. I think I have a thing for "girl paintings". I have my root girl, soul searching girl and my clara girl! It's exciting!

Rainy day

I am going to take an extra short lunch today so I will be able to learn early from work. There are just so many little things to get done today - but I almost have my whole "to do" list completed. Some things I would like to do but can't nessarily do it until next week when we change up our Dramatic Centre and sensory table. I still have a few more hours to get some stuff done. I don't want to use up any of my overtime just because I want to be able to save as much of it as I can so that I get paid over the Christmas holiday (which seems so far away!)


Usually everyone hates rainy days - but i'm actually enjoying it today. I'm the only one into work today. My two co-workers have both taken the day off. It's nice - and I have a long list of things to get done. I've gotten quite a few things done already. I'm just listening to some of my mixed cds to keep me sane. If I didn't have music here I know I would just go crazy with all the quietness.

I am going to go back to Bridgewater this weekend again to see Troy-boy. I miss him so much up here - and it's hard when he's not around when i'm having an off day.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 new aceos!

Last night I listed two aceos! I had just finished them up - and wanted to try and keep listing a few items a week. I wanted to have about 30 items up for sale by the end of the month. But I doubt that is going to happen seeing at the end of the month is only a few days away. I'm going to go and check the mail in a few minutes and see if my prints came up but it's really hard to say. I was going to order some plastic sleeves for shipping off my prints (off ebay) but it totally slipped my mind until now. I'll have to do that sometimes soon!

Here are the two listings:

Dark and Twisty
Mixed media
on 140lb paper

(i don't know how - but this one already has 32 hits in 24 hours. It must have been in a treasury or something!? I don't know how I would get so many hits any other way! I can't tell though because the tresury crashed :( )

The Native SunMixed media
on 140lb paper

Workshop day!

I loved today!!

I didn't actually go to work today. It was a "professional development" day where I went to a workshop all day!

It was so nice to learn all about immigrant families! There was so much information that I had no idea about - it was so fasinating! I totally stepped out of my comfort zone when it came to two role playing things that we did. One role play that we did in the morning was like no other. It was all about learning how refugees and/or immigrants feel when they are trying to get into a country. It was a so stressful - and scarey! Insane!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hair cut? Cd?

So I listening to my newest David Francey cd and it makes me so happy. I enjoy listening to him at work - me makes me feel so "at peace" - I love it! Ani Difranco just came out with a two disc cd on the 11th - and I really want to get it. It's only $20 for two cds - that's a really good deal! I know that I am going to have to splurge sometime soon and get it. Maybe i'll get a haircut while i'm at it. I have to look over those photos again that Steph and I found and pick out that I really like. I know once I get my hair cut I will be like "how did i ever leave it this long before getting it cut". That always happens!

Work work work

So... my eyes are so messed up. It doesn't hit me until after lunch - but they ache and they get all blurry and I can hardly see. I really should have learned by now to either bring my glasses or cleaner - or something. I have some visine but yesterday but i put it in it just made it worse!

One of my co-workers went home sick so I think I am going to have to stay tonight and work. I wasn't planning on it and I was hoping to go home and relax and maybe see a friend but I don't think that's going to happen now - which stinks! I still don't know for sure though so we'll have to wait and see what happens. If all the children are still planning on coming then -yes- I will have to work tonight.

Lots of etsy love :)

I created a new aceo last night that I am pretty excited about. I love it when I don't have any inspiration and then I just start painting and drawing and it turns out great! I am really trying to list lots of aceos - but the more and more mystery shopping that I do the more I sell overall! I have to mail one out today. I am suppose to be getting some prints in the mail very soon so I will be able to list those. I have been getting a lot of views on my heart aceo print that I have up. I only have one left right now - I'll have to order more.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You know your a pessimist when...

You know what your a pessimist when...

your name is Ashton! Seriously. I always think things are going to go so badly but they turn out perfectly fine (most of the time). I wasn't too negative about working tonight - but I thought it was going to go by so slow. It didn't go by overall fast nor overally slow - it was just nice. I had two little immigrant girls they were so adorable! I am so exhausted though I didn't get out till almost quarter after eight thought which was a bit later than I had anticipated. It was nice to see Jen even if we didn't spend a lot of time together.

I'm just doing another mystery shop on etsy again - I'm so addicted it's sick! It's nice though because I'm getting some really cute things for Christmas. I think my little spa baskets are going to be so adorable! I have lots of lotions coming my way!

Busy Ashton!

The more and more I work here - the more and more busy I become. I love it because the day just passes by and I most of the time I feel like i have accomplished a lot! Today has been a pretty productive day.

My eyes hurt so much though~ I think I may have allergies? Or I need new contacts - or something! I wish I would have brought my glasses here - because I have to stay till around 8:00pm tonight for night programming. I think it's going to be really nice though. I like the children who are coming - and know them quite well (they are adorable). But I am just going to be so tired by the end of the night. Jen is coming and will be working with me a bit too (or doing odd jobs around the centre).

Lot's to do! I have to come into work early tomorrow - well I have to go to a church and set up activities for a food bank. It will be nice even though I have no idea what I am doing!

Monday, September 24, 2007

A dark night..

I listed a new paintings this evening. I really enjoy it - I hope that I will sell a half decent canvas piece soon!

A dark night in a colourful world
Mixed Media on canvas

Oh Monday

Today has been such a strange day. Work went well - there were things that I wasn't overly excited about going, but it turned out really wonderful. I think tomorrow is going to be nice - but I do have to do the night programming which is going to be soooo tiring. I don't mind getting the overtime hours but it just wipes me right out - them i'm exhausted for the next day. I can't believe I worked two nights last week. I'm glad I just have the one this week though.

Today has been such a strange day. I felt weird. I called stephanie - I went over hopeing that I would get happy and cheer up a bit - but it just didn't happen. I think I have just been feeling really rejected lately. I spend more time talking to my friends online more than people in person. The city isn't that exciting and I don't like doing things by myself. At least I have experienced this enough to know if I truly like it or not. Which i'm not sure if i do? Sometimes - sometimes not so much.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The weekend is over! :(

I had a really nice weekend with Troy. We just lounged - watched movies - snuggled - all that fun stuff. I'm still hoping, and wishing and praying that as it starts to come closer to winter that he will consider moving up. But I really have no idea which way he is going to sway.

When I got home tonight - I started working on one of my paintings. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight and get it listed tomorrow. I do need to get some more Aceo's underway too. After all the mystery shopping that I did last week I don't have very many.

I think I am going to purchase some clear bags for my prints too. It's hard spending this money on prints in which I'm not sure will sell or not. But at least I'll have some. I found some half decent ones on ebay that I think I will get. I would like to wait to get them before I list any prints - but I think I'll be too antsy. I think I will get my prints in the mail sometime this week or next at least! Exciting!

hot potato? cold potato?

Most of the time I just wanna "get outta here." I would like to go somewhere that wouldn't suit who I am. The desert? Maybe I should invest in some Arizona luxury real estate? Or maybe I should go to the North? I think experiencing both hot and cold climates would be really nice.

I enjoy my routine for now - but i know that I will eventually get sick of it and need a change. If I don't stay on at the Centre after December I'm thinking about taking a dive and going far away. I don't want to do the whole "go out west" thing - but going and getting away for awhile would be nice!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Wow - i've really been slacking - writing in this blog! Yesterday went really well - work was nice and it went by quickly. The program we had in the morning was quiet and the children were adorable! After work I went to pick up Stephanie - it was a nice drive with her! It wasn't so lonely and it went by really quickly.

I'm here with Troy now and he's being pretty psycho. We went to Wallie (Walmart) last night and picked up some goodies and looked around. I think we may go camping tonight - which would be nice. I brought my camera too so I could take some photos. I am brillant. Hahaha!

Ciao for now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Three Paintings

I started 3 - count them THREE paintings tonight - no aceos though. Two record ones and a 10 X 12 (i belive) canvas one that I am going to do a mixed media peice one. I really have started to enjoy mixed media lately. I do need to start collecting some more just random things to start creating with.

I think I am going to start getting into more prints. My prints that I ordered off of qoop should be here hopefully next week - so I will be able to list those. I keep thinking - the more I list on etsy the more I will sell - but it's really hard to say

Etsy love

Today - 17 children when our limit is usually 14 - it was a tight squeeze to say the least! It was fun and I taught the children a new song!

I have been making a few "sales" on etsy even though they haven't really been actual sales. I have been taking part in a mystery shopping thing the forum a few times now - it's really fun and I have some earrings and a bag coming to me. It's just like trading - and It's nice to get some stuff for Christmas all ready! I am so excited - because I have so many things coming to me in the mail!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh Wednesday so tiring

I ended up having to stay late at work tonight. I just got home with a throbbing headache! ugh!

I did get a nice surprise when I got home though. I got a letter in the mail - it was my aceo from Angela. It is so beautiful! I really enjoy it - I have to find a way to display my aceos. I think I will get a very large frame from like Walmart or something and put them in there. I don't have very many yet - but it's getting really addictive!

So so so tired :S

Desk love

Our apartment was looking fairly bare. That was until Mallory's boyfriend Steve brought his computer desk over last night. It does look very nice - and he even brough a scanner which is going to be so incrediably nice. I have to drag my artwork down to my parents to scan my paintings (it's better for doing the prints). Now I will be able to do it right in my apartment which is going to be so nice! It's so nice to have our own office desks in this office at work too. I love having my own station (though it can get quite messy!)

New Record!

I listed this record on etsy last night. i had bought some smaller records at Value Village last week and I was so excited about painting them. I did get this one finished and I listed it. I think it's really cute! Hopefully they go over well!

The Gull Greets the Sun
Acrylic on Record
$25 US

I got an e-mail from a local artist who's blog I commented on last night. She wants to set up a ATC trade sometime - which would be so fun. I think it would be nice to converse with some local talent!

Hump day!

I only wrote two posts yesterday! How odd - it felt like i wrote more than that! I'm glad it's Wednesday - they week is going by fairly week - not overly fast but not overly slow.

Last night I had a friend over - Carla. We watched Family Guy and add hummus, spinach dip and pita bread. It was fun! I didn't really get anything painted last night - I wanted to but I was in an emotional mood that I got upset and went to bed. Tonight I'm going to go and visit another friend of mine - I kinda want to see her right after work - i'll call her and see what's up!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday blues.

This morning is going by nicely this morning. I don't feel as bad as yesterday , but I do have a bit of a sore throat. Today is going to be a busy day, but I think it will go by fairly quickly. I think I am going to be visiting a friend tonight too. She wanted to get together with me last night but since I had to work late - that didn't happen.

I have my coffee, now i'm ready to go!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Tonight went well. I like this type of programming at night sometimes because it goes by really fast. We were really quick to clean up as well so we got out a little bit sooner that I had thought. It's nice to be home and comfy in my PJS!

It seems like if I get out of my regular routine of things - come home, eat, check e-mails, watch Arrested Development, paint, listen to music I get all out of wack! It feels like it's 11:00 at night, but it's only 8:00 - it's so insane - but it also means it feels like I have more hours in my night! More hours to hopefully chat and paint and ... ah... relax!

Monday afternoon - i do like you

I am itching to paint. Lately I haven’t had any inspiration – but when I do sit down to paint I actually do up with something creative. I ordered some prints off last night. I ordered 5 sets of different aceos as well as 2 8 X 10’s. So I’m hoping that these go over well. I think once I do get them up I will do a special sale – like buy two get one free (for the aceo’s) or something funky like that. Work is going well – I still feel awful but it is a relaxing afternoon.

I need chocolate!!

Feeling Gross

These past few days have been so weird. I've been feeling sickie off and on. One minture I have a headache, the next my nose is running, the next my chest is congested, coughing, sore throat - the works. Now I feel sick to my stomach, hurt, crampy the works! It just no fun at all. I was pretty good for the morning but now I'm just feeling awful and I have to work late tonight (till 8:00pmish) which is not good at all. I'll make it through but it's going to be pretty brutual :S

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh sunday

I'm still in Bridgwater but I am going to head out in about 2 hours - it's sad not going to see Troy again - another week!

Troy and I had a lovely relaxing day today. We only mowed one lawn, I made some gaucamole (i think that's how you spell it) and the day was overall a good day. I think this week is going to go by pretty slow - but I don't think it's going to be as hectic as this past week! I am excited about the painting that I will do though~

Touches of Whimsy!

Yesterday was a cute day. Troy and I came back from Camping, we went and saw Eedie's baby kittens in the evening and in the afternoon I helped a lady named Margie Bowes set up her etsy shop I ended up staying at her place for about 3 and a 1/2 hours. The more I look at and see her art - the more I love it. I hope that I can do an art trade with her sometime! She is such a vibrant, kind and creative lady - it's nice to have another artist to share and chat with about art related things! I know that she will get lots of etsy love!

Check out her shop!


Sometimes I am just itching to get out of here. Maybe not forever - but just for a little while. I would love to experience northern Canada - I think it would be fascination. But I would also like to explore a warmer climate like Florida. I heard about getting these Orlando vacation home rentals - and they sound really neat. I hope that when I have a family that I will be able to take them on vacations. I always loved going places when I was younger - even if it wasn't that far. I have such an itch to explore lately. But I do love my home :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Etsy love

Troy and I went camping last night - it was really nice to sit around a fire in the middle of nowhere in a little cabin and talk and play cribbage! It was so lovely. Mind you the sleep was super uncomfortable but it was nice. Our fire went out in the middle of the night because it started to rain!

I've been pretty happy with my etsy progress lately - I haven't been selling a whole whole lot but I know that they more I list and the more time I spend advertising my art the more I will get some sales! It's exciting though - I've made one sale so far this month - an aceo. I hope to make at least one more before the month is over!

I went to value village the other night and picked up mini vinyl records! I'm super excited about painting them (I think I'll start them Tuesday) and I'll hopefully sell them for around $20 :)

Today I'm going to a lady's house here in TOB to help her start up her etsy shop! It's going to be interesting because it was always a year ago when I set up mine!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cactus Love

I added a new ACEO today! I love plants and I think that cactus' are cute. I'm trying to paint a variety of things lately - to appeal to different things that people like. I know there has got to be a cactus fanatic out there somewhere :D

"Cactus Love"
Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper
2.5 X 3.5 inches


I need Blinds! I need some major window treatment up in here this apartment (good english - no?) I think for Christmas I am going to make a nice little list for Christmas. Things like - blinds and curtins, canvas and paints, some blankets, chairs - all that fun stuff!


I love you Thursday

Work was nice and busy today~! We had Family Play Group then lots of planning and a staff meeting in the afternoon. I kept getting distracted by all these little tasks that I had to do. It was very productive though! I'm glad that it went by fast and I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday!

I just got a phone call from Troy and he is coming up to visit tonight!! I'm so happy! I miss him so much it's going to be so nice to see him!! :D I am going to go over to the grocery store and pick up a few things. I hope it's not insanely busy (with it being pay day and everything)!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New listings!

I added two new aceo's to etsy today! It's so exciting! I find it really difficult to be patient when it comes to listing an item. I want to list an item so badly that my pictures aren't ususally good, or I don't get as prepared as I can be. I'm getting into a lot of mixed media art lately - it's some different and exciting!

Shall we?

Lovely Ladies:

Over the hump (finally)

Today was nice - not as crazy but still busy enough to make the time pass quickly. I sold my roots aceo yesterday night so I have to mail that off when I get home tonight. I like how the post office is just in the grocery store across the parking lot - it's really handy. I am going to have to pick something up to eat too because I have nothing to eat in my apartment! I'm getting really desperate! I ate the rest of my tuna up for lunch today! Soy here I come!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

painting love

When I sat down to paint tonight I wasn't really inspired - but then it just came to me. With my paint stained tablecloth, ginger tea and aceo cards all cut and ready to go I have produced one new ACEO! I did finish one up last week that I haven't listed on etsy yet either. I was going to try and have 30 items listed by the end of the month, but at the rate that I'm going - I'll be lucky if I hit 15!

I took part in a secret shopper tonight and I sold my roots Aceo. So exciting :)

No more July

I just started painting a little bit ago and I have two ACEO's on the go. After I made then ate supper I went on a little cleaning spree. I did 2 bouts of dishes, did two garbage trips, cleaned almost the whole bathroom and cleaned out all the gross and expired food from the fridge. That better make my sister satisfied. :P

I have been really enjoyed the front pages of etsy lately - they make me really happy.

I'm getting SO antsy for the weekend - tomorrow won't be as crazy. I am NOT wanted to e-mail that lady to cancel my volunteering stuff - I feel awful But I just don't have the stamina and energy to do it. My back hurts :(

Art! Life!

My sister is going to work tonight so i am going to have the apartment all to myself ( because ususally if Mallory isn't there - her boyfriend isn't there either). I will get back into my routine of listening to my world music channel and do some painting. I'm really hoping to get some ACEO's done. I need to do more ordering of prints so I can try and sell those on etsy!

Tuesday blues!

This week has been so crazy at work. I was suppose to volunteer starting Friday but I really think I am going to have to cancel - I really don't want to but I'm going to be so wiped out by Friday and all I'll want to do is go and see my Troy. ={

It's raining today - and it's actually kinda nice- I don't mind the rain when it's been so hot here lately - it's so soothing.

Jen came by work today to visit - it was so nice to see her! It's so great to feel like I do have someone to visit with once and awhile!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Party time!

I've been so excited about my Heritage party - where we will sit around and:
watch the Heritage minutes
drink tea
and eat cucumber sandwiches

but I just have been busy and my weekend consist of hanging out with Troy so I haven't had time to plan it. I wanted to have it this month but I doubt that's going to happen. I think it would be cute to get some little party invitations and really go all out on it if I am going to postpone it until a later date - maybe next month! Hopefully!


8:30am - 8:30pm tonight - including my lunch and supper breaks!
I don't mind getting the overtime at work - but it just makes for a very long day. I actually game in at 8:10am this morning because I knew i would need the extra time to do planning for the program in the morning that I had to do with the children. It went well - such a quiet yet busy group. It was nice.

Right now I'm just chillin'. It was a super busy day! I am listening to my new burnt cd right now. I put lots of Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua James, Psapp, Lily Frost, Gregory and the Hawk, and all those great bands on it. It's funny how these little things make me really happy. Lame :P

I am soon going to go and get some suppie - i'm pretty hungry!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Plant Stands

I bought some bar stools that were on sale - about hmm.... 6 months ago!? My anticipation was to paint them. I got one almost all finished but I didn't even start the other one. I would love to finish them up and eventually get some more and have them to put some plants on. I really need some more greenery in here. I love plants but I just don't have many up here. With all the moving I didn't want to jump them all over the place so they are still with Troy right now!

Oh Sunday you lead me to Monday

Today was tiring - but productive. I helped Troy out - had a headache and everything but after I ate I felt much better. I enjoyed some time by the river and just sitting outside with Troy for about two hours. I got a lot of my laundry done - my blankets washed and all that jazz. It doesn't take me long to get super antsy to wash my sheets. :P

I don't understand this Big Brother show - I guess I should have watched it from the beginning to really understand what's going on with who - but I don't really care.

I was getting so "antsy" (that must be my word of the day) to get some new music - it's what I have been thinking about all day. But I did get it all burnt off about 15 mins ago. Hopefully I don't get sick of it quickly!

Busy weekend

Things have been pretty crazy this weekend. Troy came down Friday night and we spent some nice quality time together. I then on Saturday volunteered at the community carnival, and then met up with Stephanie and Christian and went to the Billy Talent concert. I didn't really enjoy the first two bands that opened for them - but Billy Talent was pretty great. I was actually quite impressed with them. They sounded wonderful and the lights were awesome.

Today hasn't been so lovely - I headed back to help Troy today in Bridgewater and I have a headache and just feel so crappy. I'm going to leave now though and help him some more - we just stopped in to grab something to eat. My headache is dimishining but it's still there. I don't want to go to work tomorrow! Well - it shouldn't be to bad but I have to work tomorrow night too :(

I need to paint - i'm going through withdrawl.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Giant Painting!

Last night as I was coming in from the underground parking and for a few days this giant framed picture that was thrown into the garbage. I didn't measure it but it's at least 18 X 24 (inches). I decided to take it apart and paint my own picture over type of it.

"A not so fancy lifestyle"

If i look out of my window in my living room and I look to the right - this is what I see - So i decided this is what i would paint. I think it looks pretty good - i really like how my tree turned out!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I got some of my "trial" prints in the mail yesterday. SO! I decided to list my "lovely love" aceo print today for $2.25USD. I think that's it's a fair price. I checked out some other print prices of ACEOs and most of them were in a range from $2 - 3.50 ish so I thought $2.25 would be fair enough because then you have to add shipping onto of that. I am really happy with my postcards but I don't think I will list those yet. I may do a postcard package with like 5 different onces for $10. I think that would be really fun - now I just have to see if they will sell or not!

Gotta get - Arrested Development is on! yay!
Work work work, all day long, work work work while I sing this song!

Today during family play group I played my guitar for a few of the songs. I was pretty nervous because with all the parents and everything I always feel so silly. But I almost love yet hate doing these things because I get more and more comfortable the way I do it. I think I should start a website all about children's guitar music. It doesn't take hardly anything to figure them out. I should really do that! I think that would be really awesome!

to think

This weekend is going to be full of craziness. I can't for Troy to come down tomorrow night - I'm so excited! He's coming then we are going to hang out - go to the concert tomorrow night with Steph and Christian and just do stuff!! :) It's going to be fun. I want to get my hair cut but i don't know if that is going to happen or not - i need one badly. But i need NO JUDGEMENT - so i can't get someone I know to do it - because i had a friend cut it and it's all insanely uneven and everything.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I want to go shopping tonight – but I don’t want to spend any extra money. I’m so awful when I t comes to that. I do need gas – I burned so much yesterday because I was stuck in traffic for an hour because of a pedestrian /car accident. It was annoying – but whatcha gonna do about it right? I think that I am going to make some chicken and pasta with alfredo sauce tonight – I’m really craving it. I just went grocery shopping with Maryann for work and I saw it and I really want it now. I’ll pop over to the grocery store tonight after work – it won’t be a big deal!

Until then!

Good morning!

I'm at work right now. Something that I WISH I could do is get up early. I wish that I could get up, have a cup a tea, stare out the window - watch and listen to the birds, and just be "at peace". But I just cannot force myself to get up that early and be productive. I hardly ever eat breakfast. Sometimes I bring some oatmeal with me in the morning. I usually have a coffee which is nice - it wakes me up.

Just another morning in this world!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Do you know what I love and hate at the same time? I'm sure most people would agree with me but I love, yet hate, window shopping. I love searching out appliances, dishes, art, anything that would look beautiful in a future home of mine. I love these vessel sinks - ugh they are so cute. I love the black ones that are very contemporary. I love log houses and cabins but I also like a splash of contemporary style. It's like a fight inside of me! Troy was being so cute this weekend. He was saying things like, "I miss living in Aylesford with you - just me and you," and "I can't wait to live in our dream house together and I can landscape the yard and you can help me". He's adorable. I thought as time would go by that I wouldn't miss him as much - but in fact it's really gotten harder. Hopefully I'll see him for awhile this weekend. We are going to a concert on Saturday night. :P


Tonight I went out with my friend Carla to the movies. We were a little undecisive but I wanted to see "Superbad" because I really like Michael Cera (he played George-Michael from Arrested Development - my favorite show!) It was such a "bad" movie. So much swearing, and sick sexual humor - but it was so funny at the same time. The things that those two got themselves into were crazy.

It was nice seeing Carla and it was nice seeing Steph yesterday. It's nice to actually have friends to hang out with!

Angela got her LOVELY ACEO today! I'm sooo glad that she loved it so much.

My sister asked me to go "out" with her tomorrow but honestly I just want to hang out with myself, paint a bit, maybe go out and do a bit of shopping. I really want to get my hair cut but I may wait until the weekend.

Decisions, decisions! :P

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labour Day

Today is a holiday - labour day. Everyone (basically) is taking the day off! I think it's important to have a manatory day off (even if it is only once a year). This weekend went by incrediably fast. That's so annoying :(

I helped Troy all weekend, and now I'm so sore! I am going to help him a bit out today but nothing as major as it was these past two days. I don't even know how I made it through it. I hope that today we don't have to spend too much time at their house doing work. I'm just so exhausted and I want to spend my last day off in peace, and relaxation - but that's not going to happen. I visited Melissa for about an hour last night and it was really nice, and I'm hopefully going to see Stephanie for a bit tonight at her new apartment (if I don't get back too late). Ahh crazy days.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A work post.

I like work. I do. I enjoy going, and planning and implementing programs. It's a great job! But the countdown has begun.

Today is Sunday. I have tomorrow off (holiday - Labour Day) then I have to go back on Tuesday. I feel so spoiled because it's going to be two weeks in a row that I had to work a four day week. It's going to be so rough having to go back to a five day week and do evening shifts as well. It's going to be great to collect some overtime hours though - that's going to be great! I don't mind staying and doing night shifts because I can save up my overtime hours and take time off - which may come in handy if I finally decide that I am going to PEI in October.

It is going to be more difficult though if I decide to take some of my sign language night courses - i'll have to wait and see what happens with that. :S I really should e-mail that lady and find out how that all works.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh Saturday!

Today I spent most of my time down by the ocean. Mind you I wasn't at the actual ocean, I visited Jeremy, Margaret, Liam and Sarah for a bit and Troy and I worked at Steve and Sandra's lawn doing some landscaping. Mind you we mostly just dug around in the dirt but it was lovely. They are so sweet, and have such great stories (they lived in Dubai right now - Steve working as a pilot). They are so fascinating.

Troy and I are still here house and dog sitting for his sister. It's really hard to get anything done though - internet wise. They only have dial up and it's so incrediably slow. Everytime I try to get an opportunity on payperpost it gets all filled up because I can't fill anything out because it's so slow. Troy and I have to mow and work like crazy again tomorrow.

All work and no play makes Ashton a dull girl.

I haven't got any painting done this weekend - it's so depressing!!