Tuesday, August 30, 2011


To raise some money for a few different projects in Makindu I'm thinking about having a halloween party at a loca fire hall. I haven't decided full yet since I don't know if I would have enough interest or not. I would haev to start shopping for indoor halloween d├ęcor now since things get picked over very quickly at the different stores. It's crazy to start thinking about Halloween at this time but you really do have to give yourself some time to start thinking or you'll run out of time!

400 books delivered!

I'm back from Kenya. It feels like it was a dream, like it didn't actually happen, but! I had such a wonderful time. I have made some amazing friendships, met some amazing women and children and had an all around good time. The photo here is from Syengoni Primary School where I delivered 400 donated books. We organized a library for the school as well since they didn't have one since they had no books or a reason to have a system. It was great and I think they will love reading!

Monday, August 29, 2011

a purse or not to purse

I haven't heard about this until recently but people I swipe your identity just by scanning your purse or wallet and the cards inside with a machine. They have these rfid blocking wallets that you can protect yourself from people scanning your purse/wallet. It's crazy what this world is coming to that you have to protect yourself from this kind of electronic theft, it's insane! I know I was careful when I was on my trip that I had all of my personal cards and passport close to me at all times (especially in the city - not so much in the rural). You do have to be very aware especially when you are in an African country and being white... you stick out like a sore thumb.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kenya bound

I'm off to Kenya tonight! Boy that came really fast. I can't believe it! No more work at DFC (which makes me sad) and no more city life. I'm currently homeless right now just because we have been working on the house but things are starting to come together very nicely. The electricians and carpenders are there today working away. I'm sure everything will be piecing together very nicely for when I get back. Here's hoping at least. Wish me luck on my trip!! Can't wait to come back and write all about it.