Thursday, May 26, 2011

very excited

I can't believe everything with the house is coming together! I have been searching out things for renovation like pergo floors and paints, anything I can think of. To start with we are upgrading the electrical. I can't wait to get a sledgehammer and start smashing stuff! We aren't going to go too too crazy in the beginning. There are just a few things that we are going to do to start off with which won't cost a lot of money like taking out the chimney, taking up the carpets, paintings, etc. You could spend a pretty penny on fixing a place up so we are really going to have to pace ourselves.

My house!

Here's a photo of the house I'm going to own as of June 1st, which isn't even a week away, which is insane. I thought when we started to do this whole process that June 1st seemed like forever away and how it's just around the corner!

just my opinion

When I went to my friends house last night for the fondue party they were watching some trashy television. I don't really get shows about alcohol treatment centers for adults and teenagers. I guess it makes for interesting television but who really wants to sit around watching that... ok I guess a lot of people, but why? What do we get out of watching people suffering from an addiction of all things. It's really a personal problem that doesn't have a place in television in my humble opinion. I really don't like those shows about young mom's. It just enhances the stereotype of a 'young mom'. Teenage pregnancy has been declining steadily since the 1960s.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

moving on!

Tomorrow is my sister's graduation which is very excited. This is her third university one so it's not novel. My parents, sister and I are going out for dinner after her ceremony so that will be nice. Last year we didn't get a chance to do anything I remember because my dad wasn't feeling well. I always like an excuse for a new special occasion dresses, but I think it's a bit too late for that. I try not to buy anything unless I get rid of something else in my closet. Oh well!

Fondue Party!

This evening I had a very lovely evening with some friends. Caleigh had some of us over for a 'fondue party!' we had a meat fondue and then chocolate with fruits, it was super tasty. We then sat around and watched silly youtube videos and chatted about different things. two of the ladies there I don't really know very well, but it was nice to get to know them!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Since I'm going to be out of a job with benefits I'm going to have to start looking for insurance. I wonder how wholesale insurance works I found this website, but I guess I'm going to have to look into it more and see. That's the crappy part about being self employed, pay your own insurance and all that jazz. I'm not going to look forward to that. We'll see what kind of work I'll be able to find in the fall. I'm nervous and excited to see what's going to happen. I'm glad I'll have some money saved up for bills though once I'm done DFC.

the forest

Not sure if I mentioned this or not but we went and walked the perimeter of our 44 acres of land that we are buying alongside the house. The owners, sons, who are looking after the place to sell it were kind enough to walk it with us. My dad kept up with us and it was very murky and swampy with hills. I didn't get wet though, I borrowed my mom's rubber boots. Troy was thinking about getting an atv or something to pull out some of the wood to use in the wood stove. It's softwood which isn't all that great but better than nothing. His parents have an atv now but he's been on the hunt now for ATV Parts and they are hard to come by for older machines. I'm excited to have the land and it's going to make a great hobby farm too which I'm very excited about. I can't wait to grow my own veggies!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 grey jays

I took this photo from a video that Troy took when we hiked up the mountain in Vancouver, BC. At the top oft he mountain they had these great grey jays that could come and eat out of your hand, off your head (as you can see both in this picture) and anywhere. It was a great day that ended of with great company.

house house house

My mind can't keep still. I've been thinking so much about how I'm going to make my house "my house" if that makes any sense. I want to try and make it 'homey' as much as I can as soon as I can but that may get a bit tricky since we have a lot of work to do before hand. We have to redo all the electrical, take out and put in a new stove and chimney, take up the carpet, paint, etc. We've been thinking about WeGotPumps water pumps too and other things for the basement.

fun jewelry

I bought my mom a really cute pair of purple shell earrings for mothers day a few weeks ago but I found these really cute mday necklaces here that are perfect for women. They have a really cute family necklace that has parents and children holding hands, super cute.
It's been a pretty quiet weekend for me. I have a meeting tomorrow but other than that it's been pretty chill. I even have a three day weekend because of Victoria Day which is nice, so this week I'll only have a 4 day week which is great.

Kitty cat love

This little mouse that Elliot is playing with here is Esme's favourite mouse which I found funny so I took a picture of it. They (Elliot and Esme) are visiting their grandparents this weekend. :) Today Troy, Dad, Evan and I walked the lines of the property today. It was a long 44 acres, but it was great.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hair care

I feel really sad for those people who are looking for a hair loss product. I definitely don't have that problem... if anything I have way too much hair I don't know what to do with it all. I'm tempted to chop it all off again but I'm not sure. I probably shouldn't for awhile. I would like to grow it, but that's NOT going to happen. I always think it's a good idea but then I just freak out and chop more it off that I would have if I just got it cut eariler. Complicated? I do hate spending time on my hair. I hate everything about trying to look pretty :P

wrinkly sparkly eyes

I like crinkly eyes. One of my wishes is to have 'sparkly' eyes. You know when you look and someone and say to yourself "WOW" because there eyes pop and sparkly and you can't help but admire them. Yes that's one of my secret desires that all of you who read this blog can read and say... ohhhh? I see....? :)
There are many products that claim to help wrinkles, dark cirles like this eyelastin reviews. Ok yes, I'm not a fan of dark circles. I would prefer not to look like I was just double punched by an angry mob on the way to the supermarket... but I like 'laugh lines', wrinkly cute eyes. I think they are beautiful. It shows how people age with beauty and happiness... or maybe I'm just too sappy!

life list plus family tree equals happy and accomplished me

I've been working on My Life List lately trying to get all of my goals, hopes and dreams in order so I can actually accomplish them. Since I've created my lifelist it's made me really gung-ho to really go and complete things! I've started working on a "family tree" which is something that I put on my life list. I've put quite a bit of time into it so far and I just started it not even a week ago! Woo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I see so many businesses around lately Selling Gold Jewelry. I found a gold wedding band about two years ago, I put up and ad but heard nothing back so I went to one of those places that buy gold and I got $60 for it! I thought that was pretty sweet for something that I had just found! I do have one ring that maybe I'll take somewhere and see what someone will give me for it. I'm never going to wear it and it's hard to sell it second hand. Might as well if it's just laying around collecting dust. I can't imagine all those people who have lots of jewelry and never wear it. They might as well sell it and get some moola! :)

rolling in the deep.

I keep thinking about the things I am going to (hopefully) buy for the new house. I'm thinking I'll wait on a few things like tv mounts and buy those kinds of things for Christmas time. I'm just getting antsy now and time is slowing since I'm waiting for June 1st to arrive. I'm hoping everything goes through okay, it is just a waiting game right now trying to hear back from the mortgage broker who is being kind of weird right now. It's hard to guess everything when we've never done this kind of thing before and of course people who do it for a living understand and think that we should know how things work and we just don't. Oh well.

Monday, May 16, 2011

from the weekend

Here's a super cute photo from the weekend of my cousin Elisha! He is so freakin' adorable and a VERY busy 14 month old. He's not walking...he's running, and he has A LOT to say. I can't wait to see him again. It was fun getting a chance to visit with the family. I just wish it could have been longer!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

new things

I'm going to be learning a lot of new things in the next few months. What's is like to own a home and everything that goes along with that. Travelling and learning abot new cultures and my business that I'm going to (try) start in September. I finally have some classes organized and will post the website soon. I'm going to have to get some sort of document management so that I can organize all of my files, registration of classes and the like. I'm very excited and I'm really hoping for the best! Wish me luck! If you know of any parents have a baby in the next few months let them know! Spread the word!


It's been raining here pretty much 3 weeks straight and we are expecting more this week. It definitely doesn't help people like Troy who depend on clear nice weather to work and make moola! It doesn't bother me too much. When it's raining so much it do get tired and lazy. Today was a nice lazy day. We went to the market, had chinese food i worked on my infant massage doll (not finished yet) and listened to music. It was nice. Back to work tomorrow!

Friday, May 13, 2011

House update

So things are of course a wee bit complicated as any big decision is but things are looking up for the house situation. If everything goes well we will have everything finalized for June 1. Things are coming together and starting to get very exciting! I fall asleep at night thinking about all the things that I’m going to do when I move in, what colours the walls are going to be, floors, furniture, all that jazz. We do have a small amount of ‘new’ stuff that we are going to have to buy. I’m really excited about getting a deep freeze and start a garden next year. We are going to probably looking to some sort of home automation, because you just never know even though we are in the ‘boonies’. *smile!*

PEI Love

I’m in PEI right now visiting my family. It’s wonderful. My aunt, uncle and cousin (14 months old!) left today to go back to their home in Illinois, US. It’s sad that I only get to see them maybe twice a year (but at least once!) but it was a wonderful visit. I came over by myself, good thing I have roadside assistance. My grandparents are gone to the hospital now for a procedure and I expect them back anytime now. I am heading back at some point tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll see Troy this weekend or not because it’s been raining nonstop for two weeks now and it’s suppose to be nice tomorrow and Sunday so he may end up working this weekend… that’s my guess anyways.

fundraiser and Thailand

Plans for Thailand are coming together. My fundraiser isn’t going so well, I’m not getting the amount of people that I really hoped for to sign up for my photo scavenger hunt but that’s okay I’m just going to probably take all the wonderful prizes that I got and raffle them off as a Halifax summer fun basket since there are tickets and passes to do some really fun things in and around Halifax! I’ll post after I have that organized just in case anyone is interested :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i love warmth

I love summer. I love fire pits. I just love the smell of wood burning outside. I don't like the smoke, but I love collecting sticks, roasting marshmallows. I don't like the flies. The black flies were really bad last weekend already, and I got a lot of nasty bites already that are still bothering me! I can't wait till we are settled in our house and can have campfires then go into a cosy warm house, especially in the autumn. I'm a little sad about leaving the city, I'm going to miss working with the ladies at work (most of them anyways) and seeing people/friends that I made up here, but I hope to visit often.
There is so much going on these next few months I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up! :)

smell the flowers...

It's Mothers Day this weekend. I didn't know where I would be and what I would be doing so I gave my Mom her present last weekend. I bought some very pretty purple shell earrings - handmade of course. I never really send flowers to anyone but I was thinking about for Troy's mom to send flowers cheap to her maybe sometime next week - I think she would really like that. She never really wants anything so flowers are nice, maybe even ones that she can plant outside would be lovely.


I had a meeting with the ladies about our Thailand missions trip in August. I do feel much better about it now that I've met with them and we were able to hash out and talk about everyting for a few hours. I met the other member of our team and she seems very sweet! I just have to now allow things to unfold as they may! I'm really excited about how everything is coming together though. We have some great fundraisers planned!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a simple wednesday night...

I know so many people who went down south this past winter. A lot people I know went to the Dominican. I always hear about cohiba cigars dominican... why do people go down south and buy cigars? Are they more authentic? Is the tobacco grown there so they are a bit more fresh, natural? I have really no idea so someone has to give me some 'cigar education' lessons.

Glad the weekend is coming (of course). I don't really have any plans, which is probably a good thing. I spent last weekend doing a lot of running around and errands, very busy so hopefully this weekend will be pretty chill. :)

the sorrows away...

I was cleaning up all of my 'stuff' in my parents garage over the weekend. I didn't get rid of a lot of stuff because this was my third or fourth time going through things but I did a lot of compiling of stuff. I found a store that I wrote... I'm not sure how old I was but it was the story I wrote when I got hit by a truck. I must have been about 7 I would guess when I wrote it... and when i was reading it was more funny than sorrowful. I drew a picture of myself laying in the ditch and the caption was "I was really sad when I was laying in the ditch." I'm now like... OF COURSE YOU WERE!
I don't remember anything being at the hospital and I don't think I have any hospital fears because of this. I am mostly scared of all the weird instruments, electrosurgery, devices... all that crazy stuff when invovled with surgery. The thought of cutting someone open freaks me out and makes me shudder.
I found some very neat things to say the least when i was cleaning. Troy was laughing at my many journals.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I was pretty passionate about politics this time 'round. I painted this sign on my windows to help remind people to vote today! I'm glad to say that the person I wanted to win in my area did, but I'm hoping with some good outcomes this evening. I'm working on my infant massage website while I watch the results so it's a waiting game for sure.
Things are looking up. Okay, well they aren't looking up, moreso just neutral. We have had a couple of inspections for the house that we (Troy and I) are hoping to buy. We could potentially be home owners a month from now! We have some things we need to get in order before final decisions can be made since we would have a lot of fixing to do. I'm already shopping in my mind though and thinking about all the random things that I want to buy, random things like metal hoses, flooring, what colours to paint the walls, buckets, wall hangings, a new tv maybe?! We'll see, we'll see !

cookies and yoga.

When grocery shopping before I sat down to watch the election. The cashier was so slow with the barcode scanners thingy that I was getting antsy. I'm just complaining because I wanted to go home and eat cookies. Yoga tonight was nice. It was very relaxing. It's interesting to go to a relaxing class and an intense (sweat your butt off) class. Two extremes for sure.

It's going to be a busy busy week at work. Going to meet with the ladies about Thailand stuff on Thursday which will be really nice. We have some fundraising things that are (hopefully) going on so lots to discuss!