Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I haven't painted in ages. I'm not even going to say how long it is because i'm embarrassed by the length but in the fall i was so obsessed with felting I was sidetracked from painting and it was really hard to get inspired again. I started last weekend doodling out some possible paintings and this one I liked. I don't know why i thought an all blue picture would be appropriate. I'm thinking of doing a series of these maybe different body parts in different colours schemes. I'll let you know how it turns out. What do you think of this? I'm quite proud of how the leg looks, I'm awful at "real life" drawing, but i like how this turned out

get motivated!

I've been a slacker lately when it's come to eating well and exercising, i really have to get my butt in gear. January was great, but February has been so cold, i haven't gotten outside. I eat decently, but on the weekends i do eat rubbish, so i have to work on that. I am loving my yoga class though and when this ends *i have three more class* i'm thinking about taking another one! I know exercising and eating right can really have some great effects, and i wont' have to worry about hgh when I get older because I won't look aged if i keep up with a healthy lifestyle. I wonder what Dr. Oz has to say about human growth hormone supplements? Of course, i'm always thinking about him these days, troy has me obsessed!

don't freak me out

On my lunch break today i popped out to Walmart quickly as well as Michael's to pick up a few things. I always rush by the make up section. It makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason, when i see signs that read best wrinkle cream ever, or, your perfect colour, foundation, anything I just feel weird. I don't really wear make up - so much so that when I do people (usually at work) comment on how different I look. I like keeping it natural, but at the same time I would like to look "nice" once and awhile I suppose. The idea of a "make over" totally freaks me out though. Anyone (especially a stranger) look that close, freaks me out!

Waterfront Winterfest

I'm excited - this weekend is Halifax's first Waterfront Winterfest and i'm going to be attending with bells on (or at least with a nice winter coat). They have lots of things for the whole family, an ice rink, watch people snowboard, ice sculpting and I read something about projecting the closing ceremony's on a big screen, i'll have to look more into that because I would really like to see that! I watched the opening ceremony's of the Olympics and have been following it consistently. I'm quite proud of how Canada is doing! Keep it up!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

wish me luck!

I'm really hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow, I would like to prepare myself for some craft shows in the spring and summer and maybe get my stuff into more stores, that would just be lovely. I've had some people send me some info so that should be really helpful. I met up with a crafty friend of mine on Thursday, Kristen, we went to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. It's nice to get out and talk about crafty things with people. Most people in my life don't do anything of the sort and don't understand my artsy obsessions. Now, if i can just get focused instead of wasting my evenings away played the Wii (it's beautiful, but so evil) and looked up random facts about cellulite treatment cream, geography, travel vactions, i would be set haah!

loving the weekend

Weekend here, it's nice to have 2 days off. I spent last night with a good friend and we enjoyed in some DDR action, movies and lots of laughs it was a good time. I went thrift store shopping today too and popped by a big book sale going on at a local church. All book were $1 it was a steal! I picked up 8 lovely books, 1 that i was actually looking for so it was great! I was going to pick up some facewash tonight, i forgot and i'm all out, and i hate using regular soap to wash my face. I find that a good facewash is a great remedies for acne, as well as a nice moisturizer. I did all my grocery shopping and all that jazz for that week so i'm glad that i don't have to do anything of that!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a first in fibre art!

So the other day, I created this. I went down to a local yarn shop and picked up some roving/fibre and doing to the village (I called it "the village" but it's value village) to pick up some little itty bitty frames (so i wouldn't freak myself out thinking I had to do a large picture for a large frame). I created this little fibre art. It's untitled and may stay that way. I don't really know what I'm doing, but i'm hoping I'll practice more and be able to create some really beautiful pictures. I have seen some that others have done and they can be just gorgeous. These are my new obsession, i'll post more when i get some completed, promise!

wonder wonder

I have been bombarded (or maybe I just have taken more note of these things lately) but things to do with acne scar removal. I know I have scars all over from when I was younger and I couldn't just leave them alone - but I wonder if this stuff works. Has anyone out there tried this kind of stuff, does it work, comment! I always think maybe it's just another money grab, how can something take scars away? It seems too obscure, but I guess they have the technology and medicine out there that would just blow my mind if I actually paid attention most of the time.

big dreams

Troy can't wait until we have a little cabin. We does want a workshop though, not sure how that will work out, but we'll figure it out. As long as I have an art room that's all I care about. Now that I have my sun room/art room I could never go back to just using a table in my living room, that would be awful. At least my art is somewhat contained. Troy is always looking up random tools, clamps, saws and the like for his "dream workshop" oh and of course he's constantly on the internet looking up lawn care gear for his business. Lately he's been looking up trailers.

Pancake Tuesday

Usually I don't follow along with these type of days, but I though, what the heck! I didn't have any syrup though or other fancy things (like whip cream) so did improvise a little bit. I made the pancakes from scratch from a recipe I found on www.allrecipes.com and I made brown sugar syrup from a recipe that i found somewhere? not sure where, just some random website. They both turned out quite well. To try and make it a little bit healthy I had some frozen berries in the freezer that I usually use for smoothies so I mashed those a bit in my magic bullet and put them on top. It didn't look super pretty but it tasted delicious!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

job hunt?

Even though I'm not really looking for a new job, I always like to check out random job sites and see what's available. I know I want to go to school in a year or so, so i'm content where I am for now, but I like checking out what's around. I even search out jobs in different countries, jobs in New York, england, sweden, all over! I even subscribed to a site and they send me jobs in New Zealand, even though I would never move to any of these places for work. It's a time waster, i know :)


I forgot to mention, my AUNT is having a BABY! She lives in the states though, so i probably won't see the babe for awhile (unless she comes up this summer again). I'm excited for her and this prompts me that I should send her an e-mail. I think she sometimes reads this so HI LORI!! :) LOVE YOU! haha. I went to prenatal last week for the labour and delivery class and i thought it would turn me off on the idea of having a baby, but it did the opposite. Somehow watching a women in pain, screaming, makes me want to be there? It is a beautiful thing though. So excited, can't wait :) They talked about some really important birthing techniques, prenatal vitamins, hospital expectations, drugs, etc. It was a good time!


I feel gutsy.

I did my karaoke debut singing "Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding. I didn't even have anything to drink, not one (i was driving) and I still built up the confidence to do it. My friend Caleigh join us along with Troy and some of his friends. Caleigh is an AWESOME singer, and she sang quite a few but I sang my one and was content. At the end, the host mimicked my singing (in a nice way) and said it was the "cutest" karaoke he's ever heard. I'll take that as a compliment :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

tasty things

I love learning about new (well - new to me) exotic fruits and foods in general. Apparently there is this new fibre from a plant in south east asia called glucomannan, the benefits of glucomannan are outstanding and really help for a variety of health issues and complications. I love dragon fruit as well. I don't know how good for you to is, but it's super tasty (and expensive). Dr.OZ goes on about chia seeds as well. I picked some of those up a couple weeks ago and put them in my granola bars that I make (SO TASTY). I don't know if i'll ever go back to buying regular granola bars - i'm spoiled by my own!

get off my butt!

I've really been a slacker lately when it's come to eating healthy and exercising. I was doing really well in January but February has been really difficult on me because it’s been so cold and yucky outside, I just feel so not motivated. It’s not that I really want to loose weight necessarily but getting in shape and feeling good about my eating and exercise habits would be a great boost in confidence. I always come across these slimquick review and I get so nervous about them. I wonder if people try these and if they actually work. I’m so skeptical.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buy Handmade

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org
Some of you may have noticed this badge on my blog for quite sometime now, over a year at least. I supporting local artists, creations, articles, products, anything! I love buying things that are handmade, especially if they are useful. Troy and I are thinking about building a cabin/house/home and I'm even thinking about getting it built by a local guy who does wood turnings for a living, a true natural artist. I don't like a cookie-cutter type house, I don't know who i'm supporting when I think of the idea; some rich guy paying minimum wage for terrible hours and benefits? No way, i want to support someone who makes this his/her living. This past Christmas I really made an effort to buy or make my own gifts. I find each and every holiday I get more and more earth-friendly. My mother and father don't take me seriously. They think i'm a new-age hippy or something. I just want to support local handmade items. Thoughts anyone?


One thing that i was super (and still a little bit now) self conscious about when I was younger was my skin. I still am not happy about it and get freaked out at the idea of going anywhere, a spa, store, etc. to get some sort of skin analysis or make over. The whole idea is freaky to me, I don't like it, just because I don't like anyone looking too close - yes i'm afraid of being judged. I read up on home remedies for blackheads but you never know about that kind of stuff, I never know what you take seriously and everything, I guess there are reviews out there, i'm just skeptical I guess. I do try and use natural, dermatologist recommended products though. Oh well..

i wonder

I don't think he reads this so i'm going to talk about him for a second. Troy is OBSESSED with Dr. Oz. He's been on television for a few months now. Troy and I don't watch much television but he does go online to ctv (a local station) and watch Dr. Oz pretty much everyday. It is a little backdated, so you can't watch the actual day that you are on, but yesterdays and a few days ago and so on.
He is crazy about him. I like him too, not obsessed, but I like his honestly and blunt conversations. I wonder what he would have to say about colon cleansers. I'm sure he's already talked about them but I'm not as much as a watcher as Troy, I might as well ask him! I'll keep you posted haha

baby crazy

Tonight I joined in the prenatal class at work. Now, it's good knowledge to have, especially if i facilitate the program in the future. I thought it would make me NOT want to have baby - you know with the detailed video and conversation, but it did quite the opposite - is that normal? Hah! Ever since I was 18 I wanted to have children - that's why i took the Early Childhood Studies program in the first place. I am just going to wait it out a few more years.
When the babies (newborns especially) come into work my heart does soften :) They are all so precious.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

laptop dreams

I'm still thinking about notebook computers. I think I would really enjoy a netbook, or a small laptop of some kind. I would like to get one but I need to save up the money first. It's nice having a friend who knows all about computers who can direct me to something half decent. I hate it when you buy a computer and a few months later it's already outdated. Oh well. The desktop I have will do for now. But maybe in a year or so I'll invest in a new computer. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sometimes i can find good buys. We stopped at the local thrift store and found a foosball table for $20 in perfect condition, unfortunately we don't have the space for a foosball table even though it was a good bargain - we let it go. Troy said he perfers ping pong tables anyways, so maybe when we get a house and have space we can invest in a little entertainment :) Has any one found some good buys lately? I love hearing stories of when people find some great bargains. I went consignment clothing shopping with my friend Caleigh yesterday; didn't see too much i liked for good prices but it was still fun!

A new obession

Sewing machine I am?
I borrowed my mother's sewing machine while she tries to fix my dad's mothers (a grandmother i never had the pleasure in meeting unfortunately) machine. It needs rewiring and a new belt, hopefully it won't be too complicated.

I've hemmed a pair of pants and started making a carry bag for my yoga mat. I'll take pictures of it when I'm all finished. I'm trying to do it without a template either to really challenge myself, but I am really new to the whole "sewing" business. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i want a laptop!

I hate having debt and I hate using my credit card (emergecies only) but I am really trying to save for a lot of things, school, cabin, trip across Canada and least expensive of all - a notebook computer. I have wanted one for so long now, for years I can remember. But I have been stuck with desktop computers that are half put together from other junk computers. I would really love to have a netbook or laptop. My dream would be a little little macbook - and have you seen those Ipads, they are so neat. But a sweet little cheap one would be good enough for me - for now :) Maybe i'll just wait until i go back to school in a year or two. I keep putting this off! haha


Is it a bad thing to wish time away? I would really like to wish the next 2-3 years away. I just want to be settled in the woods in a warm cabin (perferably without any debt). Troy's dad was thinking about getting some of those fake security cameras for around the land so we can make sure people aren't being sneaky around it; they are some crazy people around there. I hope everything works out the way I hope it to, cabin on a hill without much mishaps. I dispise rules and regulation. Troy's brother brought out papers to us last weekend about getting your spetic dug and everything, it will cost $700 for someone to come and look and tell you where it has to go. That's insane.

Monday, February 1, 2010

48 days until spring

I went on Facebook eariler and someone posted that there is only 48 days until spring, which is so exciting! I haven't minded winter too much so far but these last few days have been SO cold, it's not bearable to even walk outside more than 5 minutes. This is a photo from when I went to Kenya last spring. I have it on my desktop and it warms me thinking about good times and hot weather.
My friend Jen and I went to see improv by Picnicface last night, they were so funny. I hope Kyle (one of the members) makes it through to The Great Canadian Laugh Off. Good luck!