Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I did want to post this picture though (continue from last post). This is what I've been eating all week. Hummus with baked tortilla crisps, tabblouh (made with rice instead of bulgar) and veggies. I hadn't had hummus in such a long time, I was craving it... still am and it's all gone! I made it this time in my magic bullet and it worked well... not as good as the food processor that my grandmother gave me (I LOVE that thing!) but good enough to eat!

healthy eating?

I've been on a health kick. I came home today for lunch and watched Dr. Oz with Troy and of course he confirms even more for me to become a vegetarian. I read so many weight loss programs one being HCG diet Austin. I'm sure some of them are awesome, but I don't know I'm skeptical. But I'm skeptical about everything, even about different food how healthy are they really.
I've been eating lots of rice and beans of course. Those are the staples in my diet along with vegetables and fruit. The eating plan I heard about today though said NO dairy! I would be so sad without cheese or yogurt! I don't know if I could do that part. Once I started paying more attention to my body I don't feel great after eating meat. I ate so much of it on the weekend with Easter dinners that I felt sluggish and so tired for hours after eating ham, chicken or turkey. Something to think about...

Seven years oh my!

Troy woke me up the other night yelling something about soil. To dream about your work sucks! I think that I called people when I didn't in reality, just in my dreams, it's super iritating and makes you look lame. I've been looking for a personal anniversary gift for Troy. Soil? Hah! Even though we have a new anniversery (January 5) as of this year, I'm greedy and still want to keep my old one. We will be together seven (7!) years this upcoming Sunday - May 1st! I'm not sure if we are doing anything yet in particular. I'd like to go on a nice long hike somewhere, but we'll have to wait and see!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye April.

Wow April went by fast! Good thing I waited to put my summer tires on, some parts of the maritimes are getting snow this evening. That's just craziness. I think it's just rain here, but I haven't looked out the window lately.

Hello Easter! I get an extra extra long weekend which I'm so excited about. I want to spend it tramping around in the forest, maybe if I'm lucky I'll get lost. Maybe I'll spend a night or two back at the cabin, one can only hope!

I have a lot of strange things going on lately. Trying to fundraise for Thailand trip, get that going... house, moving, trying to jump start a new job, yoga-ing my butt off! So many new things coming up, which is scary but super exciting. Can't wait to go to PEI in a few weeks too!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's talk about babies!

So I'm set to do a few Infant Massage classes starting in September which is exciting! I am doing one through Bridgewater recreation as well as Chester Recreation. I'm planning on organizing one on my own in Mahone Bay. I'm not sure what the birth rate is in the area but I'm going to try and do a class with a minimum of six parents/babies. It will be interesting to start doing some conferences, lectures, talks, etc. on the benefits of infant massage. I am very interest in the whole idea of web conferencing. I think it's a great way introduce information and ideas with people who are from far away.

I would really love in five or so years to become an infant massage trainer! I think that would be a great career. I can't wait to start teaching classes full time!

spring !

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, it's starting to feel like spring. It's windy, a bit chilly, but a wonderful spring so far that's for sure. Troy and I are going to pop by a local nursery sometime today or tomorrow and see if there any nice plants around yet.

I'm on the hunt for donations for the Photo Scavenger Hunt that I'm planning for next month. I'm looking for local, funky stuff, or passes to museums, etc. I've seen some nice Cancun jewelry from people have been going down south lately. They are good for gifts but not donations. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some donations from lots of different places.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm pretty much a vegetarian now. I hardly eat meat. Once a week maybe. I try and get my protein through eggs, nuts, beans, etc. I have been strongly thinking about it this week. I've been watching some videos about it. Meat eating does have a major impact on the environment, greenhouse gases, etc. There are many reasons why I would become one. I am right now eating only free range stuff but it's so expensive I don't think I'd be able to keep that up. Beans it is?

house hunting

So Troy and I are going to look at some houses on Saturday. I'm so excited, I've been waiting for the weekend to come (surprised?). As of right now we are going to look at three and one that we've already seen once before about a month ago. We aren't looking for another fancy of course. Nothing with a pool or something like that. I wouldn't be able to handle the time the gear, the pool lifts, etc. We are just looking for a little farm house with a bit of land. Is that too much to ask!?

My apartment needs a good cleaning. I guess it doesn't matter that it's half past nine at night. Maybe I'll just wait till I get back on Sunday. I do hate leaving a dirty apartment though.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I love Moksha like I mentioned before. The class this evening was pretty intense. I'm thinking about going for the rest of the week, I'm can't go this weekend though, Troy and I will be house hunting. I find the idea of franchises very interesting. I don't know how moksha works, if they are franchise or not, I'm assuming they are, but it would be great to have one in the Bridgewater area. I'm being completely biased though because I want to be able to go when I move back there. I joined there 7 week challenge that they have going on. This week is 'be healthy' which I've been pretty good this week, besides Troy's birthday cake yesterday. I'm considering being a vegetarian. I may eat meat once a week now, just because I don't like buying it, but I'm not sure yet if I'm ready to make the final leap. I know that I have been drifting this way for a long time now... so I have to give it a bit more thought :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

I heart groupon

I love Groupon! Today I bought a one month unlimited yoga pass to a studio in Halifax. Yoga classes can be extremely pricey so I'll pay that $40 for a month's 'all-you-can-yoga' pass. I love it. I don't buy a whole lot of stuff from groupon, teambuy, etc. But when I do see a deal that's good and I'll use it, I'll scoop it up. Sometimes weeks will go by before I something comes up that I'll like, but that's the beauty of it! :)

Home Show

Troy and I went to the Home Show on Saturday here in the city. We didn't really know what to expect but we had free ticket so we thought we may get some ideas for our future house. They had everything from windows, siding, flooring, hot tubs and hot tub covers, pools, saunas, landscaping, you name it. There was only one booth that we ended up staying and chatting - compostable toilets! We may end up getting one for our house. I think it will be a grand investment. I'm really looking forward to looking more into it and see if we can swing it. They are a lot easier to install that I thought, and less expensive than I thought too.
In the landscaping section Troy saw one of his instructors from NSCC that he really liked so that was a pleasant surprise. He remembered me too, which made me feel special :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

oh the joy of pets

My cat, Elliot is his own micrometers. He likes to measure really small things. He is your typical cat who likes boxes, but it doesn't matter the size of the box he's giong to try and fit himself in it. I don't like having boxes all over the apartment, but I feel guilty if I take them away! My other cat, Esme has a little red mouse that she likes to play with. She's not too much into boxes like Elliot. They strive for attention though, they crave it. When I go to work during the day I have to sit and pet them forever when I get home. It's nice when Troy's around or friends because they can give them love, they are so spoiled ;)

Yoga weekend

I had a VERY yoga-fied weekend! Last night I went to an evening of yoga and sound healing by candlelight. It was really amazing. It was empowering yet relaxing. I love yoga because it makes me feel strong, inside and out. I checked out the yoga studio in Dartmouth this morning - Moksha (props go to Ben. B on yelp for the picture). It was a type of yoga I had never tried before. It's called 'hot yoga' where the room is heated up and boy, do you ever SWEAT!!! It's pretty intense to say the least. I bought the newbie one month pass so I'm going to go a few times a week to get my money's worth!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Troy has gone to an osteopath lately and really enjoyed it. Osteopath's are great because they are a more natural way of fixing aches and pains. Troy has tendinitis, sore back and knees. He found after three sessions it really helped. He of course won't know how he'll feel once he gets going again with lawn care again, but at least he is starting out with no aches. I like the idea of an osteopath, one of course because it's a more natural process and two because you don't get white coat syndrome because they don't wear medical scrubs.


I am glad I live in Canada. I keep watching documentaries from the staes, and I'm glad we don't have to deal with some of the issues, one being health care. The Sick-o documenary outlines the health care issues of the States. I wonder if they will get universal health care passed through government at some point. It's hard, beacuse then you have to pay a lot more taxes. We have a lot of problems with Mesothelioma cancer around here because of Agent Orange and asbestos that was in the area years ago. I was a documentary GasLand last night about the natural gas production in the states and how it's making people sick, giving people cancer and brain damage. It's pretty intense. I'm going to do some research on Canada's natural gas production.