Friday, November 30, 2007

Here I am in Bridgewater. Troy had to work a few hours this morning but he just got home. I was just bumming around on the internet. Searching, writing, checking my e-mails - all that jazz. I was going to start my laundry but Troy is home before I thought he would be.

I think we have some grand plans. We are going to go back to his camp - do some tree hunting. My books from arrived yesterday. I bought two tree identifying books so we can go hiking and find trees and all that jazz. It's going to be magical.

I need to be productive, eat some breakfast and shower :)


Those were the days of pop ups. I know I personally hate them and people must share the same loathing because the popup blocker was born. It's annoying having something in your face every five seconds. I know that I have a pop up blocker and I'm sure glad that I do. I would go insane without it. There are lots of ways that people can advertise on the internet but in my opinion, people do not want to go to a website or buy something if it's from a pop up. SO don't do it people - don't create popups for websites. No one's going to see it anyways!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

End of the work week for me!

A few more hours to go and they I am going to be home free! I am going to take an extra long weekend but I have acculated a lot of overtime hours so I am going to take tomorrow off and spend time with Troy! I think (if it's not too chilly) we are going to go camping in his cabin in the middle of nowhere. It's going to be nice. I even bought smelly melon candles just for the occasion. We always get back there and have no candles at all. I'm so impressed with myself that I actually remembered!

I make a new mobile. I'll try and take a half decent picture of it and post it up!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Over the Hump! (finally)

Today is going well.

I went to a potluck at a local church that we do outreach at – so that was really nice. Today’s programming is going well and I have some time to do some odds and ends of things. I am going to finish up a secret santa thing and hopefully mail it off tonight. It’s through a group of friends I have met through etsy. I am excited about it, but I do need to mail it by the end of the week!

I can’t wait to go home and get my creative juices flowing! I have so many things I would really like to work on. Hopefully I’ll get some photos up tonight :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have seen some people deck out rooms in their houses just like a mini movie theatre. I think it is really cool though. They must be total movie buffs! I enjoy a movie here and there but I'm not obsessed with them or anything. I think it is really cool when they have the home theater lighting with it and everything. That really does make for the whole experience. Lighting does everything for me. I love my little lights and my lamps. I don't enjoy flourescent lights or overhead lights much.

Lovely Love art again!

I listed this new pendant on etsy tonight! Finally! Something new to add! I don't know when my next thing will get up but at least this is a start! I got some wooden pendants off of etsy and it made me really happy when I got them in the mail. I painted a few so far but I'm not sure if the other one's are really "worthy enough to sell" so I am just going to list this one for now. I am going to take better pictures of it hopefully tomorrow but I just got antsy and wanted to list it while i had the laptop!

Anways, check it out!

Like I promised:

Here is a picture of my kitty. It is actually a picture of my kitty as well as my sister's kitty. They are almost four months old now and just as crazy as always. Mine is the one on the left that has more white on him and I named him Elliot. I love names that start with "E". My other cats I have had (one which is still living - the other one which as passed) both have names that start with "E": Ediyth and Elmer. Ediyth was Elliot mommy but she got hit by a car right after he found his new home. It was sad, but everything worked out.

He's so silly :)

It's a mild Tuesday evening

It takes me forever to catch up on the computer. If I'm not on it even for a few hours I have to check so many things, and of course update this suckah!

I am getting excited for Christmas. I just went out and got a few more things. It wasn't as crazy as it was on the weekend though which was nice because Saturday was just ridiculous - I'm never doing that again - that's for sure!

I didn't get anything up on etsy like I had wanted to - but the night is still young! I'm just downloading some photos from the weekend now and will most likely post some up on facebook.

Opportunities arise.

Troy seems to have a watchful eye out for any type of business opportunity. I don't think it's because he really wants to find new jobs all the time, his interests just vary so greatly and he finds more and more things that he love to do. He's totally a hands-on kinda of person and I do think he does have some sort of attention deficiet disorder because he's always all over the place. Even though it can be annoying that he can't settle I think that's one of the reason's I just love him to pieces. I'm glad that I am taking Friday off. We are going to have such a great weekend together - I just can't wait.

My kitty!

I love my kitty. I'll have to take a picture of him and post it up on here sometime.

The last two nights he's been sleeping right beside me. I wake up in the middle of the night and he's still there being all adorable and everything! Mallory's kitten comes in and sleeps on my bed for a little bit sometimes too.

One program this morning then in the afternoon I am free to get some stuff done so hopefully I'll find the time to write another post or two (or three)!

I didn't post things on etsy like I wanted to last night because my sister had her computer but hopefully I will tonight if she leaves her computer at the apartment.

Monday, November 26, 2007

It's a good monday

Even though my weekend went by super fast it was lovely. I was able to spend time quality time with some of my most favourite people in the world: Troy and Stephanie!

I'm so glad that I can say that I have a best friend. It has been a struggle my whole life finding that best friend that you could truly tell everything too and I can do that with Stephanie as well as Troy so it's just beautiful.

My Christmas shopping is almost done which makes me super happy. I have Friday off so this week is totally going to rock the house. I was suppose to work tonight but it's cancelled so I get to enjoy my evening too! I think I am going to list some things on etsy (HOPEFULLY) because I have some little necklaces made. Even if they never sell it's nice to get some new things up~

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vacation time.

I would love to take a vacation. I know it's almost Christmas and everything but it would be so nice to just "get away". I really think that Troy and I are going to save up some money and take a little vacation come springtime.

It would be nice to go somewhere warm like an Orlando vacations. But I think it would be equally nice to go somewhere that is chillier - like the Northwest Territories or somewhere up North like that.

I just go so itchy to get out of here sometimes. A friend of mine it taking a LONG vacation to Australia - I'm so jealous. He plans on living out of a van.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


This weekend I can feel already is going to be short. But I am already looking forward to next weekend but I am going to have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off! And Troy has the whole weekend off next weekend too, so it's going to be lovely.

My weekend so far has been lovely. Stephanie is having a shower right now, then I am going to have a quick one. We had a lot of fun last night. I bought "The Labriynth" staring David Bowie last night so we watched that and it was magical. Stephanie didn't think it was that great, but that's okay.

We are going shopping today! I am going to look for my dad's present first and formost today!

Call me!

I always talk to people on the phone. Whenever people call up and want to do market research or anything like that - I always do it as long as I'm not going out the door or anything. I talked with just a few days ago about gas and gas stations. She must have been new because she was all over the place. It was funny and annoying at the same time. I think I do it because I really feel bad for those people - and I would hate to have a job like that.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday has arrived!

I am so happy!

Because!.... It's friday! I am having "girl's night" with my friend Stephanie! I'm so excited.

I just got back from Value Village. For one of the Family Play Group's we are doing a "silly sweater" day. The two ladies that I work with and myself found some really "fabulous" sweaters - all which are very tacky and bright. I think mine's the most tame out of all of them - but they are really great I have to say. I also bought this beautiful shirt from the Bahama's for only $4. It's HUGE but I couldn't resist. I think I am going to wear it tonight for girl's night!

I'm going home soon!
There are lots of things to do, so time will pass quickly :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's been a lovely day so far.
Family Play Group was lovely. I played guitar, and made hashbrown casserole. It was a huge success!

I'm on my lunch break right now. Hanging out - checking things out. I need to pay some bills since I got paid today! I have a staff meeting at 1:00pm. I don't think it should be too bad. I feel icky now because I ate too much icecream and cake. ugh!

Carla and I are going to hang out tonight. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I don't have insurance.

I think it's important to have all types of insurance.
Okay - I lied. I do have a little bit of insurance. I have major illness insurance, like cancer, but I don't have your basic medication, if-you-get-hurt-a-little-bit type of insurance. I had never thought about it before: the importance of children insurance. I think it's important to start things like, credit, insurance, rrsps, etc. at a young age.

I'm Sorry Blog!

I'm sorry blog!

I have not abadoned you! This week so far has been pretty full and crazy. I worked Monday night. Yesterday Troy came up to visit and we went Christmas shopping. It was lovely. I didn't get as much shopping done as I would have liked to, but we did get some done. Then tonight my sister was on the computer all evening working on homework. I haven'e had much time while I'm at work to pop on either.

For the rest of the week I'm not sure how much quality time I will get to have with the computer either. I am going to hang out with Carla tomorrow night and watch Grey's Anatomy. Then Friday night - Stephanie is coming over for "girl's night" and have a sleepover. We are going to go shopping on Saturday too which I think will be really fun.

Christmas made easy.

I haven't been into riding much, but I know lots of people I grew up (girls) that had horses and did that whole thing. There are lots of equestrian riding apparel on this website. This stuff would be great for Christmas gifts - that's for sure. I don't know if I am easy or hard to buy for but if I had an obvious hobby - like horseback riding then Christmas shopping would be easy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Only Tuesday

I asked the the afternoon off. I felt terrible asking even though I do have lots of overtime and I work two nights this week. I ended up sneaking some work home with me to do so that I wouldn't feel so bad. I'm sure they will make fun of me, but it's just what I decided to do.

I took the afternoon off mainly because it's Troy's day off and I want to spend some time with him. The more we live apart from each other the more we miss each other. I really want to get some Christmas shopping done, so I'm hoping that we will be able to pop over to the mall and a few other places to find some things.

He should be he here really soon. He said around 2:00pmish which is in about 15 mintues - so I hope he gets here soon. I did clean up my room a bit and work on a few things to pass the time. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007


My weekend was so short. It was so depressing. I am at work now. The day went by okay - not too fast nor too slow. I have to work tonight's programming which totally sucks but it will give me the overtime hours. I did ask for tomorrow afternoon off though. I felt bad asking but I do have a lot of overtime hours and all that jazz.

So I'm just trying to tell myself not to feel bad. Troy's going to come up and we are going to go Christmas shopping. I've been getting really antsy and I just want to get it over with because it's really stressing me out.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Heritage Party! Sucess!

I threw my Heritage Party last night! This is my favourite picture from the night:

I have to believe that the party was a huge sucess. I think everyone had a really good time! I enjoy that photo because it really looked like people were having a good time. For the first hour we hung out and chatted, and ate yummy food. Then we started the hertiage minutes which went by really quickly - quicker than everyone thought. All of a sudden 74 minutes were done! We started playing "Things in a Box" and then Spoons (Stephanie's request). Now I just have to think of my next themed party! This one was quite unique I have to say!
Now I just have to top it!

"The Forest I Grew to Love"

I have been asking a lot of people their opinion on this painting that I have done. It's for my parents for Christmas. I love it acutally and I am pleased with the way it has turned out but I am worried if it's "worthy" enough to give to my parents. I would just be devastated if they didn't enjoy it. I know they probably wouldn't tell me if they didn't like it, and that's part of the problem. I'll keep it or sell it if they don't like it I suppose! It's 16 X 20 acrylic on wrapped canvas.
Let me know what you think!

High off life?

I know I always joke about doing drugs, and i really shouldn't but it's just my sense of humour. I'm sure the wrong person will hear me say something outragous like that someday and think I'm being serious. I think it is important for people to know that there are drug rehabilitation places out there. People come into work all the time to use the phone who are definitely high off of something other than life. It is scarey to really think about.

Child Conference

I had my conference yesterday. It was really interesting. One speaker in particular who was the key note as well did a workshop I had attended was really good. I enjoyed her but she said a lot of things that really confused me. Lots of things I learned in my course, and that was drilled into my head she told us "NOT TO DO", like writing on artwork, giving praise to children, etc. etc. So it was kinda confused and definitely gave me lots to think about.

The conference was lovely and all that jazz but now I feel like I don't have much of a weekend left. It's Sunday almost afternoon and my weekend feels like it has just started.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting ready!

Stephanie came over tonight!!!

And it was so fun! I got off work early and then I went and picked her up! We came back to the apartment and she helped me clean this place up. Then we went to the mall picked up a board game, the dollarama and then to the grocery store. We picked up some decorations then came back and strung them up. The place looks so adorable.

I think there are going to be around 11 people here tomorrow night. I made some hashbrown cassarole which I bake when I get home tomorrow from the child conference.

Heritage party!

My heritage party is tomorrow night and I'm starting to get excited! I know for sure that eight people are coming, including myself. It's going to be a really cute group of friends. I hope that some people bring some food along. I asked Reena and Luke to pick up some nachos and I hope that they do! If not I can always pop over to the superstore tomorrow night and pick up odds and ends of things that I need.

For those who do not know what a hertiage party is - I will tell you! I created the idea when I received my heritage minutes on dvd. There are 74 - 60 second clips about different things in Canada. They used to play these all the time on the television during commercials. It's going to be fun to see how many we can remember and quote!
After I think we are going to chill and play some games!

iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Friday!

I'm so incrediably glad that it's Friday!
I thought I was being on the ball with all my Christmas jazz but it's not happening. People are out getting all their things and now I'm stuck and still need to get lots of things. I really need to figure out if I will actually be able to find my dad's gift. I contacted a friend because she told me she would sell me her banjo - but I don't know if she was being serious or not.

I kinda know what I'm getting my mom, but I need to get her something else too. My sister went out the other day and spent $100 on her. Now I have to get her something equally because she'll be the "good" daughter. Oh dear!

I bought Mallory something off of etsy yesterday though, maybe I'll look around etsy and see if there is anything else I can find for her. I have to make a bunch of other gifts, I just need to find the time to do so!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please? Mother!

You know what freak me out... those Bluetooth headset things. Actually they are really awesome, and whoever created them I think are genuises. I really do like having my cell phone. I only really use it for emergencies, but it makes me feel a lot better when I am on the road because you never know what's going to happen (especially with my car). I pay for troy's cell phone but I don't mind because i feel safer knowing that if something ever happened that he could just call me and let me know what's going on~


I can't believe Thursday's over and that the weekend is approaching ever-so quickly! One more day of work and then Saturday will be here staring me in the face. I'm not going to have much of a weekend though because I am going to be at a conferance all day Saturday then I am having my hertiage party that night. I just spent roughly a half an hour just cleaning up the kitchen and the living room a bit.

Stephanie is coming over tomorrow and she's going to help me get everything all situated but I wanted to start so there wouldn't be so much to do tomorrow and there would be more hanging out and shopping time!

I have my tea ready, but I need to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things. I need bread, and cucumbers for sure. I hope that some people brint some food. I am trying to figure it out with my facebook event for it, hopefully some people respond. Carla's bringing the taco dip.

I'm so addicted to the "Across the Universe" soundtrack!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy me!

Programming, programming, programming consumes me! Today has been super busy at work so far. I now have a half an hour to take lunch, and get my flu shot before I start up again with more programming at 1:00pm. I am working tonight too which I am not totally thrilled about but I guess it is extra overtime that I can save up and take at a later date.

I don't want to get my flu shot. I hope I don't get all gross after and woozy - it could happen. I have never had the flu though before so it's hard to say if or when I'll get it :S

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

mattress love

For years I had a terrible mattress. Then when I moved in with my sister she and her boyfriend brought his bed so I inherited her bed - which I love. It's the most comfortable thing ever and I never want to get out of it once I get in it. I know that I can't have it for sure. If anything ever happened between her and steve I would be - bedless!

I know that eventually I would LOVE to get one of those memory foam mattresses. Those seriously rock the house. Whoever created them - are God's (or Goddnesses) in my opinion. Even having a layer of the foam on my existing mattress would be so awesome. I need some nice bed sheets first before I dream about that though!

Another man's treasure...

So there is a place in my building in the underground parking where you dump stuff that is still good and people come and pick it up and find homes for it, like furniture and all that jazz. Anyways there was a whole bunch of stuff there last night, and I found some really awesome stuff!
I found a :

huge road atlas map book
glass fish bowl
cd cases
two containers with beads and wire

What great finds! There was an art easel but when I went back to get it - it was gone which was really too bad! I really need to do some painting. I have a workshop tonight, so that's what I'll be doing tonight!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A dream come true!

It's hard to explain but there has been this tree I have been dying to see for years and years. You can see the tree from across the river when you look up there is a hill. All the trees are of medium and small heights but right in the middle of the top of the hill here is this HUGE tree stuck right out there for all the world to see. Anyways. I have been looking for this tree and trying to find it. I finally found someone who would take me to see the tree so I waited a few weeks until finally yesterday afternoon I went to see this tree. The tree that I dream about, the tree i wanted to get married under, yada, yada, yada.

This tree was as big as I had imagined (if not bigger) and it was just so humbling to see it up close. I wanted to have to symbolize something. The only this that really fits something is "strength"

It's up there on the top of the hill for all the world to see, taking all the winds and gastly weather. It does have some battle wounds and many branches are broken but it's prevailed! It's my tree and I love it =]

Sunday, November 11, 2007

videos and aceos

I read the in aceo magazine all about putting your aceo's on youtube. I think that is a great idea. It is a good way of marketing for sure. Before even trying to do this I really need to investigate in camcorder batteries. I have a half decent camcorder right now that I got for Christmas a billion years ago but I really need a new battery for it. I have seen some beautiful aceo's marketed in a video and I think that it's definitely worth a shot!

First Snow fall

Last night was the first snow fall of the year. The weather network said that it would be more of mixed snow and rain but it turned out that we got more snow then we did rain. Troy and I did attempt to go out town last night to pick up a few things but we didn't get really far. We didn't realize how bad it was until we got on the road. Everything was super slick. I took a few pictures. We got I would guess around 10 - 15 centimeters overall last night. You can see how massive the snowflakes were in the one picture in particular.

Now we are going downtown for the Rememberance day service. I like to go every year even though the spend half the time on advertisements.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

very nice indeed.

I'm here visiting Troy for the weekend. It has been nice. So far we woke up early and just hung around. Did some driving around to see what the hurricane did last weekend for damage, visited my parents and saw the kitten. I made and ate some pancakes as well. I think we are going to go out to dinner soon at the Swiss which I think will be very nice! =]

Troy and I made a huge list last night of what we are going to do about Christmas gifts this year. I think it's going to be very nice and we are going to get some really nice things for his family. Now I just have to start worring about my own family!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A kitty for me?

So all of Eedie's kitty's had homes. That was until my parent's neighbour who took the last one didn't want it anymore. I won't even go there but I am going to take it. I didn't write this in here but my precious Eedie-girl got hit by a car and was killed a few weeks ago. It shook me up for quite some time and I would sprotratically cry about it, but now I'm just happy that I finally get to keep one of her babies. I don't like the way that it had to happen but at least I'll have a piece of her to keep with me, which makes me so happy.

The other kitten that my sister and her boyfriend have here at the apartment I think will really enjoy the new company because he just starves for attention all of the time and it makes me sad. I took an adorable picture of him that I was going to put in this post but I guess I didn't take it off the camera. I'll have to do it later :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Across the Universe!

I went to see the movie "Across the Universe" last night with Maryann. Now may I just say that it was the BEST MOVIE EVER. If you love the 60's and "love and peace" and all that jazz, musicals and Beatles music than you would love this movie. The singing and music was just wonderful! I am trying to download some of the music now, but I would love to buy the soundtrack when it comes out. I almost would love to see the movie in the theatre again and I have never wanted to do that before. The main character - Jude was such a dreamboat. At some points it was so psychadellic, and overall it was so artistic. I loved it! =]

Forest Painting

This is a picture I took of the painting that I am working on for my parents for Chrimstas. I'm a bit worried about it because I don't want it to look to small over my parent's fireplace. I really hope that it turns out okay, but I think it will be okay. (I hope!) I am also working on some aceo's right now that I hope I can finish up soon. I have to get a new lightbulb for my lamp for my little art table. I like that my sister left to "go out for supper" now I can get my creative flow going!

This painting is 16 X 24 inches :)


I wasn't on the computer all day yesterday!

I didn't get to check my e-mail or anything. This was such a step for me! I guess my sister had her laptop (I wish I had my own computer) and I had the day off. So I just relaxed, watched some television, worked on some Christmas gifts, and painted. I started my parent's painting for Christmas. I'm worried about it but in the end I think it will turn out really nice. It's going to be about 16 X 24 inches. It's going to go over their fireplace. I'm just hoping it will be big enough for it. I'm thinking about doing some extensions off of it if it looks too small. I'll take a picture of it when I get home and post the progress that I have completed so far.

Monday, November 5, 2007

so tired and achy

SO my feet ache so bad!

I just got off work about a half an hour ago. Doing these late nights are so killer. I feel so lame thinking that though because I'm young and I should be spry and able to go on my feet for hours on end but I just can't! I just ache and get whiney.

I am super glad that I have tomorrow off. There are not many days where I can just take some of my overtime and relax. There are so many things that I would really like to do tomorrow though so I'm not sure how much relaxing I'm actually going to get done. I would reallllly love to get a haircut but it will really just turn out to be how bold I am feeling in the morning. I may go and see a movie later on with Maryann but she's going to call me and let me know what's going on.

Just a few more things then beddie-bye

Worst Monday Morning - ever.


I stayed over night at Troy's last night. And when I do that on a Sunday I have to leave at around 6:00am to go back to the city and make it on work on time. Well I go out to my car at around 6:20am and I can't find my keys. Troy had already left for work (at around 3:45am) so I was at a loss. Luckily his mother is an early bird and drove me down to his work. We drove around looking for his truck - finally found it and it was locked. I had myself convinced that I had left my keys in his truck!

I go to the gate and ask someone to page him. They couldn't find him couldn't find him, I left and said I would be back in 15 minutes because Troy's mother had to pick up his dad so that she could drive him back to work. Luckily when I went back the keys were there waiting for me.

I finally get on the road over an hour later. I drive like crazy to make it to work on time. I was only 15 minutes late surprisingly.

I didn't even stop home to grab some lunch! :(
And I have to work until 8:30 tonight! Alana and I are going to go out for pizza later on for supper though which will be lovely!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


My mother has a beautiful pearl necklace. When my sister and I were younger we would always stare at in with awe and dream about being somewhere fancy where we wore pearls and drank tea. I always thought that my mother bought it when my parents won a trip to hawaii but I don't think that's the case. Mind you I don't even think the pearls were real, but it was just the wishes that kept everything so surreal.

I do enjoy jewelry but I only have a few pieces that I wear daily. I always wear my "i love you" ring that Troy gave me almost 3 years ago and I usually wear my willow leaves necklace that are made out of pewter. I would enjoy pearls someday, when I will be able to consider myself such a fancy lady.

Saturday Night Special!

Saturday Night Special!

For tonight only my ACEO's will be only $5 and my ACEO prints will be only $1.50 (that's 50% off!) I try to do as many Saturday night specials and I can and I would love to share the aceo love and this is how I am going to do it! Visit my etsy shop here and check them out!

Please put "SNS" in the note to seller part of the sale form. Please wait for a revised invoice before paying!

Happy evening shopping!!

Creative season

I was reading Shaina's blog post all about this beautiful season that we have been experiencing and it's so true up here in this eastern part of Canada. I have to say - I just LOVE autumn. It's my favourite time of year. It's not too cold and not too hot. it's perfect and I can wear fluffy sweater and long sleeves. I have brought out one pair of mittens but I have yet to grab one of my scarves yet. I have been feeling a decrease in creativity lately. I have been so busy with work that I have less time to just "go crazy" with my paints or yarn or beads or anything.

I am taking Tuesday off. Our programming got cancelled and my boss suggested I take the day off and collect some money for the overtime hours I have been working like crazy. Tuesday is going to be my creative day. I have decided that for sure. It's going to be my day to catch up on some painting and get some paintings done for Christmas gifts. I cannot wait. I haven't posted anything new on etsy now since October 23rd I believe. I need to get some more up!
So after a bit of waiting I got my ACEO Magazine in the mail! It's so quaint and adorable. There are some brillant artist's in there and it was so nice to see my art friend Angela in there a few times. I did have a cute little ad in there to that I was happy to see.

Angela interviewed me about a month ago and I hope that I will be featured in the next magazine, but I'll have to wait and see. I think I am going to send in some of my business cards to go along with the magazine next time. I will have to get those together this week sometime and mail them in!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekend here I come!

I'm so incrediably glad that it's friday. This week actually went by pretty quickly - just like I thought it would. Usually Friday's at work go by slow but so far it's been going by fast too! I may be going to the movie's with Maryann tonight to see "Across the Universe" this is the movie that has all Beatles songs. I've been looking forward to seeing it so I hope that I can.

I am going to go back "home" to see Troy this weekend too. It's just too bad that Troy works tomorrow - 12:00pm - 8:00pm which isn't good, but I'll have to wait.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh british humour.

I ended up coming home early today because I wasn't feeling well. I am feeling better now but I am just relaxing and just hanging out so I do feel better. I really needed to clean my room which has made me a little bit better. I cleaned out like six of my drawers and everything looks pretty good. You know when in order to clean your room you have to make a complete disaster to get it all organized, so I am still in the middle of that - but it's mostly done.

Grey's anatomy tonight! Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake uptil then. I'm going to have to grab some supper soon!

I'm totally obsessed with "Little Britian"