Wednesday, July 29, 2009

love is in the air

A friend of mine from high school who I used to sit beside in guitar class is engaged as of Monday! I'm so happy for him because he really is the nicest guy. I guess nice guys don't always end up last! He is now a police officer where I live. I haven't met his finance but I'm sure she's a doll. He just bought a motorcycle and everything. Motorcycle's freak me out, but I'm happy for him for sure. motorcycle covers are always really great to have, especially here in the city. I like covering things up, maybe people won't steal them that way. I'd love to have a little scooter though. Those things are so awesome.

nature freak?

As much as I am in tuned with my culture and ways of technology (for example, blogging right now) I feel like more and more each and every day I am becoming more involved with nature. I want to be in nature all the time (which is difficult because i live in the city currently). I took this photo a month or two ago at a local park/trail that I love to visit. Ladyslippers are very rare around here but they are so beautiful when you do find them. I keep looking up online land to buy in the middle of nowhere, so I can dive into the forest and build a little cabin and spend my days crafting and reading. Oh what a joy that would be. I hope to accomplish this soon? Or at least before I die. 3 years soon enough?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I feel like in highschool or somewhere in life people need to be taught "life skills". We had some classes that could have been fit in there but i just seem to learn life issues on my own, and usually make mistakes before learning about them (like interest rates, bills, etc.) Something that i also don't fully understand is insurance and how it works. I came across this insurance quote site, and it seems to have everything laid out nicely and clearly but i still find it hard to wrap my head around it. Nice that you can get quotes!

i love camping!

Lunneburg Wet Paint Sale was a success :) I sold a few sweet little paintings so I hope they made them safely to their new homes. I'm thinking about doing an art show this fall, but i'm not sure how to go about it. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment and tips and tricks! I'm excited that I'm going to have a 4 day weekend this weekend. I'm taking Friday off and I also have Monday off because here it is a holiday, which will be lovely. So i'm going to be doing lots of camping. I may take some paints down with me this weekend to do some painting but I'm not sure yet. It is a big hassle to carry them all with me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tra lala

Of course this summer is whizzing by. It hasn't been the best summer - weather wise, but it has been decent. I've been trying to eat really healthy as well! I'm not too concerned about the whole lose fat type of thing BUT I am really trying to eat better and keep busy. Work has been busy so I feel like I get my exercise during the day but I know it's not enough. I'm craving ice cream right now and I want to get some but NO! I might be buying a cheap kayak, i'm so excited! I'll keep you posted on that!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lunenburg Wet Paint Sale!

If you are going to be in Lunenburg this weekend don't forget to check out the wet paint sale that is happening in the town on Saturday and Sunday. It is a fundraiser for the Lunenburg Art Gallery and I'm going to be painting around the town and put my paintings up for auction! So go and bid bid bid! I haven't a clue what I'll be painting but it should be very exciting!! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

move on

One thing that I don't envy people doing is long distance moving. Good things there are people out there who can help but still it's a pain. I feel like i may still have a lot of moving left in my lifetime. Hopefully not too much though. I keep getting these wild visions and dreams of going out and buying a huge building and turning it into a low cost art's centre. That would be so great. I even have a building in mind that has been vacant for a very long time. I guess we'll have to wait and see :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paint Mahone Bay

Paint Mahone Bay was a success. I hope they did well raising money for their museum. This was their 6th doing it but it was my 3rd year. This photo is of a basket they asked me to paint as a raffle draw. They asked three artist's to paint so I felt pretty special when they thought of me. I painted 4 on the weekend and those were all sold by the time I came around to pick up my stuff on Sunday. I'm happy about that. I decided to do smaller pieces this year. They were fun doing though. People are always so friendly when they would come up to me and see what I'm doing.

sales, clearance!

My favourite word is "clearance", my second favourite word is "sale" and my third favourite word is "wholesale". I love sales, and buying things at a low cost. I enjoy large stores that sell items at wholesale, like food, wholesale tvs, anything really. I don't visit them often, but I do like it, especially when I have something in mind I would like. Mind you most of my furniture was given to me or borrowed. I've really been looking for sales this summer. I had to spend a lot of money on my car this past weekend to get it back so i'm money frustrated right now. Things will start to look up soon

Friday, July 10, 2009

Paint Mahone Bay 2009!

I will be in Mahone Bay this weekend doing Paint Mahone Bay. I will have a variety of paintings for sale. Some have been previously done and some will be completed during the weekend! So come by and check it out. There are going to be artists painting all over town! This is my third year doing it, so it should be fun! I was also asked to paint a handmade basket for a raffle! So come and buy some tickets. The basket will be raffled off until December!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

before you buy

I enjoy buying on the internet. I bought some leggings from a site on etsy and they are so comfy *i'm wearing a grey pair now*. I love that you can support handmade things but I am going to focus on selling locally throughout the end of the year. It's great that you can read reviews before you go buy something, especially if it costs a lot of money. It's crazy, before you buy diet pills you can read up on ones that are okay, and know how much money you could spend of the variety of ones. That goes not just for diet pills, but for lots of different items that you can find online. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Forest Tells a Story

I can't even tell you how long ago it took me to do this painting. I think I started it in January/February ish? A girl I used to work with when I was working part-time and going to school in the valley asked me to do a painting for her. The only this she told me was something nature-y. That's all I had to go with. I knew of some previous stuff she liked of mine, so I did a style similar to those. I am pretty content on how it turned out. It's even gallery wrapped -ouulala~

netbook love

I'm thinking about buying a laptop? I found these netbooks, they are really interesting. They are like a laptop but super lightweight and small. Perfect for transporting around. That would be good for when i potentially go back to school? But that won't be for awhile. The netbooks are actually quite inexpensive too. You can get one for only a couple hundred dollars. That's pretty good; in my budget anyways.