Thursday, March 31, 2011

Documentary kick!

I've been on a HUGE documentary kick.

Last Train Home - A film that follows a family's story in China. The Mother and Father 'had' to go away to the city to make money and provide for the family. The children stayed at home on the farm with their grandmother. The parents were very humble but after working in sweat shops for years, under gross conditions, fearing that their children will follow in their footsteps, putting pressure on them to succeed in school, was wearing on them. There is one day a year where the workers go home - Chinese New Year. The trains, buses, and transportation get booked up, and results in the largest human migration in the world. Such an interesting film.

Waste Land - A story about a Brazilian artist who goes to American and becomes a very famous, wealthy and unique (but yet still humble) artist. He decides to do a project in Rio's landfill (one of the biggest in the world) and create an art project. He ends up befriending some of the 'pickers' who work at the dump. 2500 - 3000 Brazilians are hired to be pickers. They pick out the plastic, glass, etc. that can be recycled. I don't want to give away the good parts of the documentary, but it's definitely worth a watch.

coming out of limbo

I'm getting excited about the weekend approaching (oh no, here we go again!). Troy and I have some houses lined up to go and see. We finally have the information we need for the mortgage broker so we will hopefully meet with him next week and get that all figured out. It's starting to all come together which is so exciting! It's always interesting when you go and see a house that was foreclosed. I saw this Outer Banks foreclosures website that has just that, all that, just foreclosures, which is pretty intense! Sometimes you can get a pretty good deal on a foreclosed house. There is a politian around here whose house was foreclosed. People were making a big deal about it, but it happens to so many people that people don't see it as shocking news anymore (well, unless you are in the media).
Weekend, woo!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Troy's starting to get back to doing what he loves best - digging in the dirt! He's got some jobs lined up which is great. I think he's just excited to get his gear out and start using it. He's such a 'guy'. He bought one of those zero turn mowers last summer, which was a bit investment so it's nice not to worry this year about what he's going to have equipment wise. He loves his machines that for sure!
It surprisingly didn't feel like a long winter. I found the ice more annoying than the snow this year. I know I was travelling in it a bit, so I didn't have to shovel but when I got back I felt like I was constanelly using the ice pick. So much salt I had to use so I wouldn't slide down the driveway. There were a LOT of close calls.


I can't wait to see my baby cousin Eli and his family in May. They live in the States and try to get up every year for a visit. Eli just turned one years old this month, I haven''t seen him since September so I'm really looking forward to seeing him and the family! We will go up to PEI to visit. I've already asked for a few days off so I can go up. I may end up going by myself, Troy will probably be back into the swing of things at work, but it's hard to say. I hope he can go, he hasn't even met Eli yet! So sad. I'm going to be using some pictures of him for my Infant Massage website. I'll soon have that up and running which I'm very excited about!

house hunting again!

Troy and I are going house hunting AGAIN this weekend. We have I think about five more to look at, just crazy! After seeing this many I think it will really narrow down what we want and what we are looking for. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm far from being materialistic but I can't help dreaming about a new couch, cabinet knobs, finally have a deep freeze, really just random house stuff! We are going to go and meet again with the mortgage broker to see what he has to say. Being a grown up suck sometimes. Everything is complicated and stressful.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

thinking about the future

Troy and I are going to look at houses today. I get nervous because sometimes I get excited about certain ones then it can be disappointing when they aren't as good as you would hope them to be. We were going to look at three but now only two because one is being renting and the tenants don't want to get out for us to come and look at it! How frustrating. I was really looking forward to seeing it too. I'm going to try and save some money before we move into a place and buy some nice things to make it place 'our own' and buy some some nice le creuset kitchen ware. My pots and pans are becoming very pathetic. Value Village has helped to keep me going which is good, but I am going to try and get some nice things! Very excited!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So excited. I popped by the "Jesus to the Nations" conference and met with our team that are going to THAILAND. Yes, Thailand. There is a small team of us, 5 or 6 who are going for a few weeks to Thailand to do some work with the YWAM organization. My friend who is planning this trip has been to Thailand before, so that's very helpful. We met with the Canadians who are going to be there helping out in the community we are going to be in. We were up in the air, waiting to see where we would be called to, see where the missions people will be, so we talked about that a bit today. Looks like we are going to be in a city called "Ratchuberi", not sure if I spelt that right, but yah. :) It's very exciting to meet the people and get a sense of things that happening. Now I just have to do some fundraising! :)

great day

Today was a good day. When I woke up this morning I decided to walk down to the two markets that are in the city. It was nice to get my exercise, I've been feeling so sluggish these days, so I'm trying to get back into practicing yoga daily and walking more. I have been talking to a lot of people about online shopping lately and about how addictive it is. I find myself looking at some many different things, books, chamilia jewelry, stuff for our future house, etc. I've been trying to get rid of a lot of stuff in my apartment that I just don't need; minimalist, but sometimes it's hard when it comes to art supplies. I never know when I may been something.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the weeeekkend?

I keep seeing a pattern to my posts. I always talk about the weekend. I'm either sad that the weekend is over or happy that the weekend is coming. Well tonight was relaxed. Watched a documentary, I am obsessed. I got a haircut after work today, so I was a bit productive. It's funny how getting a haircut can make you want to change other things about yourself. I have in the past had ache, not bad enough to get back acne treatment but enough I wear a lot of make up. I'm thinking about wearing make up again. Just enough to look 'classy'.

I will probably clean up tomorrow, go to the market, then head over to the university to meet with the Thailand folks! I'll do a post about that I'm sure before the weekend is over. There I go now, talking about the weekend again!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

weekend soon!

So glad it's almost the weekend. I had a weird sickness this past week and took a day and a half off work. I had the flu, well flu like symptoms, but just didn't throw up. I'm finally feeling better and acutally had a bit to eat today. Work tomorrow then I'm off for the weekend. I'm meeting with some people on Saturday about going to Thailand, so I hope all goes well for that! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone who's planning on going :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekends over

I am sad. The weekend is over. It's been nice though and I do have some good things to look forward to during this week. I'm having a friend over for supper tomorrow night and seeing another friend on Thursday, which is great because I haven't seen either of them for a long time. I'm scared, and sad, about moving back to Bridgewater because I'm not going to have any friends there. I'm excited about being about to be with Troy in a house and start that part of my life, but it's going to be sad to be away from the friends that I have made up here. I will hopefully be able to come up and see them all the time.

I'm going to start the coupon factory tomorrow starting with the ProFlowers radio coupon code. I love when I can find some really awesome deals. It's really exciting, and even better when you can share them with others. When I find some really good ones, i'll post them on here... promise!

Hey Rosetta! - Yer Spring

I'm obsessed. I love this band. I love this song. Hey Rosetta! from Newfoundland, in my humble opinion, is a Canadian hidden gem. I really hope that they do really well for themselves. They have a really unique personal sound. A girl I work with, her boyfriend illustrated their new CD cover. Awesome.

Christmas already?

I've decided that I'm going to be really gung ho about getting Christmas over with early this year. I'm going to start making some things, working on collecting coupons and going out and buying things early, etc. I want to have things that are really personal, personal creations picture frame sets for an example. I think my goal is to be gone by October, which I think is completely realistic considering that I'm thinking about this already. I'm going to Thailand in August so I'll probably buy a lot of stuff there, which will be really nice.


Troy and I have been trying to budget lately. We are wanting to buy a house, so with that being said we are looking at our expenses and seeing what we should do. I'm thinking about calling around to the insurance companies and see if I can get some better rates, that could help a lot. We have a lot of people who are trying to tell us what to do, which is SUPER frustrating. I'm starting to get really angry about it. Troy's brother is trying to convince us to buy his house. Which is fine, but he's being super pushy and saying things about my income which is really none of his business... since i'll be leaving work and have to find a new job... which i'm not worried about, at. all.
It's a beautiful, yet cold day today. This weekend so far has been a pretty lazy one, so I'm actually going to get outside for a nice long walk today. I've been lazy lately, really ever since I got back from my trip, so I need to get myself organized! I need to start being productive!! I think I'll take my camera with me this morning when we go for a walk, that will be nice.

Friday, March 18, 2011

horray for the internet

I'm so happy for my friend Caleigh. She's on free online dating sites. So excited. I know she's going to find someone special. She's a really great person and seems to attract good people. I know anyone who will fall in love with her personality will be good to her. It's nice to have friends that don't have a hidden agenda. I like that I have friends like that now. Before I always felt when I had friends that they were always looking for something from me. I would give it to them, then they would disappear. So excited that there is a dating world online though. I've heard so many wonderful stories about people finding their partner online!

yay for good health

Troy's been going to an osteopath. They. Are. Awesome. He's really helped Troy out a lot with all of his aching body issues. I know he's going to avoid getting carpul tunnel, an ankle brace, and the like. Once we have no more medical insurance, he'll have to pay it out of pocket, but it will be so worth it. He'll have to drive up to the city though, because the Osteopath down home is so booked up he still is on a waiting list. Oh well though, he likes the guy he is with now, which is great. I'm glad I live in Canada and everything else medically wise is covered (instead of medications, and a lot of people complain about that). I can't even imagine living somewhere that didn't have medical, especially if I was living in poverty, crazy. There is a statistic out that 3 million Canadians live in poverty... I think it's got to be much more than that.

Volunteers Development for Africa

I'm so excited for my friend Brian. I met him in Kenya when I did my volunteer project. He started Volunteers Development for Africa. He was a great leader in our work camp, and I know that everything that he will do for his new organization will be amazing. I really want to go and check out what he's going going on, see one of his work camps, see how I can help back here in Canada. I've volunteered to be an ambassador for the organization. I hope I can put that to use and help people from here go there to volunteer with him.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

chirp for gold?

My parents, for my birthday last week, bought me a very beautiful gold and silver bracelet. I don't know how 'for' gold production I am (that's a lie, i'm against it) but it was a very nice gesture for them to see something pretty and think of me. Maybe that's what people think when they get gold for a gift . I see ads everywhere to buy gold online. I'm sure it's a good way to 'get rid' of all that 'old gold' you have lying around. I don't have any... but I can see lots of other people doing so.

My cats are chirpping at me to pet them! Gotta run :)


My friend sent me a local play fundraiser that's going on in May that I may go to. Someone in the South Shore is looking to have a free camp for children with special needs where they can ride horses, I think that's really awesome! I love seeing children in equestrian clothes, breeches, etc. :) Super cute. I really hope they do well, it's nice to hear of people starting up things like that. It makes me happy to hear people who really understand the sense of what 'community' is all about.

a-hiking we will go

So glad it's almost the weekend. I really want to do some hiking through the forest. I don't know if all the snow is gone but I'm really hoping. I think Troy will be up for it! I'll have to take my new camera with me too, I haven't taken a lot of pictures around the camp woods, not for many years. I took my Dad's old camera with some black and white film back when Troy and I first started dating, but other than that I didn't take a whole lof of pictures. I'm excited!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oi vey!

I absolutely despise being sensitive to scents. When I went to Caleigh's place tonight her roommate had sprayed something and it almost knocked me out. Some of the cleaners at work at just toxic! They give me such a headache! It's a headache just getting a headache, because there is nothing I can do about it. Some green cleaning supplies do help, which is good, but not a lot of people I associate myself with are eco-friendly. I have to go out of my way to recycling sometimes when people are too lazy to sort it themselves. Oi vey! It's good that there is non scented things out there now, but I can't help but get agitated when people douse themselves in perfume and scents. It's NOT attractive.


Even though we have no idea what we are doing... building a house? Buying a house? We are stuck. There are so many options to choose from (with either or decision) that it's just plain overwhelming. At the same time, I can't help but start to look for things for our home that we will have whenever we make up our minds.... I've been searching online for fridges, stoves, rustic furniture, you name it! Of course I'm still going to strive to be a minimalist, so not a whole lot of things... you know, just the essentials!

oh the long days and short nights

I've been finding it hard to sleep at night lately. With all the things going through my head, it's too much to think about. I need to start writing lists before I put my head down for the night. I just toss and turn. Troy's down home this week too so that doesn't help that he's not here! boo! I went over to Caleigh's house this evening and we watched '127 hours' it was pretty intense. I liked it, don't know if I would watch it again, but it was still good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Troy's Birthday!

Troy's birthday is coming up. I'm thinking about getting him something for his drumkit, or billiards supplies. He loves both but I'm not sure. I would love to over time start to replace his whole drumset... little by little buy him so new pieces, of course that will take years, but that's okay. He loves playing pool, so I was thinking a pool cue. I think he would really like that too. I'm not too worried about him reading this, so I can thinking out loud on here! haha

the waiting game.

I've been scouting out the local jobs scene. Not too much, plus I'm early looking. I really don't need to start to be concerned until around August/September. So yah, it's way too soon. But like I said, I'm stuck in a place where I want to get on with a different part of my life and now I'm just playing the waiting game. I'm not really stressed about anything, but there are tough decisions that I have to make that makes waiting a really tough thing to do. I hate playing the waiting game. I consider myself a patient person, but not when it comes to these kinds of things.


Spring in approaching. I can feel it in the air. I can smell it, and it's exciting! Today the sun was out... bright... warm! But it was still a bit windy to remind you to wear a coat. I didn't get a chance to bask in the glory of it all today, but there will be more days, I can feel it!! Winter was weird for me since I was travelling in it for 5 weeks straight. Funny thing, it didn't really bother me. The snowstorm in Winnipeg and Edmonton was a bit much, but still not awful. Oh how cold it was in the prairies!

a bit of a rant

I sometimes shouldn't read opinion pieces online. I get frustrated by middle-class people who think that their opinion is really important and should be heard, when most people don't really care. I was reading one about the primary screenings here in our area. The writer wrote about how ridiculous they were, how she took her child to get their ears, teeth, etc. checked, so the screening was pointless. My thoughts here, what about people who live in our community who can't afford to take their child to professionals, those who don't have insurance? She also wrote about how they should know more about child development, have child-sized chairs instead of big adult ones. I agree! But you can't expect every professional to also have a background in early childhood development.. can you imagine?!

The lady obviously knows her way around the school system. She's going through a disability appeal right now, sucky... but! I think there are so many more pros to doing the screenings then negative points to dwell on.

still in limbo

Still in limbo here. I hate having this feeling. I don't like having decisions hung over my shoulder, head, any body part really. It's Tuesday which is grand! I have a fairly busy week ahead, so that will make the weekend come even faster. I'm sitting here listening to Hey Rosetta! from Newfoundland. I'm totally obsessed with their new album - Seeds. They are doing a huge tour right now, which they kicked it off with Halifax, whoop!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

sports or no sports?

On the news the other day I watched the hockey player get smashed into the railing while on the ice. It looked awful. It made me cringe. Hockey is a physical sport, I understand that but when people can seriously injured, I start thinking... what's the point? If you're really good, ya, sure you can makes tons of money, it must be worth it, but is it worse getting seriously hurt or even dead? sport trophies, great, rewards, sure, money, even better. But I thinking living, surviving, is the best of all.

hello, who's calling?

Right now I have a cellphone through work which is sweet, since I didn't really use my cellphone when I did have one. I only really had it for emergencies, i did text a bit, but not too much. I am thinking about in the summer, getting a cellphone though, I'm not sure what to look for. I don't want to jump into the iphone fad but blackberry phones seem pretty cool. My Dad has had a few different ones and he really enjoys them. I have a few months to decide, it's good to check out different ones and read up on some reviews on them.

Hollyburn mountain

I went back a few posts and realized I didn't post about this wonderful experience Troy and I had while on our trip. We went snowshoeing for the first time (which was exciting) but what was even more amazing is that we snowshoed up a mountain! The trail was about 7-8 kilometres and climbed an elevations of approx. 450 metres. Some spots were steeeeeep, to say the least. My legs were SO sore for days afterwords. The view of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains was incrediable. I added this experience to my life list. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the Vancouver area! I wonder what it's like in summer, must be just as gorgerous!

decisions, decisions...

Troy and I are a bit stuck. We have been checking out some different houses to either buy or build, with so many options it makes it really hard to decide with what route to go. I am really itching to pay off my car, so of course I want to go with the cheapest option, but sometimes cheapest isn't always best... or is it? That's what we are a bit stuck with. Some of the cottages/houses we went to look at had some really beautiful features, glass mosaic tiles, skylights, 2 bathrooms, beautiful cabinents, etc. It's really tricky but I think no matter with what decision we make we'll be happy. We are leaning towards a tiny litle house in town. This would hopefully allow us to save money for a larger home in a few years.

Friday, March 11, 2011

head and heart

Why is it that my head and heart always collide?

I have many ambitions in life. Some that I can accomplish here, where I live, making a difference, building a sense of community inwards and outwards, but I can't hold myself back from travelling around and experiencing other cultures. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Thailand this August. So what does that mean? It means I have the bug once again. My friend told me a few months ago that she is planning on going on a missions trip to Thailand, and when she told me I thought 'perfect timing' since my apartment is up at the end of July and she's planning on leaving the beginning of August. So now I've been searching asia cruise, planes all over Asia in general. it's sick! But I love it. I would love to take a week or so after Thailand to travel all over the place. Don't know about those darn ol' finances though... we'll see...

lets talk about health

Troy and I are going to have to start a crazy 'To Do' list within these next few weeks. There is just so much going on right now with life changes that we are going to have to look at all the little things and figure out payments, work for me, mortgages, etc. One thing that we have been researching lately is short term health insurance Blue Cross. Blue Cross is pretty common around these areas and they seem to have the best rate for what we are looking for. I have a sweet health care plan where I am now but it's going to be no more when I leave my job at the end of July, so we are searching for something else. I'm ok, but Troy has been seeing an osteopath and trying to get his body straightened out so health insurance for us even short term is important. Anyone have any experience with getting your own health insurance?

stuck in limbo

So Troy and I went up to Cottage Country in Windsor. Some of the houses were absolutely beautiful, all of them were actually. There were a few different ones that we liked but it's going to be a bit tricky to decide what we are going to do. When we went back to Troy's brothers house to do our taxes this evening we used his mortgage calculator to see how everything works out, because he has a really good mortgage calculator. It's crazy, most of the time the bank makes around $100,000 off each house, no matter how cheap it is. It's insane. There is a lot of things to debate but we are going to hopefully have it all figured out in a few weeks. I hate being in limbo.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

so sad

I went out last night with my friend Leah to the E-pin restaurant I wrote about and we were talking about her friend who's mother and finance died within a month of each other. I really feel for him, I can't imagine how that must feel like. I met him and his finance this summer at the beach in Cape Breton and they were both really lovely people. I can't imagine the crazy amount of funeral planning he would have had to do in such a short amount of time. It's just sickening with melancholy. Even though I don't know him very well I feel like I should write him a letter. I hope people start bringing back snail mail. I love it, it's so much more personal.


I'm so excited that spring is coming. I can feel it and smell it in the air. No more heated blanket, here I come cropped pants and thinner cotton shirts. I think it's time to look on etsy for some new little shirts! I have on my lifelist to have 50% of my clothing handmade and I'm working really hard. I'm inheriting my grandmothers sewing machine which I'm really excited about because I'm going to try and start making my own clothes. I know, I'm becoming a little ms. susy homemaker. I'm hoping to get really good and start selling in the markets because there isn't a lot of nice handmade clothing around halifax. I think it would go over really well.


Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I turned 24 years old! It was a good day. Most of my co-workers didn't realize it was my birthday because most people at work take their birthday off but I had a program to do that I didn't want to miss ... so.... I am taking tomorrow off and going up to Cottage Country in Windsor to look at some different cottages that Troy and I are considering buying for our home. They look really sweet from the website so I hope they fit with what we are looking for. We get to do our taxes too tomorrow! I've actually been itching to do this because I really want to see how much I owe or get back. We'll see!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

jewelry making

My friend Laura (who may be going to Thailand with me!) is thinking about making metal jewelry. She said she started working with some different materials since being in school to be an engineer that would be good for unique jewelry making. It sounded to me like using a metal punch, or soldering or something like that. I'll be interested to see it when she starts messing around with it. She's really creative so I know she'll make some really cool stuff. Hopefully she can get into the market and potentially do well!

Infant Massage

I'm so excited to start teaching Infant Massage full time. When I leave my job at the end of July I'm going to try and teach Infant Massage classes around where I live and will hopefully be able to make the same amount of money that I'm making now just by teaching a few clases a month. Awesome. I have to buy a lot of stuff to get starts, mats, name tags, oil, toys, dolls, etc. but it's going to be so worth it once I get it all situated and figured out. I'm going to try and make my own doll to teach on as well. I started to make it yesterday. I'm going to go slow though, so I don't get frustrated with it. I started to make a website for Infant Massage so I'll post it on here when I'm ready to start teaching.

e-pin = a1!

Tonight we went out for supper for my Birthday, even though my birthday is tomorrow. My friend Leah was in town so I invited my friend Caleigh out with us and we went to a Korean grill.. and it was awesome! It's a new resturant in the city, on Barrington street called E-pin Korean Grill and it was amazing. Great prices with a very unique dining experience. Usually I don't write about resturants, stores, etc. but this place was great. They were so friendly and food was great. Try it out all of you Haligonians!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

job seeking

Since I'm going to have to be looking for a new job in a few months I have already started to look, just to kinda see what's out there now, but of course I'm a bit ahead of the game. It's hard not to get antsy though when you know it's coming. I keep coming across medical resumes, hospital jobs, etc. I guess it's a good time to be looking in that field, but not mine at the moment. I'm not nervous about getting a job though, I'm really going to persue my Infant Massage career and see if I can do that full time. I'm really excited about the posibility of teaching classes fulltime. I hope gas prices don't go up too high because that will not help me when it comes to charging for the classes, it will cost too much to travel to the various places to do them. I have started a website for it too, but it won't be up and running for awhile, since I won't start classes until the fall :)