Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My home insurance is doing this really awesome contest where you could win money (and LOTS of it) for a community project. Too bad my project is global and not local or I would apply. I would love to do something for it but I just don't have enough hours in the day. I didn't even know you could get wholesale life insurance until I came across that site. Isn't that interesting, I guess maybe it cuts out the middle man? Not sure. Having a good week so far can't believe the weekend is almost here :) I'll be busy working on the housie

So far so good!

Things are going well. I'm working at the YMCA which is very interesting. I never knew so much about the YMCA until now! I didn't realize they were a charity and they have assistance for those who want to join the gym but have a low income. Pretty awesome. I really enjoy the children so far. I'm suppose to start on the fron desk next week as well. Everyone is all really nice :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

take heart

The campaign is lauched and now it's the waiting game to see how people are going to respond... how many donations we are going to get, etc. It's all I think about! I'm thinking about doing some information at farmers markets, either booths or flyers. We'll see. Lunenburg market is next week so I'll have to wait and see about that one. I was checking out firstgear and they had a Kenya jacket. I thought that was really cute. It would be way too warm for their climate in summer though I'm sure! Their winter is warm enough. I only found one evening chilly but that was because it was so windy. I miss my family in Kenya so much. :(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Makindu Friends Project

I have officially launched my online fundraising campaign to help raise money to build a sustainable farm for a group of 37 women and their families in rural Kenya. I'm really excited about this project and am really excited about the potential something like this can bring to the families in Kenya. If we focus on these types of projects instead of relief food, sponsoring children, etc. the citizens will be able to support themselves and not have to rely on us westerners! Please check out for more information about how you can support the project! There is a video with footage from my latest trip there as well as donation incentives! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

oh what a summer

What a summer we have had. Things have been breaking left and right. Someone decided they wanted to back into my car 2 weekends ago now $2500ish later it is waiting to be fixed. The man who did the damage is going to pay for it though which is good. Troy's truck broke down last week and had a fix the break lines and his mower broke down today! Craziness!
The house is coming along.... I'll post new photos soon. Troy is thinking about making the garage into a little workshop. He's thinking about getting some nice tools for working on his ever breaking machines, aIngersoll rand compressor, better wrenchs and tools in general.
It's going to be an interesting autumn. I don't know what it's going to have in store for us!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

hello weekend :)

It's the weekend. I start my second part time job next week. It's kinda strange how I have numerous part time jobs, it's going to be tricky to keep them all in order but I think it will keep me busy with all the running around and not doing the same thing every day. Ma and Pa are gone to Montreal to buy a smart car this weekend but they should be back this evening. I'm house sitting (cats) and going to do some cleaning this morning. Troy had to go and give a quote for something. I was going to go to a firemans breakfast but I didn't get myself in gear early enough. :)