Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Boxing Day. Christmas was wonderful yesterday. Troy and I did dinner at his brothers house and then presents and dining #2 at my parents house. I asked for a hudson bay coat (found one on Kijiji) and winter boots. I got some towels, toiletries, shirts, etc. It was nice to see the family, my grandfather, my future inlaws, sisters and brother and laws, etc. Lots of people that's for sure. I love holidays and vacation but I get so sleepy and just want to nap all day. We are watching movies at my parents house right now. We told our family about our plan to elope, they weren't surprised. So at least that headache is over.

I have to work on Wednesday and then we are leaving on Thursday. So this will soon go from an art blog to a travel blog :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

travel - passing the time.

I keep thinking of things that I should/could take with us on our trip that would waste time, but are small enough that won't take up a lot of our room in our backpacks. I was thinking about a psp, but I'm not sure. We both like games but I think it would be more in pain in the butt when it comes to buying all the games and all that jazz. I'm taking a notebook. I spent a lot of time on my Kenya trip just writing in that. I felt like I was writing all the time, but when I went back to read it - it didn't seem like a lot. I'm taking a book. I'd love to have one of those handheld computer/books. Maybe I'll splurge on one of those.

Quebec City

Troy and I are spending New Years in Quebec city. We arrive at suppertime. So we won't have much time to relax, but we will probably take a bit of a nap if we are sleepy and then bum around the city looking for an outdoor event and some fireworks. Very excited! We aren't very New Years celebration-type people, but I think it will be nice to spend it in another province let alone most of it being in another language. Should be exciting!

is it worth it?

One thing I haven't really had a desire to buy into is the whole craze on ipods. I think they are awesome, and love them but not so much lovin' the price tag attached. I guess I just have so many other things I would want to spend all that money on. (Like craft supplies?) Speaking of craft supplies, Troy and I organized the art room today inbetween visiting my grandfather at the hospital. I called in sick yesterday, I wasn't feeling that great and I spend most of the day in bed - I'm not sure what was wrong with me. I went out Thursday evening for our staff dinner and felt fine. Meh.

rain rain.

One of my favourite memories as a child is also probably not a favourite memory of my parents. Once in awhile it would rain - rain like how it has been this November and December - rain so much that you think everyday it's raining... rain so much that you know if it was snow instead of rain we would be eating ourselves out. Our basement moisture was a problem and always had a dehumidifier going. But once in awhile... it would rain so much our basement would flood. I'd pull on my rubberboots and go downstairs. It was a pleasure - yet scarey since it was so out of the norm. I would be up and down the stairs for hours checking out the situation. Maybe I was built as a child to be a good supervisor :)

Friday, December 17, 2010


Two weeks from yestday we leave for our trip. Exciting! I can't believe Christmas is next weekend. I'm glad I'm done all my shopping. I have a do a little more wrapping them I'm done. Before I leave I need to rehaul my apartment - it's insanely disorganized right now. I'll rope Troy into helping me- suckah!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

busy streets

I can't wait to go on our trip and do NOTHING. I get to spend my time walking around the busy city streets. I can't wait to snuggle up with Troy in the lounges drinking hot chocolate. Excited.

I'll spend time - wasting time. Planning out random things that I want to plan in my life. Should I get a danze faucet or not? All those silly little things. I would love to build a monolithic dome home. They are so unique, earth friendly, and save on heating and bills. Troy and I are waiting to hear back from some places on quotes for houses. We've been searching the thinking about building a house for a long time, it's just a big decision. It's hard to save money for jumpstarting building and school at the same time. We'll make it work.

think it over.

I've got a lot on my list of things I want to do in 2011 - but starting and maintaining a website is on it. Once I find a dedicated hosting spot, and some help from my techy friends I'll be set. I am going to dip my hand in the farmers market world next year as well. I'll try out some here and there. I'm also changing my outlook what what I'll be making and selling the next few years. I love felting, but I'm going to focus on making things that save on waste. Earth friend things. The dryer balls have really kick started this for me and really got me thinking.

groupon, ethicaldeal, kijiji daily deals

How had I never heard of these websites before. I'm hooked now. Kijiji and are my websites that I check on a daily basis. They have deals on each day. They had the deal, and have a number of people that say they'll take the deal - once they reach that number they open it up to everyone to take the deal. I took advantage on a kijiji one the other day for a gift for my sister for Christmas. It's good for gifts and shopping for things that you would have bought either way. I'm glad I found out about these before Christmas even though my Christmas shopping is all done (finally).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pack pack pack

So. In getting ready for our trip across Canada in January I have created a packing list. Now, we are going to pack extremely light so we don't have to check our luggage - just carry it with us. I think it will create a lot less hassle. In thinking about the packing list and making sure to take only the essentials, i'll have to cut out some things. Like acne treatments, maybe? or things that we can buy along the way. Small toothepaste - that kinda of stuff. If anyone has any packing tips - please comment!

Monday, December 6, 2010

to shop or not to shop?

I love finding good buys. I love second hand and thrift stores. I love finding a deal, a sale, a clearance, blowout. But I hate shopping. That makes sense right? There are some things I would like to have, then not. I wouldn't mind having a look at some tv stands. Nice handmade ones though. I'd love to replace things that I own to be handmade. I started on my dishes. All my mugs are pottery now, and I have a few plates that are pottery. I ordered some handmade clothing online (i splurged a bit) so I want to have just handmade clothes. I'm making all my own cleaners now from soap nuts (more on that later).


So, the craft show is over, but i have big plans for 2011. I'm going to gear what I make to be a bit more eco-friendly. The wool dryer balls that i started to make have really inspired me. I'm going to start making waste-reducing things. I'll still felt and make accessories and jewelry, it just won't be a priority.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I haven't eaten the healthiest or acted the healthiest lately. I need to get my butt in gear and take better care of myself. I need a massage or best colon cleanser or something, hah, kidding on the second one. A massage would be awesome though. I could use one of those. I'm too nervous to go and get one though, i need to get a push and go. I know it would help, my shoulders are so tense and achy all the time. I've been trying to notice when i clench my teeth and try and stop that. It's difficult. Excited for a the weekend. A mini craft show then free!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st!

I'm 'getting there' when it comes to Christmas. Someone said to me the other day, you don't 'get ready' for Christmas, it just happens. Which is a nice way to look at it too. I have been busy trying to get ready for my trip as well as gathering some presents. It takes time to make all the things I want to make as well. I want to try and get closest to 100% homemade gifts this year as I possibly can. I'm doing great so far. I picked up some awesome soap nuts that you can clean, bath and do laundry with. They are awesome. They are even good for mild acne and everything. They are natures true cleaning wonder!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Almost December!!

Just finished today my fourth show of the season. I have one more next weekend at Christ Church in Dartmouth so make sure to stop by if you haven't already to any of the other shows! I can't believe it's almost December! I did a little bit of Christmas shopping, but i'm hoping to finish it off at the rest of the Craft shows next weekend. Apparently there is a show called 'A Very Gothic Christmas' next weekend at the Halifax Forum, I think i'm going to stop by, it sounds wayyy awesome :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Ok. Maybe watching documentaries get me a little hyper-sensitive about how I act, what I eat, etc. BUT! I'm this case it's okay. I am making bread instead of buying it. Bread in the stores isn't really bread if you think about. Just thinking about. So! I make my own. Usually I can't eat it all before it gets hard, but I like to know what i'm eating :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's all untouchable

I can't believe it's mid-November. Time goes by so quickly... but that's no news to anyone.

I haven't taken any photos of my set up at craft shows so far this 2010 craft show season! I've been such a slacker! I'll have one for you in a couple of weeks I hope! Now that I have a break (no craft show this weekend) I feel like I can acutally catch up on house work and other things in my life. Exercising. I need to do yoga at least, i'm so rusty and I feel really achy, so yoga will help. I like doing it before I go to sleep. I don't think i need to find diet pills that work or anything, I just need to get my butt in gear and actually spend time cooking instead of the cop-outs i've been eating up lately. I've been lazy in the taking-care-of-myself part.

I'm still striving to become a minimalist. In the past few days I have gathered 3 bags of garbage and 2 and a bit bags of things to donate - very exciting. I feel so free of possessions. I keep what I need. Everything else has got to go. I guess i better send out this memo for those people giving gifts this Christmas.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wool Dryer Balls!

Ok. So excited about these! Natural felted wool dryer balls! I plan on making lots and lots. They are so eco-friendly and a wonderful alternative to dryer sheets, fabric softener, plastic dryer balls, etc! I ordered some bags that i'm going to silk screen and package them up for a nice little gift bag! So exciting! They are $4.75 or $28 for a bag of 6! Taking orders now! Make sure you order before Christmas!

By the way this makes post #1001~!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


One thing that I wish I was up-to-do regarding technology is cell phones. Troy got a pretty sweet cellphone not too long ago where he has unlimited text messaging, long distance, call display and all that jazz. I'm just using my work cell phone right now. Of course once i got rid of mine, then he decides to get unlimited text - crazy! I'll have to get one for when I go to school next year. A lot of people are just getting cell phones these days instead of land lines, which is pretty convenient for most people. I figured I might as well had one for long distance reasons.

our future

Troy and I are looking at houses. It's such a difficult task to decide what to do. To buy, to continue to rent? What should be our limit, what can we afford, there is a lot to think about. We would ideally love to live off the grid, but it's hard to say what's going to happen. If we bought a place that already wasn't hooked up to power, it would be much easier to allow ourselves to be that way. It's fun to look around at things like patio furniture, plant for gardens, outdoor ceiling lights, all that kind of stuff you could get for a house. Of course I want to be a minimalist so we won't need a whole lot of things :)

the life for me

One thing I could never do is work in the health care field. There is no way I would be able to work with guts and blood and telling people sad news. I applaud those who are able to do it and thank them! No, no healthcare jobs for me! My friend is a Practical nurse, and she likes it very much. I'm very proud of her and hope that she continues to enjoy the work she does. I think troy and i may go to her halloween party if we aren't too tired. :)

day one over

Day one of craft show done, and boy am i tired. Make sure if you haven't already, consider buying 'handmade' for this upcoming holiday season. I'm going to once again try as much to buy handmade. I'm hoping to pick up a few things at every craft show to make it easier! It's just deciding what kinds of gifts to get people. My family is pretty hard to shop for.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the life of being a car owner. boo!

Troy is going to take my car into the car shop tomorrow to see what's wrong with it. The check engine light came on Monday and started making crazy loud noises. I hope it's nothing too serious. I'm really happy with my car insurance rate right now too. I love that it seems to go down a little bit each year. I have (knock on wood) never been pulled over by the cops for any reason. I am just way too paranoid to speed or do anything somewhat dangerous what so-ever. I told myself once my car dies I will buy a new one. I'm really not ready to do that quite yet, so i really hope that doesn't happen!

my three passions

Eventually the goal is to have a home based business selling art, teaching sign language and doing infant massage clases. I really want to do a whole bunch of things, I can't settle on a specific career, I have such a passion for all three of those things! *smile*. I have decided that I'm going back to school next September which I'm really excited about. I'm going to take Deaf Studies at the local community college. It's funny because I was signed up for the program 4 years ago, but didn't take it because I started working at the family centre that i'm still with now! Crazy how fast time goes by!

felt play fruit

I've got some new things for sale for craft show season this year. One of them is what you see pictured here! A box full of play fruit including a banana, watermelon slice, kiwi, apple, orange, two strawberries and a pear! All needle felted by yours truly! You will see this assortment for sale at the craft shows this year for only $32 for all these pieces which is a really good deal in my opinion! I will also have felted pin, dolls (waldorf style), ornaments, jewelry, felted soap kits and more, so make sure to stop by and check out my booth and say hello!

open doors to maddness

My friend Jen came over last night and showed me some really cool bands. I love new music. I'm listening to "the kills" right now. They are really interesting. Check 'em out. Don't forget - first craft show of the season is this weekend and i'll be there will bells on (well maybe not bells, but acorn jewelry yes!) There has been a lot of weird shootings and things around here lately. It makes me think about how many security cameras are around the streets for safety - i would bet not a whole lot, maybe just really busy areas. Maybe it's something to start thinking about investing in.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

artsy fartsy

I took this picture during nocturne. We showed up at this 4 and a half hours into the evening. The artist started this at the beginning of the evening and painted till midnight. He did quite a bit until we arrived. Art moves me. I don't know how to explain it. When I see colours swirling, a funky landscape, a mixed up portrait, it excites me. I have been very busy felting, but I still have a love and a desire for painting. That's what really started this crazy art thing in me. I never really discovered my loved for art until I was 18-19 years old. I hope I get to see some really unique art on our trip!

Monday, October 25, 2010

next 10 months

These next 10 months could be very interesting. I'm getting excited about going back to school. That reminds me that I really should look into when to apply, I know they start accepting applications in November. Troy and I are pretty settled on buying or buidling a house in the spring too. We've already gone to look at a couple. One could be promising, but we plan on going to see a couple more. Troy really wants a few acres of land, so that makes things a bit more tricky. He wants to be able to have room to store his Ferrari parts, haha, yah right! I think he would like to get a tractor (actually i know he does) and maybe buy an 80s car to fix up. We'll see!

the trip

Ok. So people think Troy and I are a bit crazy to go across Canada in January of all times but I think it'll be fun. Unfortunately it may bit a bit too cold to just spend time walking around to see places and things, but I think it'll be great. It's not really our thing to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise or anything. I guess we get to experience Canada during a typical Canadian winter! I heard it's a bit drafty on trains, but i'm sure we'll manage. I have a bit of it planned out so far, which is exciting. I know these next few weeks are just going to zoom by, so i'm trying to be super prepared :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pomplamoose with Allee Willis - Jungle Animal

Ok. If you haven't heard about these guys, you have to check them out. I've been following them for about a year or so. They do a lot of their own songs, as well as some really awesome covers. They are a dating-duo who are very talented. I like that they record themselves recording the music, they make it very entertaining to watch! Pomplamoose !

my poor brain

Ok, just had some peanut butter and honey on toast, so i'm ready for another fun-filled day. Ok, maybe just a super relaxing, snuggle up in bed kind of day, but besides that, full belly :) I feel like that should be a weird line on twitter (i don't do twitter so i don't really know what i'm talking about). Anyways, i'm just wasting time, waiting for Troy to get out of his bath. The cabin always makes you feel very disgusting. boo. I found this website on POS systems. Now I had no idea what a POS system was, until I came across this, and now I know! They are super crazy with techonology I can't even begin to wrap my head around it. Oh looks like Troy is done, cherrio!

busy bees.

I'm in Bridgewater at the moment. We enjoyed a nice evening at the cabin. Troy and Evan were their silly selves and I felted (surprised?). I'm so excited to start doing the craft shows. I'm really hoping for the best this year! I have a few more things to get together for next weekend, then i'll be all ready to go! I'm excited about our trip this winter (more on that later), we definitely won't need thermogenic fat burners, since we'll be doing a crazy amount of walking. Everyone thinks we are crazy for taking a trip in January but I think it'll be fine, and if it's too cold, then we just stay inside and cuddle, nothing wrong with that!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

everyone is a napoleon

I've been listening to a lot of Ani Difranco lately! I'm super excited that she's coming here in about 2 weeks, and I have tickets! I thought she would be one of those artists that I would have to actually have to travel to go and see, I didn't think she would come here, but alas! So exciting! She's been my favourite musician since I was 15, really since I learned how to play guitar - around there. I've heard so much about lipofuze reviews lately. I wonder what this stuff and how it works. I'm all about natural ingredients. I'm proud to say that i'm eating local and free range only! I pretty much did before but I'm really doing it. I'm eating up the rest of stuff I have in my freezer/cupboards then i'll be 100%. It may be tricky in the winter, i guess we'll see!

Another week coming to an end.

It's been another busy week that has come to an end. I feel like a hermit lately. Seems like all I have been doing to working and crafting and sleeping more than usually because of being a bit sickie. I am looking forward to the weekend though. I'm hoping to hide away in the woods for a few days. Does that make me even more of a hermit? I actually cleaned my apartment today too. It was needing it in a bad way. I can't wait to post some photos of my art stuff I got going on lately. So much! I've been busy getting ready for craft shows. My first one is the Dartmouth Handcrafters Show next weekend, come and check it out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Of course. I jinxed myself. I just said the other week that I haven't gotten sick for for this year (well, since the start of the school year) but, alas, I am now sick. It's weird though, different kind of cold that i've had before. I left work early today, i felt so fuzzy. I came home and slept for 5 hours, woke up, did some crafting and now am heading to bed again. I hope i feel better in the morning. I was looking stuff up online this evening about different things and kept coming across weight loss products. I wonder how many of these things are out there and who buys them? Very interesting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

get your butt in gear!

I've been lazy but not lately. I have no ambition to exercise but i'm busy crafting and getting things ready for the many days of craft shows that i'm doing this fall. Poor Troy, I have him suckered into helping me too, but he raises my confidence when he's around so it's for the best! I am developing a cold right now, but when i'm feeling better i need to start exercising again. I was going to start again today, but couldn't stop sneezing, it's so annoying. I took some medicine so hopefully it will help me sleep. I better get my butt in gear to exercise, i don't want to end up taking phentermine or something! Good luck everyone who are trying to meet goals!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nocturne 2010

Nocturne 2010 was a hit! I planned out the night and my friends Mary and Caleigh joined in the adventure. We hit downtown, the north end and Dartmouth! This photo was taken at Argyle Fine Art Gallery downtown, it was hilarious! There are so many amazing things we saw. I think one of the highlights was the Mobile Pancake Vechiles where these 2 guys drove around trading things from people for pancakes. We met up with them twice, the second to check out how much and what unique things they got. It was awesome! I'm so glad the rain held off too, because it was really touch and go for awhile.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mrs. and Ms.

I've been making a lot of different things. Some I may sell, some may not. This afternoon I thought I would try my finger at the waldorf doll making world and this si what I came up with! They are so adorable, now I feel a new obsession coming on. They are so fun. I just love waldorf toys, they allow children really develop their imaginations since they don't have faces. The doll can be any emotion they want!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Engaged!

It's the weekend! We'll almost. Just finished up work then going to Bridgewater. Very excited to do some crafting and walk around in the woods, burn brush, eats lots of yummy food! Oh yah, I forgot to write about this, but I'm Engaged! It hasn't changed my life like I thought it would. I don't have a ring and don't want one. My supervisor told me I am very unconvential, i guess it's true. Most people want a ring to show and prove the fact of an engagment. I'm happy without one ;) It's just a waste of money. I'll have my wedding ring that's all that matters to me!~

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mr. Sock Monkey

I made this sock money about a week and a half ago for my new baby cousin who I visited in PEI when they came visiting from United States. I was so happy he actually liked it and played with it!! My aunt took a picture of him playing with it, I can't wait to see it. It was fun making this little guy, and not very hard either! I've seen some pretty sweet sock monkeys around at craft shows and such. I like him!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

a long exciting life

I think about different careers people pick and maybe why they do it. I need substance with what I do with my life - for a job. I don't know how people can work all day with a desk job, some document management system, database work, that kind of stuff. It would be so monotonous. I'm really excited about what my future holds for me career wise. I'm so excited about the different things I may do in a few years. Troy and I have been spending the weekend taking it easy, watching documentaries. That's the excitement that my life is at the moment :)

sickie me

It's officially October now and I started it off not so well. I called in sick yesterday I wasn't feeling well, but i'm feeling much better today. I don't know what it was, some sort of weird flu thing I think. I felt so achey all over and like I may throw-up but not really. I had a major migrane on and off all day. I hope this isn't a winter full of illness.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

cosy winter

I'm not a fan so much of winter. I don't like the splitting cold nights or the heavy snow, dangerous driving conditions and the like. BUT! I do like winter for the first snowfall, snow on the coniferous tress, and snuggling inside with a heated blanket and hot chocolate. I do like that part about winter. The cosiness of it I adore. You just don't get that kind of thing with summer. Usually it's too muggy, hot, sweaty, etc. Not sure what this winter is going to look like, where i'll be and what i'll be doing. Could be interesting!

sexy or not so sexy that is the question

Since I lost weight this spring/summer I should check out the sexy halloween costumes for Halloween... yah right! Not my style but kudos for those who can really pull it off in a non-tacky kind of way. I get comments sometimes on how I dress. Some people has actually asked me if I ever show skin. It's just not something I even really think about doing. Sure I like dresses but even those are somewhat classy most of the time. I never wear anything revealing, I just don't feel right doing so. Oh well. I'm sure Halloween will be intersesting this year. I wish we acutally got trick or treaters around here.

Christmas pictures

When I was visiting my grandmother on the weekend we go to talking about photos that she has and how so many of them are outdated. I only ever gave her one photo from Troy and I and that was the first year in our apartment, umm. 5 years ago! So I guess i'm due to give her a new one. This one is out of the question because you can't see our smiling faces but i'm sure I can pick one of the many ones I got from this summer. It's nice to actually have photos of Troy and I for once and with Naomi around we actually had someone who wanted to take out picture, alas!

The last unicorn!

I'm trying think of a unqiue halloween costume this year. I would really like to go out for Halloween this year and do some dancing, or something? I'm thinking something obsecure like a exam table or movie theatre, but maybe that's too abstract. Maybe i'll go with something sweet but cunning like the Princess Bride or The Last Unicorn? It would be awesome. At work every year they hold a Halloween Party for the children and parents it should be a good time. I think so at least. I'm not feeling the greatest I should go to bed now.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

love= laptop

I'm digging this new laptop that Troy bought for me at Best Buy. It's just a simple thing but does everything that I need it to do. I have Windows 7 on it to which is pretty awesome. Troy's sitting here reading my blog post, making fun of me... nice eh? Now he is trying to make it better with a puppy look and a kiss. Not going to work buddy. Laughter. Anyways. This laptop was the back to school special, so we got a good deal on it of course. I'd rather have a laptop than a desktop anyday. Oh, i'm off to bed. Busy day in the morning.

Craft Show List

To date craft shows.
Fall 2010

Christmas At the Forum.
Halifax Forum.
November 5, 6, 7

Christmas Craft Village
November 14, 15, 16
Exhibition Park

Lunenburg Craft Show
November 27, 28
Community Centre in Luneburg.

If you have any questions about times, post a comment. But I'll have more specifics closer to the dates.

things i never thought i would know

Ok. Hump day is over. Thank goodness. This has been such a weird week. I've been feeling weird all week. I'm not sure if i'm getting sick or not. If I am, I wish it would just hurry up and get over with already. Even though I took Monday off since I was in PEI it was been a long week. I haven't spent much time online here since I've been so busy crafting. My problem is I just get sucked into websites to websites, videos to videos where it's a never ending cycle. The other day I came across Mesothelioma lawsuits. Let's just chalk it up to educational reading.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

watch out

Sometimes I just want to hide myself in the woods and never come out. I've heard recently about 'electronic pickpockets' where people can swipe by your purse or wallet and get your information. That's just crazy. I saw an ad on tv for rfid blocking wallet where you have a sleeve for your cards, or wallet itself that can protect yourself from people who are trying to get your information. I guess it's easy to be naive to this kind of stuff, I just don't really like thinking about it. Now that bedbugs are going around too, that's just another thing to be wary of.

go so fast

I remember when Troy and I first started dating over six years ago we used to go atv riding all the time. I had never gone on one before I met him and I remember how scared I was! We haven't gone on in awhile. They changed the rules a bit around here so now you have to have a special license and insurance. It was fun though when we did go, espsecially when we went 'mudding'. We would come home so dirty and disgusting! We used to get back to the camp (before we had our drivers license) using an atv, it was fun and I get kind of romantic in a strange way :)

oh autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I enjoy the cool crisp air, the smell of nature when the leaves are falling, things starting to go into hibernation. I'm looking forward to these things happening, which should be within the next couple of weeks. I'm really itching to go apple picking to and make some applesauce. I'd like to do this either this weekend or next. PEI was fun, I got back yesterday. My poor cats though, left all by themselves, I think they were happy to see me. I was looking through my photos and found this one of Esme. She loves hanging out in my art room!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm really getting excited for potential life changes within the next 12 months. I'm hoping to move, start building a house and go back to school. I want to go to Nova Scotia Community College and take Deaf Studies. I'm glad Canada doesn't do sat's, so glad i don't have to worry about sat prep or anything like that. I just have to send in my transcripts, application and done. This website is great for any American's though who may be looking for extra help, tips and support. I'm really looking forward to all the changes that may be happening. It's a lot to get excited about. Troy and I are constantly discussing and re-discussing things. xoxo

Friday, September 24, 2010


I'm going to PEI this weekend to see my aunt, grammie and baby cousin! I'm so excited! (Can't you tell?) I'm going to take some crafting stuff with me also so I can be super productive. I can't wait to see everyone and hold my baby! He is going to be so big now though since I saw him 3 months ago. Six months old is an exciting age, they can do so much more. Oh I'm just happy!

This year's craft show list 2010 will be posted soon! I have to finalize some last spots then I'm good to go! Excited!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my daily life

My multivitamins keep staring at me. I know I bought those along with fish oil capsules, I just cannot get into the habit of taking them! I know I probably don't get all the vitamins I need in a day especially if I'm just home by myself but I really need to get my butt in gear and start taking better care of myself and actually buying clothes that properly fit me. I only have one pair of pants that acutally fits me, it's terrible. I'm too cheap though for that. I have too many art supplies to buy! Oh yah, speaking of, I went to the yarn shop and bought roving today. :)

yah i'm going to bake that bread!

My co-worker is going to give me a bread machine. The bread machine that she got 10 years ago for a wedding gift. I'm so excited about it, it's going to be awesome. I'm going to bake bread all the time. I won't need to read phentermine reviews or anything! I'll be healthy with my homebaked bread. I'll post a photo on here of my first success. I'm sure lots of people say they will use something like that and don't end up doing it, but I really have a desire to start making a lot of foods from scratch. I was even putting some books on hold at the library for baby food making for work. FUN!

good bye summer


It was nice while it lasted but I guess it's over now. I really hope that we can meet again soon and still stay friends. I'll miss your company on the warm evenings during a nice sunset. It was a good 2010. May we greet each other again next years.

Yours Truly,

fun night out

This evening we had a work dinner at a nice Mediterranean restaurant. It was awesome. We also had a little gift exchange where we picked a name from a hat and had to give a $2 gift to that person that symbolized something about their work and/or personality. I gave a lady a drum (it was really a tambourine type thing) because she always 'marches to the beat of her own drum'. Everyone was so funny and gave silly gifts like best anti-wrinkle cream, hair pieces, treasure chests, to do lists, cleaning gloves, etc.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i need to get moving!

Ok. I need to start excersing again! I don't need fast weight loss or anything I just want to feel awake. When i was doing well well with my running I felt really alert and good, but when i stopped that's when i noticed a huge difference, i just felt yucky and tired all the time. I eat well most of the time but it's not enough. I downloaded some excerise work out videos online so hopefully that will get me moving. I can't wait until the weekend i'm going to PEI to visit my family who I haven't seen for awile!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ovens

A couple of weeks ago we went to "The Ovens" which is right outside of Lunenburg, near Riverport. It's a cute privately owned park with trails along the ocean with caves, it's a beautiful spot. Apparently it was a very popular area in the 'gold rush' days and they found tons (literally maybe?) of gold which when then sent over to Britian. It was a really good experience to have Naomi come and stay with me. I'm glad to have my cats back though, now i'm just crafting and making art like crazy getting ready to do some fall sales! Very excited about some new things i'm going to be selling - photos soon!

no media for me

In relating to my last post about wanting to eat only local and fresh, organic, free range types of food I'm also staying away from the media. Of course i'll watch the news and keep updated on worldly things but i'm not going to care about about what actor or actress or rich person did this or that. I'm going to pay attention to ads, campaigns, commercials telling me which acne treatment that works best, things that i should buy, etc. I think that people should focus on their own lives, people in their live and their community instead of caring about what's going on the world of movies, tv. Of course there are shows and movies that i'll always enjoy, i'm just not going to spend many hours pasted to screens.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

the day i create change

I think I have finally decided. Today is the day I give up regular processed foods when it comes to buying meats at least. I'm going to buy either things I (ok, Troy) has caught or killed or free range. I'm not looking for the best fat burner or anything. I just think it will be better on my body in the long run. Troy bought some roast beef at the market today so that's cooking in the slow cooker. Nice meat where the animal wasn't tortured or anything before it died or wasn't fed any crazy hormones. I bought some lovely greens today at the different farmers. You spend a bit more in the long run, but totally better.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

summer of fire.

We spent the last couple of weeks building fires in the firepit Troy and Evan made. We have been trying to burn off some of the brush that Troy has massively accumulated over the past coule of weeks. Naomi and I got really into it and started going crazy with it. Troy thought I was crazy! This picture was taken last weekend when we were burning some brush. I even broke out my guitar and Naomi and I sang some songs, it was fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my minimalist life

I've been going through my apartment lately trying to rid myself of things. I have a garbage bag of clothes Troy has, that I've never even seen him wear! I do get attached to clothing which is unfortunate, but I am trying really hard to get rid of stuff. My friend Jen knows of a family who lost their home to a fire, so I think i'm going to try and gather some stuff up to give them. I've been dishing stuff onto Naomi too, jewelry, acne lotion, body butters, stuff that I accumulate over time but just never use or can't use. I'm trying really hard to be a minimalist!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's been a fun road since Naomi has been here. Exhausting but good. We did so much travelling around this summer, Keji, Bridgewater and area, PEI and Cape Breton. I have so many pictures from all over. It's nice because I never get any photos of Troy and I especially.

Naomi leaves on Friday, it's going to be strange without her here, but it'll be fine I think. I get my take my cats back from my mom which will be good, i miss them. Spending quality time with Troy will be nice too, I feel like I haven't barely even talked to him lately, just little things here and there.

We are finishing up some projects this evening. We are making a cd and i'm making her a scrapbook which will be nice for her to take home with her as a reminder from our tiem together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

PEI Adventure

So glad i'm on vacation this weekend, i had a very busy weekend! Naomi, Troy, Evan and I took a trip up to Prince Edward Island this weekend. We hit Summerside, Charlottetown and both sides of the island (Cavendish and Argyle) to check out the different types of beaches on the island. We caught a gorgeous sunset on Saturday night. It was really great to spend time just talking with my grandmother too. She's so down to Earth, I just love her to bits! We visited my aunt on the way home as well and checked out her sweet little farm. It was a great weekend! Now rest for a few more days then back onto another adventure!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Travel city

Troy and I keep debating back and forth on what our trip is going to look like in January. I would love to go to Grenada, Troy just wants to save money, which is great and everything but it's hard to fullfill this need of travelling when I encouraged to stay home. i will go somewhere, even if it's just down the street! haha. Just buy a used rv, get an rv insurance quote and go driving south. Anything! Something! I would like to go somewhere warm for January though, get out of the yucky cold. I would love to go and teach Infant Massage classes. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

salt marsh trail

This evening we went to Salt Marsh Trail in Cole Harbour. It was very lovely just walking along the trail as the sun was setting. We went down to the water as well and looked at all the aquatic life. The beach area was COVERED in snails of all things! In this picture they are looking at a starfish that actually only had 4 legs. It was really cute though. It probably couldn't wait for the tide to come back in, it was just in a mini pool of water.


I've been debating so many things in my life these days. I have been debating boycotting things in my life like fastfood the use of harsh industrial products (chemically ones), food that isn't free range or organic, anything that isn't handmade. Now I know of course I have to buy some stuff that isn't handmade, I just mean things that I can control like disheware, cups, soaps, those kinds of things. I really want to start to make my own .. well everything, soaps, sheets, pillows, everything! I know that would take a long time though

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What would I do if i won the lottery

buy an rv or fix rv repairs and travel across the country
travel travel travel
buy an apartment building for a co-worker (for their dream job)
give money to the various charities and organizations i support
build a house and pay off my parent's mortgage
ride a hot air balloon
do various volunteer projects around the work
buy troy a really fancy rocking chair and drum set

There are many things I would do if i won the lottery. Sometimes I think that if only people who had positive goals in life won the lottery how many wonderful things could happen.

waterfront walk

Here is a picture from today. Troy took this photo of Naomi and myself at the waterfront. It was the same place that we watched "sixteen candles" last night through the alfresco film festival. It was fun today just walking around and checking out the new market even though it was totally nuts. I will have to go extra early next time. It was good though that it wasn't as crowded.

my minamalist life?

I am trying really hard to be a minamalist. Maybe it was a good thing that a bunch of my electronic stuff was stolen last week so I won't get all wrapped up in spending time playing games. I did get a new laptop though. I am going to get a smaller computer desk I think and a small xerox phaser 8560 or some sort of printer. I don't consider myself a minamalist at the moment but i'm trying really hard to be able to get myself to that state. It's hard with all of my art stuff. Maybe all of that stuff won't count? I'm not sure about that though.

Lovely weekend.

Naomi is going to teach me how to make some Kenyan food. We roasted ground nuts and had ginger tea, it was so yummy. This weekend has been very tiring for some reason, but it was fun. We went for nacho's this evening and just kind of walked around a bit and hung out. It was a chilly evening but good. Caleigh met up with us which was nice because I felt like I hadn't seen her in forever!

Saturday fun

Today we went down to the Buskers Festival. We saw three acts. The violin duo was the best one we saw. We got lots of exercise and we may go for another walk around tonight. It's hard to say, we have been debating back and forth what we would like to do. Lots of walking and exercise, no folding treadmills for me! I was thinking about doing the ghost walk, but they aren't running it tonight, which in unfortunate. I still have to take Naomi to a Shakespeare by the Sea production. So much to do!

Friday, August 13, 2010

aww sweetness

Troy bought me a new laptop to replace the one that was stolen. I think I'm just going to give up trying to find my stuff, who knows where it all is. It's just so frustrating that I don't even really want to think about it. Good think I don't smoke or I would want a cigarette or fuente cigars or something! This past week has been stressful and I've been very bad at running, I haven't gone for almost 3 weeks and I was getting my distance up really far, so I'm not going to do so well for the Terry Fox Run. Oh dear.

Halifax Buskers Festival

Tomorrow we are going to go and check on the Halifax Buskers Festival 2010. It's their last weekend doing the show, they only run it for 10 days. Last year I had a great plan with a schedule of who to see and where to go and it worked out really well. I'm going to try and plan it a bit but it's going to be a bit scattered I think. We won't be able to see as many shows as last year, but I'm sure it will be fine.

I also want to go and check out the new Halifax Farmers Market at their new location. I"m going to miss the Keith's Brewery market but I think this one won't be as crowded. I'll post photos of everything tomorrow!!!



Everytime I see a prenant lady i ouu and aww and get jealous

I really do want children, that's why I took Early Childhood Studies in college. My belly aches though everytime I see a baby and I to my co-worker I say 'hello' to prenant belly. When doing the prenatal classes we offer prenatal vitamens. I look into different vitamens and their duet dha ingredients. Long medical mambo jambo is confusing.

This evening was fun, we went to the Alfresco Film Festival and saw 'Sixteen Candles'

print that suckah

I'm always triyng to find a good deal. Good things I didn't buy a $1000 laptop last week or I would really be crying. I had bought the back-to-school special they had at bestbuy, so i guess i could really have been hurt by the robbery if i would have bought an expensive laptop. I'm thinking about getting some posters made of some photos from the summer. I found this poster printing website that can do it for you. I don't know if it would be cheaper to do it at Walmart or not? I guess I'll look into it! I got a picture done on canvas through the internet a few years ago and it was just awesome.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alfresco Film Festival

A few weeks ago I attended the kick off film for the Alfresco Film Festival that is held as a fundraiser for the Atlantic Film Festival in September. I went to Dirty Dancing with some friends and it was a good time. This Friday they are showing Sixteen Candles and I think I'll go to that as well. It's really fun because you can bring chairs or blankets and sit outside and watch retro movies on a large screen. It's just a really neat experience. Movies are only $5! Go check it out at their website

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

pei soon?

It's exciting getting to tour around and show Naomi a variety of our Nova Scotian culture. She wants to ride a horse can i get a equestrian apparel? Maybe when we go to PEI I can hook her up with a horse adventure. My friend Andrea told me that there was a place that you could go horse back riding there, so I'm going to check it out. It's difficult deciding all the places I want to go and all the things I want to see with her. We are closed for a week at work for painting and we can't be around, so I get an extra week off which is so exciting! I get a chance to really have some time to take her around to places.

call me crazy, but..

I know it's early still but i'm looking for Christmas gifts. I'm really seeking out somes sales and homemade items. I tried last year to but at least 50% of my gifts to be handmade. I think I did even better than that, but still I want to have at least 80% this year. It's difficult because there are somethings that you just can't buy handmade, that have to be manufactured. I want to look for something personalized for people like personalized lip balm, bags, things that are really unique and well... personal.

Keji Trip

Here is a picture from our trip to Keji on the weekend. It was a beautiful day where we hiked, canoed and had a picnic. We ended up going to the 'camp' (Troy's cabin) that evening. It was lovely. Naomi caught her first fish, ever! It was very exciting. We are going to try and plan a "Kenyan" night. Maybe rent a hall and have food and all that jazz. I'll keep people updated on that!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kenya and Canada rocking it since 2009

So Naomi is here and we have been having lots of fun together. It's interesting how she does things, and some of it I think i'll adopt as new practices in my life. It's funny talking with her how things are so similar through cultures and so different. I really do love our toilets though and not having to worry about a sewage and water system that's for sure. I'll post some pictures soon of our adventures thus far. I still need to put some on facebook too. My apartment was broken into on the weekend and my 6 day old laptop is gone, so i have to update this via work during lunch hour. So, posts may vary for awhile! But I'll keep updating as much as I can!

Monday, August 2, 2010


My friend Naomi from Kenya IS coming to live with me and volunteer for 6 weeks! It's finally coming to a close. She has her flight to London booked, I just have been looking for something to book for London to Halifax. It's a bit tricky trying to get a good price at such a short amount of time with little travel time. Of course a lot, ok most flights send you to Ontario or Quebec first then backtrack to Nova Scotia unfortunately so it makes it even more difficult.

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The waiting game.

I need time to relax! Ok, i will. I'm on 4 day weekend which is really exciting. I need to sit outdoors around an outdoor fireplaces or something. Seriously. My mind has been going crazy. I found out this week that my friend Naomi from Kenya is coming to stay with me for a couple of weeks, but things have been tricky with flights and everything. She booked a flight but apparently it was a scam and someone gained access to her bank account and took some money. So frustrating!! She's a pretty positive person so I think everything will work out. So now i'm just playing the waiting game to see what happens. :S

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creativity at it's best!

I'm excited to announce that I have tried some more sewing. I've been wanting to make a burlap wallet. Last night I couldn't sleep. Even though I have an air conditioner in my bedroom, I was so warm and sticky that I couldn't sleep. So of course, like always, when i can't sleep I get these bursts of creativity. I started to make this wallet. I finished it today when I got off work. I was going to give it to Troy, but I am going to keep it and see how well it holds up. Burlap is very tricky to sew with since it just wants to fray as soon as you cut it, and I was sewing so many little pieces. I like how it turned out. I'm going to miss my coin pouch though. I still need to tweak it. I was happy how it turned out considering I ball parked the size. I HATE measuring anything. Haha, no rules for this girl!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

everybody's working for the weekend

Now that i've been running I have to make sure that i wash my face more, or so it seems. I don't want to have to use something like 'best acne spot treatment' or something. I'm so glad it's almost the weekend! For some reason this week has just been a little crazy and I felt like I had no time to myself. I need A LOT of alone time. I have my to do list for this evening and I'm doing quite well with it. I still have lots to do. Good thing it's only 7:00pm!

Friday, July 9, 2010

swing by

Addressing all people:
Beware of scams on the internet, on televison, telephone, etc! This world is unfortunately filled with terrible scams and I feel so sad for people who get roped into them. sensa weight loss scam is one that I came across recently. I just thought I would let everyone know.

I may be going to some festivals this weekend. Maybe the Greek festival and Lebanese festival! I'll post all about it next week!

I'm going to go and enjoy my porch swing now, that is actually in my living room. Yes, i am that awesome.

Keji Trip

Troy, Evan and I went to Keji a few weekends ago. It was just kinda a spur of the moment kind of thing. We did 3 trails. One trail was 1 kilometre and 2 trails were 3 kilometres each. The flies were TERRIBLE and we forgot bug spray but it wasn't too bad. One of the trails came out onto a secluded beach. It was so pretty and relaxing and we swam for a half an hour or so with no one else around. Still waiting (not so patiently) to see if Naomi is coming. Keji is one place that I would really like to take her.

i'll sleep fine.

Side effects freak me out! I went to the doctor and she told me about some possible complications with the medication I'm taking. Awesome. Just love the feeling that something could possibly happen. Wicked. Of course I have no life and read stupid stuff online. I came across extenze side effects, I hadn't even heard about it before! I just try not to think about stuff like that, or I will never sleep.

Dream a little dream

I'm glad I don't have to deal with adult acne treatments. I has so sensitive to talking about that kind of stuff when I was younger. I just felt so insecure about it. I'm better now about talking about medical stuff, or personal things going on, but I was very secretive when I was younger. I'm glad it's the weekend. I really need a nice little break. I'm going to go crazy until I take my vacation in the winter! Two seasons to go!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I find out tomorrow if my friend Naomi is coming to stay with me for roughly 6 weeks. She would be coming at the end of this month and staying until September. I really hope that it works and that she’ll be able to come, it would be awesome. I want to start planning all the fun things we can do together already, but I really must wait until tomorrow but it’s hard to say if she’ll get her visa or not. Time is ticking away and she’ll need to book a flight soon! It’s exciting though. She’ll teach me how to cook Kenyan food and how to speak Swahili. It will be awesome. I’m just waiting for tomorrow to come !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!


Caleigh slept over last night. I love feeling like a teenager again. Haha! Except for those nasty mood swings. We are going to jump around the city today (hopefully) as long as she get's out of bed soon! haha. Once and awhile I get the urge to do something crazy, like buy a radar detector and search for.. metal things? haha. Caleigh and I are going to try and go around and get as much free food as possible today. Wish us luck!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Future thinking

Troy and I were discussing our "future house" on the weekend. It was nice to dream about all the outdoor furniture and the indoor furniture and what our minimalist-like family is going to be life. Work taunts me with all the babies, and my womb wanting one of my own. It was lovely to hold me new cousin the other weekend. I love getting that special time with family, especially a new addition to the family.

I can't wait until Canada Day on Thursday. I'm hoping this is going to be a very adventurous summer with lots of hiking and reading. Wait, reading doesn't sound adventurous, but it is to me! haha

Bad start to the week

I was bragging for too long. I knew it would going to catch up with me eventually. Last night, I couldn't sleep. I used to brag that i could sleep, no problem, but last night I couldn't get to sleep until 4:00am! That is just ridiculous for me. I went to sleep at that time and still had to wait up to go to work at 8:30. I ended up coming home anyways, because I wasn't feeling well. I'm not sure if it was the lake of sleep or what? My stomach hurt and I felt dizzy and pukey. I don't know. It's difficult to know. I can't believe this week is the beginning of July.

Friday, June 25, 2010

step into nature

I am an advocate for homemade or natural toys - like wooden blocks. I'm not a fan of toys that take batteries - toys that have sounds coming from them. I think that if a toy animal makes sounds that the child should make the sounds for it. I think that's how they learn best is being about to try it out for themselves as oppose to letting the batteries talk for them. What do you guys think? Excited about the weekend. Going to lounge in the camp and go swimming. Step away from technology and hid in nature for a few days!

Baby Eli

Introducing my baby cousin - Eli who is 3 months old. I had such a great time last weekend playing with and holding him. He's just so sweet. It's funny how people are so weird about holding babies, I guess it's just second nature to me now, I'm just so used to it. I did my infant massage class today; class 2 of 5. We had a baby that was only 1 week old, she was SO tiny and SO adorable. Time just goes by so fast. I can't believe June is almost over. May and June have just wizzed right by!

friday - hooray!

Troy and I went for a jog/walk last night. It was really nice. We stopped at a bench along the way that's kind of tucked into a little woodsy area off the salt marsh trail. We started to talk about engagement rings. I try not to get my hopes up. But we did have a casual converation about it. Here's to hoping! I'm not all about certified diamonds or anything. Maybe a little gem like an emerald but I really don't care. I'm excited for the weekend, I really need a break. Last weekend was fun in PEI but it was tiring.

Monday, June 14, 2010

my imaginary thoughts

Aesthetics mean a lot to me. I never, in my living room, have my overhead light on. I always need my floor lamp. I just find overhead lighting so harsh, no matter what kind of light bulb you have. pendant lights are so cool too. I picture having those in my house someday. I write about my "imaginary" house in here a lot. I want this in my house I want that in my house. I'm obsessed at the moment at planning an "imaginary" trip to Australia. So the house will have to be on hold for awhile. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend is finally here! yipee!!

So excited that it's the weekend! I can't wait to not-do-anything! I may go for a run after work today. I haven't ran since Monday. But I was still feeling the effects of it on Wednesday, then last night I went to Ufit, so today is the next day that I can go! I'm trying to lenghten how far I can go. I signed up (finally) for the 13 kilometre run that I mentioned in a previous post, so now i just have to get ready for it. I have some routes that I like to do that don't have a lot of hills, which is great. So hopefully I'll do better at this whole thing. Hopefully the video games won't get the best of me this weekend and turn me lazy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you ready?

I think i'm finally over my cold. I haven't even been online at all because of it. I just have been feeling gross this past week. I haven't been around or have been wanting to do anything.
My sister has roped me into doing a 13 kilometre run in September for the Terry Fox Run. I think I mentioned it in an eariler post! Anyway, this is my reminder to get my butt in gear! Does anyone out there have any tips on how to lengthen your running distance? I'm just making it up as I go, and search things online about it every once and awhile. I don't want diet supplements or anything, just healthy food and the gumption to get out there. I guess signing up for this run will give me that "boost" I've been looking for.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

and away we go!

I'm crazy. Or so they tell me. I want to travel. I can't help myself. I hope Troy isn't reading this. Just kidding! He knows about my next, or shall I say our next potential trip. We are thinking about going to New Zealand and Australia! Thinking there may be a romantic hot air balloon ride in the mix as well! I'm going to look for cheaper car insurance soon as well as I'm thinking about getting rid of my cell phone when my contract is up at the end of next month, to try and save just a little bit more money. I hung out with my friend Caleigh last night, and she's evil when it comes to spending money. I want to go dress shopping now. Wait! I am going to go dress shopping! haha!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goodbye Winter!

I'm so excited to finally say this! GOODBYE WINTER! SO LONG! Now summer has it's perks as well as it's downfalls. I'm not a fan of bugs and mosquitos, but it beats the freezing air and snow. We have been getting a lot of rain though lately. Yesterday, it just POURED! Today is nice though but tomorrow I hear it will rain again. It's nice though, the rain, so vegetables and produce will grow and Troy will keep on his mower, being a productive bee in lawn care. It's difficult to work when the grass is all dried up!

go go go!

Mmm.. just had some lunch. Feeling kinda sluggish today. Need to get out and do some more exercising. My sister has convinced me to join her in her team for the Terry Fox Run in September. It is 13 kilometres across the Confederation Bridge which links New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, two provinces here in Canada. So I need to start getting my butt in gear! I was doing well jogging wise for a while, but I've slacked off again. Don't need to look for the best diet pills or anything, just have to continue to eat healthy and get moving!

Monday, May 24, 2010

change, but be yourself now

Sometimes I just desire CHANGE. I just want to do something drastic in my life. This happens every couple of months or so. But right now I'm in this phase. I just need some sort of major CHANGE. Usually instead of doing something bold like dye my hair purple, I just rearrange my furniture, torture myself with modern sofas or handmade clothing online or go through my clothes and STUFF I have and get rid of a bunch of it. I want to be a minimalist.


Monday, May 17, 2010

check this out

So I'm a little bit obsessed with the website: Check out my profile HERE. This is where I go an update all the things I have done (ok - i only posted 2 so far) and edit what my goals are. There are quite a few things on there that I will be hopefully completing within the next 6 months to a year. It's nice to have a cute website to have it all mapped out in a way that can really get you motivated! Mostly there are things I want to do, I just forget about them, but if I put them on there - I have no excuse!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i love you weekend.

Weekend! We'll it's almost over, but it's been really great. Troy and I were able to spend some quality time together, it was great. I think we may be going for a walk soon. I just had a shower since I felt disgusting being at the cabin and all. I don't need to look at top diet pills or anything, I'm just trying my best to be healthy. I have been doing really well when it comes to going to Ufit! I just need to do more on my own. I've been ok doing yoga at home too!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

homemade granola bars

I enjoy baking, most of the time. But there are certain things that I enjoy making most. I really enjoy making homemade granola bars. I got my general recipe from all - search "easy granola bars". It's basically 3 cups of quick oats and 3 cups of whatever you want. I like putting almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chocolate chips and dried cranberries in mine. I just adjust and add enough to make the 3 cups. Once can of sweetened condensed milk, put it all together in pan and bake for 15ish minutes on 375 degrees! and wa-la! Finished. I like them because you actually know what is in them. Who knows what they put in the one you buy in the stores. Sugar, that's for sure! Try it out!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coffee Sack Cushions

I can't believe I didn't post about this yet! I've been working a lot lately with coffee sacks that I picked up at a local roaster (for free!) And i've been dabbling in some exciting projects of making things out of them! This is my first real project. I made some coffee sack pillows! They were really fun to make, once I got the hang of it with the burlap and my sewing machine! They are super cute as a decorative pillow as well! I have some for sale at The Village Emporium in Chester so go and check them out! I'll give you the heads up that i'll probably do a sale there in June as well! Keep your eyes peeled for more excitement to come. I have a couple there and will keep adding as they sell so more print/designs that are unique are to come!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm debating on doing a local marathon, well not the actual marathon, but a 10k (kilometer) run in two weeks. I think I'm just going to wait it out, seeing I can barely do five at the moment. There is no way I would be ready in time. If I would have kept with my running/jogging schedule that I set back in January I probably would be ready, but I didn't do well in February or March, I'm just getting back to my routine now. I'm not looking at lipofuze reviews on weight loss pills or anything, just trying to get fit and maybe wear a nice bathing suit for once in my life this summer! I guess that's a goal? :)

back to the drawing board?

I'm so annoyed right now. I have turned into one of those people who - they get ONE pimple and they FREAK OUT. I used to hate people like that, but now I am one of those people *sigh*. I'm never going back though, better get used to it world! I always find these sites like Acneticin announcing different treatments, I wonder what actually works out there. I have been using the same facewash for.... I think... 11 years. It's been treating me very well so far, no use it trying to change it now! Maybe my body would freak out if I did? Who knows? Maybe it is craving for a change?

Hello ETSY!

It's good to be back!

We'll see how etsy invited me back, with thunderous clapping and cheering I hope! I listed my first pin on etsy just mmm. five minutes ago, under my new (well old- i opened up a year ago) name:

I am loving trying to sell my wares locally but decided that I'll get back on the bandwagon of selling online!

Stop by and tell me what you think!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

OH dear! I've been a slacker updating this rig. I spent the weekend at the cabin, back now, just made some french toast, twas a lovely late lunch. Troy is just having a shower then we are going to go for a sunday drive. Not sure where yet, should be lovely though. I'm thinking about a road trip up to Cape Breton sometime soon, it would be lovely to visit my friend Leah. Don't forget to check out the Village Emporium in Chester where I have things for sale! Not fancy barcode scanners or anything, but lovely handmade stuff. I like being more handmade, and I`m trying to make everything in my life to fit a handmade philosophy. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh my weekend in a paragraph

I had a wonderful, productive yet relaxing weekend. I went to UFIT on Saturday, as well as the market, and then off to the cabin last night. Today we spent time just walking around the woods, exploring and taking in beautiful nature. It wasn't too cold or too warm, and no bugs, it was just perfect. I love this time of year! (especially the 'no bugs' part of it). I like the Halifax market because it's all handmade stuff, whereas some of the other markets have strange things everything from finger pulse oximeters, to records and used books. I don't mind those too much, I just prefer all handmade stuff :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Felted pins!

Aren't these just the sweetest things ever? OK! I'm biased, but I just love how they turned out. My vision in my head actually came out to create something sweet. I tried to take a few pictures but it was getting late and dark (I like natural lighting) So I only got a couple. I have used up most of my wool roving though, so I need to go shopping for some more! Probably next week. I'm arted out. I did a lot of art stuff this week, in particular today. All day I made stuff. I can't control myself. Wait, yes I can, i'm tired now.


I picked something up, not heavy, today and my other hand just happened to go over to my arm and I noticed that I am actually gaining muscle! No super pump 250, or other gadgets for me! I guess yoga and ufit is actually helping me! Apparently there may be a ufit class during the week, that would be super awesome. I'm going to the cabin tomorrow night, i'm so excited, I can't wait. I know I was there, not even a week ago, I just love it back there, so nice and peaceful! I have more reading (and creating) to do!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


There is some random weird *stuff* out there. I can across this muscle milk reviews website. I don't know who takes stuff like that, maybe people who work out a lot? Or something? I've been "working out" a lot lately! I have been doing my own ufit stuff at home, which is exciting, I feel good about it! It's still extremely hard to stay away from that ice cream though, it is so evil. Troy and I stopped when we went for a little adventure today, for ice cream, it was just calling out to meee... Ashtttoonnn.... eat me. I say "yes" every time. I need to find some alternatives!

television blues

I pride myself on not watching television. I AM one of those people, sorry! BUT that being said, I watched a few shows while doing some child care last night. It does make time go by quickly, that's for sure! I get annoyed by many stories that hit the "news" that I don't consider to be "news" at all (ahem Tiger woods ahem). I did watch some messed up stories last night about older women sleeping with preteens, random weird murders. When you remove yourself from violence and television, it's almost like a weird shock, going back into it. There are so many issues that they work with like depression treatment reviews, it almost minimizes disorders that people face. Anyways, I wasn't looking into getting a huge social rant, but it happens sometimes SHA-BAM!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Like I wrote before, Troy and I spent Easter weekend/Troy's birthday at the cabin. I'm reading a novel by Tom Robbins (look him up, awesome author). I read two novels and started one while at the cabin, and I got a lot of art stuff done. I did a lot of art stuff today as well. I'm excited to be soon posting photos of felt pins that i've been making, they are so fun!


I'm on vacation! woohoo! I only have 2 more days left (then my weekend of course) I have to looked after twins this evening (yay for extra cash) but other then that, i'm scott free. I've been really productive though and am happy to say that I will be soon reopening up my etsy shop! Exciting news I know! I finally bought some face wash and other things I was procrastinating on getting. I read about acne pills, i wonder if those work? hmm. I have a headache though, i took a pill but it's not going away :(

Monday, April 5, 2010

busy bees!

Troy's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday Troy!!! Him and I stayed back at the cabin for 2 nights and all day yesterday, it was really nice and quiet and great not having to worry about anything. I finished 2 novels!! We are going to to Dtown I think - later on this evening - i'm not really sure though what's going on, I really need to check on the kitties. Troy won't be able to spend much of this week with me, I don't think, because he's got stuff to do, lawn care stuff, even though I took this week off for vacation. I have loads of vacation time, so it's all good :) I hope he gets to build some water features like last year, with uv pond filter and everything, they are so pretty!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I go through phases. I was going through a phase of wanting a laptop (that is still there) but right now i'm going through a phase where i want at least 50% of my clothing to be organic or hemp. I have been getting rid of some of my clothing; I even have to draws in my dresser cleaned out! But i have been spending so much time looking at clothing online, especially on etsy. All organic and lovely stuff. I just can't help myself. Here are some that i'm considering:

healthy me?

I've been trying REALLY hard to do YOGA everyday. It's hard to remember sometimes and even more tiresome finding the time to do it. I would like to get up early in the morning and do it but basically, i'm lazy! haha! And i don't like getting up in enough time to even eat some breakfast. I'm going to have to crunch down and do it though, and I know I will because I'm determined. I'm on day 2 in a row right now. And I know I will be mad at myself if I mess up and don't do it. It's funny because I even brought my yoga mat to the cabin with me. It was nice at the cabin this morning do it. I keep coming acrossm weight loss products, and i don't want any of that, I just want to try and be and eat healthy. I have started taking omega3 pills and daily vitamens, those are hard to remember as well!

money money money!

Troy and I are trying to plan out a bit of our house/cabin plans so that we know how much money we can try and save and how big of a mortage we are probably going to have to get. It's tricky trying to figure it out, especially when it's a few years aways. We are looking into permints, home ventilation systems, kitchens and appliances, etc. Everything is going to be tricky and figure out and I really like to know what to expect, I don't like having any surprises. I'm also thinking about going back to school as well so that could be a bit more tricky. So i'm trying to save for lots of different things.

Beautiful Spring!

It has been such a beautiful spring so far this year! Winter treated us very well with high temperatures and low amounts of snow. It's been wonderful. Troy and I stayed the night at the cabin last night. We came out to do some laundry and go for a bbq at my parent's house with my sister around noon. It's probably crazy in town with last minute Easter shopping. Troy's birthday is tomorrow! I bought him a Billy Talent concert ticket and some of his favourite gummy candies (frogs!) - it's been a great weekend so far!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone has a good Easter. Every year, when a new celebration or holiday comes up, I think, "what was I doing, or where was i this time last year". It makes me giggle because this time (well easter, not the specific date) I was in Kenya. My Easter last year consisted of eating sphagetti with a spoon and going on an "easter egg hunt" like no other. The two girls from Germany boiled eggs, and colored them and hid them around camp - it was really cute. We found them and ate them (some of them were to "chicken" to eat them - but I did).

Troy and I are planning on going back to the cabin for the weekend. It is his birthday on Sunday so we want to relax back there. I have lots of books and wool with me to read and create. I'm looking forward to it. I'm just waiting now for Troy to come back from workie.


I haven't been to the dentist in years! i really need to get my butt in gear and make an appointment sometime. My sister cleaned my teeth last year when i went in to be one of her patients. It was good, but i do need to get checked all over. Or do I? Troy has an appointment with my dentist next Monday. He is in the same boat as I, he hated his dentist so i told him to go to mine :) I came across Plano cosmetic dentist website. I have never had any cosmetic stuff done with my teeth. I haven't wanted to spend the money on getting those whitening strips even though I could benefit.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Acorn Earrings.

I have had a bit of practice felting since the fall. I have made quite a few different things, but I think my favourite thing to make are these felted acorn earrings. They are sweet to make AND wear! I am hopefully going to getting my work into some stores, so that will help me with some sales. I really want to focus on selling my work locally. I used to love selling it online, but local sales is what I would really like to focus on. I’m also trying to get a website made as well, waiting for that to get off the ground as well – hopefully before summertime :)

healthy me

I’ve been really proud of myself lately. I’ve been exercising lots and also tryinnnggg to eat healthy as well. Troy asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream last night and I really wanted to, but I made smoothies instead. I’m not on a diet and don’t plan on taking alli diet pills pills or anything, I just want to be healthy. I having been attending an exercise class as well. Well I have been to 2 so far, last weekend. I only have one yoga class left as well but I’m going to try and take another one in a couple weeks it will start.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

skin your in?

I read an article this afternoon about a man who died from the flesh-eating disease. Things like that really give me the heebee-jeebees (is that how you spell it?) I luckily don't have any major skin problems like eczema or anything. I just have dry skin when the season's change. I'm not looking forward to the change into spring though, my eyes get SO itchy they will soon be driving me crazy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I didn't even wear green today - I forgot when I woke up this morning. Instead i have on white and grey - so colourful I know! :) Almost the weekend, I'm getting excited!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So 6 days ago, last Wednesday which would be the 10th of March was.... my birthday! I turned 23. And when i told people that's what i was turning everyone always says, "oh your so young". I don't mind it as long as they don't say in a few years down the road, "oh your so old". I think that would be worse. So I'll enjoy this side of the flip-side for now. This picture was taken on the eve of my birthday. Troy and I went out for Chinese food then popped over to the SuperStore for a cake. When we got there we found this gem 50% off! I could not - not get it. My friend Caleigh called and came over shortly after that to share in the cheesecake fun. My sister on the weekend gave me a ticket to see the B52's this Friday! Very exciting!

oh the thoughts

Illnesses freak me out. I am always a wee bit paranoid that i have some sort of illness, just don't realize it. I don't dream up symptoms or anything, it's just a thought that's i the back of my head. Thoughts like these that create anxiety and won't let me sleep at night kind of thoughts. I always think of all the illness and diseases that are man made or created by the environment we live in. Like mesothelioma prognosis for example. Stuff like that freaks me out because you never know what kind of place you are in that may have that kind of stuff around. It's hard not to be ignorant about it. The vast majority don't seem to take note of the environment as a problem. In my opinion we are really polluting ourselves.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

wedding crazy talk

Troy and I were talking again - well i was talking and troy was listening (mostly) about wedding stuff. Since we don't live with each other full time it would be silly to think about marriage right now and everything that goes along with it like, invitations, clothing, rings, etc. But I just can't help it. I was never one of those girls when we were younger who would fantasize about weddings, but sometimes I get obsessed and think about it a lot. I have it basically planned out in my head, which is exciting.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dear help

It's been a couple days since i posted last! Not a whole lot going on, trying to make some decisions, and if they are made, i'll post about them (hopefully sooner than later). Another week of work and it's going by fast, it's Tuesday evening already. My sister is gone to Newfoundland. She got accepted into a program where she'll be able to put her skills to work, she's almost done her dental hygiene program from a local university. Found this website about dental implants Mexico, it's crazy how Americans don't have insurance and travel other places to get health care. Canada is awesome for that - the fact that we have free health care. I wouldn't want to live somewhere that I had to go to the hospital but couldn't afford it. Thoughts anyone?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I haven't painted in ages. I'm not even going to say how long it is because i'm embarrassed by the length but in the fall i was so obsessed with felting I was sidetracked from painting and it was really hard to get inspired again. I started last weekend doodling out some possible paintings and this one I liked. I don't know why i thought an all blue picture would be appropriate. I'm thinking of doing a series of these maybe different body parts in different colours schemes. I'll let you know how it turns out. What do you think of this? I'm quite proud of how the leg looks, I'm awful at "real life" drawing, but i like how this turned out

get motivated!

I've been a slacker lately when it's come to eating well and exercising, i really have to get my butt in gear. January was great, but February has been so cold, i haven't gotten outside. I eat decently, but on the weekends i do eat rubbish, so i have to work on that. I am loving my yoga class though and when this ends *i have three more class* i'm thinking about taking another one! I know exercising and eating right can really have some great effects, and i wont' have to worry about hgh when I get older because I won't look aged if i keep up with a healthy lifestyle. I wonder what Dr. Oz has to say about human growth hormone supplements? Of course, i'm always thinking about him these days, troy has me obsessed!

don't freak me out

On my lunch break today i popped out to Walmart quickly as well as Michael's to pick up a few things. I always rush by the make up section. It makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason, when i see signs that read best wrinkle cream ever, or, your perfect colour, foundation, anything I just feel weird. I don't really wear make up - so much so that when I do people (usually at work) comment on how different I look. I like keeping it natural, but at the same time I would like to look "nice" once and awhile I suppose. The idea of a "make over" totally freaks me out though. Anyone (especially a stranger) look that close, freaks me out!

Waterfront Winterfest

I'm excited - this weekend is Halifax's first Waterfront Winterfest and i'm going to be attending with bells on (or at least with a nice winter coat). They have lots of things for the whole family, an ice rink, watch people snowboard, ice sculpting and I read something about projecting the closing ceremony's on a big screen, i'll have to look more into that because I would really like to see that! I watched the opening ceremony's of the Olympics and have been following it consistently. I'm quite proud of how Canada is doing! Keep it up!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

wish me luck!

I'm really hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow, I would like to prepare myself for some craft shows in the spring and summer and maybe get my stuff into more stores, that would just be lovely. I've had some people send me some info so that should be really helpful. I met up with a crafty friend of mine on Thursday, Kristen, we went to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. It's nice to get out and talk about crafty things with people. Most people in my life don't do anything of the sort and don't understand my artsy obsessions. Now, if i can just get focused instead of wasting my evenings away played the Wii (it's beautiful, but so evil) and looked up random facts about cellulite treatment cream, geography, travel vactions, i would be set haah!

loving the weekend

Weekend here, it's nice to have 2 days off. I spent last night with a good friend and we enjoyed in some DDR action, movies and lots of laughs it was a good time. I went thrift store shopping today too and popped by a big book sale going on at a local church. All book were $1 it was a steal! I picked up 8 lovely books, 1 that i was actually looking for so it was great! I was going to pick up some facewash tonight, i forgot and i'm all out, and i hate using regular soap to wash my face. I find that a good facewash is a great remedies for acne, as well as a nice moisturizer. I did all my grocery shopping and all that jazz for that week so i'm glad that i don't have to do anything of that!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a first in fibre art!

So the other day, I created this. I went down to a local yarn shop and picked up some roving/fibre and doing to the village (I called it "the village" but it's value village) to pick up some little itty bitty frames (so i wouldn't freak myself out thinking I had to do a large picture for a large frame). I created this little fibre art. It's untitled and may stay that way. I don't really know what I'm doing, but i'm hoping I'll practice more and be able to create some really beautiful pictures. I have seen some that others have done and they can be just gorgeous. These are my new obsession, i'll post more when i get some completed, promise!