Thursday, January 31, 2008

ACEO kitty love

I listed this really adorable ACEO yesterday at my etsy shop I really love painting little kitties but I have really gotten out the habit of doing so and I have created and sold so many of them in the past - I should really get into the groove them. To kick of this groove - i celebrate with this little kitty in which I called "Adela":

head-achy breaky

I've been pretty lucky. I have never really experienced a migraine before. I have had a few headaches here and there - but those haven't even been that bad! When I was a kid I never got headaches. It wasn't even until these past few years (until I started college) that I actually started to even get headaches in the first place. I try not to take medication for them - but sometimes it's hard not too. I don't even hardly get headaches when I'm around the children and sometimes I have to look after them ALL day. Work is going well though. I hope they find the money somewhere in their budget to keep me on!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Piano bird plays a lovely song for you!

For some odd reason I have had this surge of creative energy lately. It has consumed me in whole. I have created five - count them FIVE ACEO's in the last two days. I have listed one so far. I really am going to try and space them out but I really want to start listing an item practically everyday. Which I know is going to be really hard but I am going to try and get at least 6 up a week - or something! I listed this "Piano bird" aceo yesterday. He's one of my favourites in a really long time. I'm really happy with what 2008 has brought me so far! Check it out here at my etsy shop :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

art shopping!

Work was cancelled today! When school's are closed - we are closed. And since it was snowing and raining like crazy they closed schools here and most places in the province today! It was a nice extra long weekend. Now that evening is approaching I think to myself: Where did the day go!?

Well one thing that I did today was to go the art store. It was a messy walk but it was worth it. I had a gift certificate for Christmas that I hadn't even begun to use so I popped on down and picked up some illustration board, white paint, varnish, markers, and 3 8X8 canvas'. I also picked up this adorable mini easel which I thought would be SO great for displaying and photographing my aceo's with! I took two quick photos of it in action!:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i want spring~

I am getting so excited for spring time. Troy and I made a long list last night of all the things he has to get done before doing his lawn care thing in a couple months. If he does everything I suggest for his organization I think he is going to do really well. I can't wait to start going camping again. We are going to have to get some new camping gear this spring. It would be nice to have a new sleeping bag or two and some new laterns. It's nice that he has a little cabin that we can store some of the stuff in though - even though it does get broken into quite a bit. I can't wait!

Once!~ Brillant

Last night Troy and I watched the movie "Once" and it was so brillant. I fell so in love with the music that I even downloaded (and will hopefully eventually buy) the soundtrack and I'm listening to it right now. I thought it was cute that he's a musician and fixes vaccumm cleaners - just like Troy! Mind you - Troy plays the drums and not the guitar but it was a cute comparison! I knew I would like the movie so I ended up buying it previously viewed because I knew by the time I rented it I would be able to save myself a lot of money!

We are going down to Troy's sister Shannon's soon for a little pizza party! It's going to be fun to see the family~

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Handmade and ecofriendly.

I went to this AWESOME store yesterday that sells all handmade items - mostly from people who live around here. I really enjoy and almost get a thrill when I buy handmade things. It makes me feel so much better knowing that cheap and/or child labour was involved in the making process! I love green products, I love eco friendly items that you can buy. Troy is always I mean always going on and on about environmently friendly products. He's all about saving money to and he loves solar panels. He wants them in the future, and hopefully they won't be as expensive then either!


It's the weekend!

Finally! I has been a lovely weekend so far. When I got off work yesterday I met up with Stephanie downtown and we went to some really cute stores. I picked up a new hat, necklace and tshirt which were all a really good deal. We made pancakes this morning - read more of the neverending story and now i can back to Bridgwater to spend some time with the boy! I can't wait to lounge around and do nothing for the rest of the weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm not one who is up on fashion. I usually hope at second hand clothing stores. There is a pretty popular one around here called Frenchy's where you can buy shirts and pants and basically everything for a couple dollars. Now that I have a bit of money to spend I would like to be kind to myself and buy some things for myself. I would love to get some new undergarments like chemises, or comfy night clothes, some new shirts and pants. I have been wearing the same things for such a long time now. I would like to get all new clothes. I go through these fits of change. I did the whole changing of the hair - but i would love to change more. I will never be satisfied!

thursday night.

Tonight has been really intersting. I had a throbbing headache because my sister was being really loud (and drunk) and was playing her rap music really loudly - it was so annoying. I wanted to paint - but I didn't get much done because I couldn't be inspired by her awful music.

I did get one pendant done - it's not super creative but I think it will do.
It wasn't the happiest night. I didn't have the greatest chat with Troy on the phone. I was hoping he would be all cute and cheer me up - but he was all sad which made me all sad. He's gets agitated when it is working nights though - so I'm not really going to take it to heart.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

continue the care.

I like being "knowledgeable".

I know that may seem really silly but I really mean: I don't want to be ignorant. I know what my profession is all about and I feel like the general population doesn't understand it - in which I would like to see change sometime in the future - but you have to take it one step at a time. I like hearing about things that I don't know a whole lot about. I like it when my friend Carla talks to me about her job- I find it really fasinating. I know I couldn't do it - but she loves it. She is a continuing care professional. She works with a lot of older people who have adult pads that need changing, baths given to them, medication, and full time care really. I think it's great that people want to do that though - we really need them.

free lunch!

free lunch!
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Today was actually a very lovely day. Programming went really well in the morning. Then at lunch we had it free from a local chinese food resturant. One of the community home visitors that I work with entered a contest through a local radio station and we won! It was really cool. They even went live from our drop in room and we cheered and everything. It was really fun. I never win anything so it was really fun to just win something like this! Plus the food was soooo good. I couldn't even eat any supper with our cooking program tonight with the school age kids because I was still full from lunch. It was cute.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I like my apartment but something it's really lacking it ceiling lights. There are no light fixtures on the ceiling in the bedrooms or the living room. I just find that so strange. You think you would have ceiling lights. I am accomidating with my little purple light and purple christmas lights in my room but still do need to have another lamp especially in the winter where it's just so dark. I think I am going to invest in a floor lamp - sooner than later. Maybe next payday - which would be next week?


Last week I saw the movie "Juno" and it was so wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone - honestly. It is filled with a lot of crude humour - but if you are secretly in love it that (like myself) then it's a great movie for you to watch. I adore Michael Cer and now I have a new love for Ellen Page who plays the girl Juno. I think it's so awesome that she is originally from Halifax too and graduated from highschool not too far from where I am living. I love it when people around here becoming "famous!" I love where I live and I think it's great to hear about other people who live here really succeed! I think it's great! I love the music from the soundtrack. I'm going to have to pick it up sometime - I'm not sure if it has been realeased yet but it's right down my alley. Some of the artists I heard of before but I because of it I found some really great new people to listen to!

Monday, January 21, 2008


I love where I work but I do wish I was full time. If they don’t keep me after March then I am going to have to look for another job. I am not going to look forward to this. I do need some sort of insurance and soon. I don’t have anything right now. All I have is cancer insurance basically, but I do really need to get some medical and dental and even some life insurance would be great. I’m going to have to look into some life insurance quotes, as well as medial and dental if I don’t get hired on here permanently.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Piano keys

Purchasing info:

I finally got a chance to add a NEW PENDANT today! I've had it painted and all ready to go for almost a week now - but I just didn't have a chance to photograph it because it's dark when I leave for work and it's dark when I get home and to use natural lighting I had to wait for a chance where I could catch the sun. I'm so glad that the days are starting to get longer :) This is a smaller pendant. I have another black and white tree one on my etsy site this size. I think it's really cute!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

travel time please

I always go on and on about travelling. It's something that I love to do but I just don't seem to get enough of it - why does it always have to be like that. I am really hoping to just "get away" at some point this spring - even a nice little trip to PEI would be lovely to see some of my family.
I'd love to go the states and visit my aunt and my friend who just got married. I miss them both so much. I'm so bad at keeping in contact with anyone though. I always come across these random websites and I found this one from Branson Missouri. It looks so beautiful there! So many big beautiful houses. Just another place to add on my long list of "places to visit!" :)

I Love You

I Love You
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I just realized that I have yet to blog about this painting I did a month back. No it's not for sale! hahah! I created it for my friend Stephanie as part of her Christmas gift. She's so lovely so I created this piece! It was inspired by an aceo that I created about a year ago! Then I created it on a wooden pendant and I sold both of those on etsy so I thought she would really love this. I went to her apartment last weekend and she has it lovingly displayed in her bedroom! I just thought I would share it!

Grey Poupon Mustard

I've been asked to give an honest review on Grey Poupon Mustards. First off I don't really care for mustard. I am usually a ketchup kinda girl. I have tried different kinds of mustard but some of them aren't too bad. Since I don't really care for mustard I asked Troy to try it. He pretty much likes anything under the sun. I got him to try it a few days ago and he said he really enjoyed it. Now he doesn't elaborate when it comes to these things but I so I had to bug some information out of him. He said that it had a great texture and the flavour tasted really rich and wholesome! So there you have it ladies and gentlemen - here's another great mustard to try out. Mind you they have lots of kinds and I think I will check out the savoury honey and see if I like that - because I really do love honey in any form. And come on - it's Kraft and they make everything good (in my humble opinon)

unbrushed hair

I've been so awful at updating this thing. This past week has been so crazy. Troy visited on Wednesday, I had a dinner date with Carla till late on Thursday then I came back here to see Troy last night!

This morning while Troy was at work I had went over to Stephanie's house (she's home for the weekend too) and had a little breakfast party - it was really nice. She made french toast and I made a cute little yogurt fruit and brown sugar parfait. It was so yummy. We watched another episode of "my so called life" and we read another chapter of the never ending story that we are reading together! It was a very productive morning so far! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

espresso world!

Something that I have never tried - But I would love to is an espresso. I see a espresso machines all the time - but I have never ventured into that world. I have cut out the sugar in my coffee so all I drink with it now is a little bit of cream or milk. I am so proud of myself. I'm having a dinner date with Carla on Thursday night and I am going to try out her new fancy coffee machine. I think her parents got it from Europe or something crazy like that!
How exciting!
If it make espressos - here's my chance!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Snow Go away (or not)

I pretend I don’t like the snow. I don’t really it’s true. I don’t like it when it gets all messy on the roads and makes everything look so dirty. I don’t like that part of the snow. I don’t mind if when it is falling – it’s so pretty!
I DO like snow when it cancels schools down for a day because where I work if school’s are closed then we are closed down as well – which is SO nice! I have had one day off so far because of the snow and that day it wasn’t even that snowy – but I guess that is half the battle.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

fix it and make it last :)

I like that Troy is so handy. He has done so many odd jobs in the past so he can fix and do so many different things. He used to work at a vacuum clinic so he can fix lots of little machines like vacuum cleaners, and all that jazz. When we were in the valley we had so many vacuum cleaners it wasn't even funny. Whenever someone would throw one away Troy would fix it all up and it would be good as new. :)

I love the rain

Something that I have been working on have been mobiles. I created one for work that looks like this one - but just smaller and I did another one for a secret santa gift a few weeks ago. I finished this one up too. It's called "I love the Rain". I did a painting about a year ago with the same theme. And I just love the look of hearts upside down. This was created with a record painted white with black decorative wire to hang it up and to suspend the hearts and raindrops. The images were created with oil pastel on 110 lb paper then covered with macktack to keep them safe :)

I may try to create a few more and then sell them - but I'm not sure yet :)


I really like my camera but I really need new rechargeable batteries for it. I had a really nice charger but when Troy and I were living in the valley something happened to mine and now I have to use tape it hold it together which is really hard to use. I think maybe on payday on Thursday I'll get some new ones.
It's really annoying when I go to use my camera and my batteries are all dead. I really need some to take some new photos of my soon to be pendants too! :)

Weekend over!

I had a really lovely weekend. I spent it all with my Troy and a bit of it with some other friends - including my friend Stephanie. Troy wanted to come back to the city with me tonight which made me really happy because now he is here and spending time with me.
We are suppose to get LOADS of snow starting tomorrow afternoon and ending sometime on Wednesday! I may not have to go to work - it may be closed if it snows too much!
That would be really nice. I haven't had a full week of work in a really long time.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I love boxing day sales. My sister got an ellipticals. Mind you I haven't seen her use it yet - it's tucked a bit away in the living room. It's out there but I guess we don't have the space. My sister also got an elliptical for my parents too - I tried theirs out. It's pretty neat but I think I would rather go for a walk outside. I guess it's good for people who can't do that though. It's definitely better than not exercising at all! My friend Stephanie tried it when she came over to visit on Tuesday and she thought it was hilarious. Her expression was priceless!

The Water City

I didn't get a chance to paint much over the holidays but I did get this one created. This was a collaborative piece. Troy and I painted all the different colours (he mostly did the bottom and some of the right side) and I came up with the vision of the city and the sun. I love it so much. I am really hoping to get this one printed onto a greeting card and then see how that one sells. I may wait until I have a few newer pieces done first. I'll have more pendants soon! I got some in the mail so I'll be busy starting up with those again very soon :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

mashed potatoses!

I went to my Grandmothers funeral today. I thought I was going to cry more than I actually did but it wasn't too bad. Whenever I saw someone cry I started to cry - so I would just have to look away. Some people from our home church came for support and I thought that was soooo nice and sweet of them - so that made me especially teary. It was so lovely though to see them.

I have my weekend ahead of me! I am waiting for Troy now to get off work. His dog is barking so I think he is home now - I'll have to go and check it out! His mother made mashed potatoes - she knows that is my favourite food! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My friend is getting married this weekend. She knew her boyfriend for 4 months when he proposed. I met him last weekend though and he seems really nice. He's from the states and they are getting married there. She seems really happy though. I'm hoping I'll be able to visit her and my aunt down there sometime. She told me that she could take me to hotels Las Vegas. I think Nevada is really close to state is she is living in. I don't know much about American geography. I learned all the states and their capitals when I was in grade 8 - but I don't see how they expect you to remember all of it!
Hopefully I can save some money and go and visit!

chop chop chop

I know.. I did the "emo" thing and took a picture of myself in the mirror - but my friend wanted me to send her a photo of my BRAND NEW HAIR CUT! I spent about an hour tonight from 6 - 7 getting it cut across town. I just went and said - chop is off to about here and make is choppy - and nice and it will be great. All i knew is that i wanted to get it cut - I just didn't have anything in mind. Even though weird enough i kinda had something this in mind - something like this anyways. She must be able to read minds... ouuuUUUooOOuuu! Hahhah!

I finally got some more wooden pendants in the mail tonight so I will be able to start getting cracking on more! I got about 30 that I can work with! Lots of painting going on. I think I am going to start printing cards and postcards. I think I am going to start focusing more on smaller more affordable pieces. It's so hard to sell that large stuff. I think i'll just so small stuff for fun and if i happen to sell them - that will be great!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Art crazy!

I have SO many art projects going on at the moment - I just need to find the time (and the half decent lighting) to take pictures of them all. I think I may have an aceo to list on etsy. I haven't listed anything on etsy in January yet! I really need to get cracking if I ever want to sell anything. I am waiting for some more wooden pendants to come in the mail so I will have some of those to paint. I got an awesome loomis art store gift certificate for Christmas so I am more excited to paint the canvases that I have already. I get so put-off when I know I don't have the money to buy anymore so I wait and wait around with the canvases I already have :)

I also have an art book that I borrowed from my friend that I need to start reading :)

remember this.

When I was a child. My dad used to take his golf balls and clubs in the backyard and shoot them into the woods. Mallory and I had the pleasure of creating the game of going into the woods in search of the many golf balls. It was fun though and it's one of my favourite childhood memories.
I'm always afraid that I am going to forget many of these childhood memories. I think I am going to start writing them all down :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

cut it off!

It's been a good weekend. It's over now - and that's depressing. One full week ahead of me - but I don't think that it's going to be too bad. There is no night programming until next week which is going to be nice - so I'll have my nights.

I really want to get my hair all chopped off. I want to get a nice short hairstyle - but I don't know what I am going to do yet. I don't know any places around here. There are a million places here - but I don't know any "good" ones in particular. I don't want to have to make an appointment or anything.

Well have to see!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lovely cars

I'm not into cars really. My family is. My dad used to be a racecar driver in his 20's - mind you I think that is really cool. Our family outing were always to the racetrack. My sister's boyfriends have always been addicted to cars. I think they are a wonderful invention and everything but I'm not addicted. I think cars that are all decorated up are neat. I like billet grilles, and nice stereos. I am always shy in putting out money to make my car pretty but I think they do look lovely.

Friday, January 4, 2008


It's the weekend! I am so glad! I came here to greet Troy as he got off work but an hour and a half later her is still not home. I'm kinda regretting it because I should have guessed that they would make him stay late. I wish I would have brought my Degrassi DVD's or paints, or guitar, or something. I hate trying to waste time and there is no way I can fall asleep this early! I am not complaining though - it is the weekend! I only had 2 days of work now I'm off for the weekend! How lovely! How surpurb!

I started a new blog called Frugally Yours I love the word "frugal" and I really think there is a whole community of frugal people out there just waiting to speak their peace - so I am going to search them out and we can discuss how our frugualness creates and makes our lives! It's another creative outlet for me :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

just slip out the back jack.

I am back in the city!

I had a denist appointment this morning, I went out for lunch with my parents and then I headed back. It started to snow on my way back too - so I'm glad I headed back when I did.

I started to unpack all my Christmas stuff and laundry but I started not feeling so well.
I have been sick this whole break! I had a cold, then I had the flu on New years eve day - and since then I keep feeling crappy here and there. I hope it's nothing too serious. I always think the worse in every situation. I got a few things in the mail while I was gone which was really exciting. I got paid early too. I wasn't suppose to get paid until tomorrow but I got paid a few days ago :) I am going to send off a nice cheque to student loans though - I want to get it paid off as quickly as possible!