Friday, July 30, 2010

The waiting game.

I need time to relax! Ok, i will. I'm on 4 day weekend which is really exciting. I need to sit outdoors around an outdoor fireplaces or something. Seriously. My mind has been going crazy. I found out this week that my friend Naomi from Kenya is coming to stay with me for a couple of weeks, but things have been tricky with flights and everything. She booked a flight but apparently it was a scam and someone gained access to her bank account and took some money. So frustrating!! She's a pretty positive person so I think everything will work out. So now i'm just playing the waiting game to see what happens. :S

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creativity at it's best!

I'm excited to announce that I have tried some more sewing. I've been wanting to make a burlap wallet. Last night I couldn't sleep. Even though I have an air conditioner in my bedroom, I was so warm and sticky that I couldn't sleep. So of course, like always, when i can't sleep I get these bursts of creativity. I started to make this wallet. I finished it today when I got off work. I was going to give it to Troy, but I am going to keep it and see how well it holds up. Burlap is very tricky to sew with since it just wants to fray as soon as you cut it, and I was sewing so many little pieces. I like how it turned out. I'm going to miss my coin pouch though. I still need to tweak it. I was happy how it turned out considering I ball parked the size. I HATE measuring anything. Haha, no rules for this girl!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

everybody's working for the weekend

Now that i've been running I have to make sure that i wash my face more, or so it seems. I don't want to have to use something like 'best acne spot treatment' or something. I'm so glad it's almost the weekend! For some reason this week has just been a little crazy and I felt like I had no time to myself. I need A LOT of alone time. I have my to do list for this evening and I'm doing quite well with it. I still have lots to do. Good thing it's only 7:00pm!

Friday, July 9, 2010

swing by

Addressing all people:
Beware of scams on the internet, on televison, telephone, etc! This world is unfortunately filled with terrible scams and I feel so sad for people who get roped into them. sensa weight loss scam is one that I came across recently. I just thought I would let everyone know.

I may be going to some festivals this weekend. Maybe the Greek festival and Lebanese festival! I'll post all about it next week!

I'm going to go and enjoy my porch swing now, that is actually in my living room. Yes, i am that awesome.

Keji Trip

Troy, Evan and I went to Keji a few weekends ago. It was just kinda a spur of the moment kind of thing. We did 3 trails. One trail was 1 kilometre and 2 trails were 3 kilometres each. The flies were TERRIBLE and we forgot bug spray but it wasn't too bad. One of the trails came out onto a secluded beach. It was so pretty and relaxing and we swam for a half an hour or so with no one else around. Still waiting (not so patiently) to see if Naomi is coming. Keji is one place that I would really like to take her.

i'll sleep fine.

Side effects freak me out! I went to the doctor and she told me about some possible complications with the medication I'm taking. Awesome. Just love the feeling that something could possibly happen. Wicked. Of course I have no life and read stupid stuff online. I came across extenze side effects, I hadn't even heard about it before! I just try not to think about stuff like that, or I will never sleep.

Dream a little dream

I'm glad I don't have to deal with adult acne treatments. I has so sensitive to talking about that kind of stuff when I was younger. I just felt so insecure about it. I'm better now about talking about medical stuff, or personal things going on, but I was very secretive when I was younger. I'm glad it's the weekend. I really need a nice little break. I'm going to go crazy until I take my vacation in the winter! Two seasons to go!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I find out tomorrow if my friend Naomi is coming to stay with me for roughly 6 weeks. She would be coming at the end of this month and staying until September. I really hope that it works and that she’ll be able to come, it would be awesome. I want to start planning all the fun things we can do together already, but I really must wait until tomorrow but it’s hard to say if she’ll get her visa or not. Time is ticking away and she’ll need to book a flight soon! It’s exciting though. She’ll teach me how to cook Kenyan food and how to speak Swahili. It will be awesome. I’m just waiting for tomorrow to come !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!


Caleigh slept over last night. I love feeling like a teenager again. Haha! Except for those nasty mood swings. We are going to jump around the city today (hopefully) as long as she get's out of bed soon! haha. Once and awhile I get the urge to do something crazy, like buy a radar detector and search for.. metal things? haha. Caleigh and I are going to try and go around and get as much free food as possible today. Wish us luck!