Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ! Troy and I woke up this morning in our house! Our first Christmas at the house! We opened a few presents, ate breakfast then headed to Troy's parents house to watch them open their presents. Lots of socks and underwear this year! I then went to the community christmas to help. I organized the children's area. Lots of people there! There were about 400 people there to volunteer and enjoy in the meal. It was a great event and I know that people enjoyed themselves :) I then headed to parents house to visit and eat supper with my family. My papa and his wife came from the valley to enjoy the meal too, it was nice to see them. I'm exhausted though! Off to bed

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tempted by alas!

I did okay this year. Most of my gifts were homemade or handmade... but not 100%. I did the best that I could due to the fact that I just wasn't 'with it' this year when it came to Christmas. My free time has been very minimal, but I'm not complaining. Sometimes it's hard when you are tempted to by cheap best eyelash enhancer instead of something more expensive but handmade. I avoided Walmart this whole holiday season which made me really happy! I'm happy with my purchases epecially something special for Troy, I can't wait for him to open it!

a time for that

Christmas. A time to make small talk! A time to see people you haven't seen in forever. A time to explain 'no, i'm not in college, i graduated over four years ago'. A time for that. I'm cynical, but I really like visiting and talking with people who really care about me all year round, not just around Christmas because that's the thing to do. To talk about up coming Dental Assistant Jobs for people, school, work, pets, how everyone is just 'so busy'... it gets to me... keeps my cynical I guess. I'll enjoy my Christmas even though I won't have a tidy house for people to visit and my cooking to perfection. They'll just have to deal with it!

a fence - yay!

This week is almost over - crazy! Only a few more days till Christmas and I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm finally sending some money off to Kenya tomorrow. I hope it works! I have to send it in US funds - it's a bit complicated! I'm so excited and Brian and Susan are going to work through everything and make sure that everything gets done appropriately which is very comforting. I'll post in my other blog all the updates! Yay!

Monday, December 19, 2011


When I took my ECE back going on five years ago we were encouraged to wear scrubs. It helped us look professional and like a unified team. I liked it because you didn't have to worry a whole lot about your 'nice' clothes even though I really don't have 'nice' clothes. This Cherokee uniforms website has a lot of variety on scrubs and other uniforms. I know a lot of people don't like uniforms but I don't mind them. Kenyan schools are pretty hardcore about their uniforms. The children wear them. I don't know how they really feel about it, but I like it because then noone can noticed an socio-economic difference between children.

week before christmas

Working at the YMCA most days over the Christmas holiday! I still have my other little bits and pieces of jobs here and there but it's keeping me busy for sure. When I was working at the front dkes at the YMCA on Saturday I got lots done but my receipt printer wasn't working which was really frustrating! I won't be working on the front desk until the new year though which is too bad because I enjoy doing it. I only work on it on Saturday mornings but it's not bad, I'm off and 1:00pm and still have the whole day to do stuff! I'm pretty busy this week getting stuff together. I'm almost done my shopping which is nice. I'm not going too crazy this year - just don't have the funds for it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bridgewater Community Christmas

I'm helping out this year with the Bridgewater Community Christmas. I helped out the first year playing background guitar music which was fun. Last year I was going to help again but I didn't since my grandfather was in the hospital. This year they asked me to be on the 'core team' which was thoughtful. I'm helping out with facilities and atmosphere as well as organizing the children's area. It's going to be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to seeing how we are going to pull it all together. There are so many little bits and pieces that fit together to make this a huge success! This afternoon is the volunteer orientation... should be fun!

only a few more days left

Troy keeps bugging me what I want for Christmas! With only a few shopping days left - I don't know! I always want practical things and with the new house pretty much everything I want is practical. I need curtain rods and curtains in a big way! It would be nice to get something extra special like jewelry, these scott kay rings are nice but I just can't see myself getting anything like that right now, I need practical! The house is finally starting to come together. This week I have to finish my Christmas shopping. I'm stuck on my Dad but I have pretty much everyone else good to go. I even got Troy a few things!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

come together, right now

Things are coming together with the Kenya farm project. A little slower than anticipated but I finally have my first amount to send away next week. I'm gathing my last bits and pieces and then will send it off! I'm very excited about doing this to start the work on the farm! The amount I'll be sending is $2000 and they were all donations! This will help start the fencing of the land as well as clearing the land to get some work started. The next amount will be for the well which will be a way bigger chunk and a bit more difficult to get, but we can do it for sure! I'll post photos soon.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I never knew buying a house would make me have to buy a lot of STUFF! I had an apartment so I thought I had plenty of things, but boy was a wrong, just things that you don't really think about. I have to get a new showerhead for example, new curtins, curtain rods, etc. I need a new hose for when we have a garden and berry bushes next year (that's the plan anyways). I don't need a heavy duty hydraulic hose or anything like that, but everything certainly does add up that's for sure! Christmas won't be too exciting this year just because I've been spending so much money of nesseary things. All my money this month is going towards a new countertop. Boo!

hiking and backpacking and africa?

I can't help it. I love searching out new hiking equipment or stuff that would be great to take to Kenya with me. One thing I regretted not taking with me last time was a mini day pack that I could take around me when I go out into the community. I checked out kelty backpacks and they are pretty sweet. I think next time I go to Kenya I won't really have to buy anything except for a daypack since I have everything and I didn't even use some of the things I took with me (buy spray). So with that being said, looks like I may go back again in August. I may even have a little group going with me which is really exciting! :)

The list

I can't believe it's Christmas! So much has happened in 2011. Shall I make a list of the highlights:

1. Got married!
2. Took a train across the country on a five week vacation
3. Bought a house and started renovations
4. Quit a job and got a new one
5. Visited Kenya
6. Started the beginnings on a charity
7. Made new friends and kept the old :)

I think that's a pretty good list. Who knows whats going to happen until the end of the month, lots more maybe? :)