Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Wow. I can't believe it - it's almost March. It's almost my birthday - I'm almost 25. It's almost summer. It's almost half way through another year - ok, okay. I'm getting ahead of myself but still. Wow January and February went by SO fast I can't believe it.

These last 2 weeks I have been useless. I've been trying to shake this terrible cold and finally went to the walk in clinic today and got medication for a sinus infection. I guess that's what you get for working with toddlers. $25 and 6 pills later... seriously! Let's hope this helps.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the love of art

I want to take a little shop soon in the city to buy some art supplies. I want to get a really large canvas to paint for the bedroom and one for the living room. That would really spice things up a bit in here. I love art and I hate looking at a blank wall. They disgust me! Some shops are great and have everything from paints and canvas’ to necklace display stands. Lots of different neat things. Troy’s in the city everyday so I should really just get him to pick up a few things for me. We’ll see!
I'll post photos of the paintings when they are complete!

The office

Feeling pretty crappy today, getting a major cold, headache ( i think migrane really ) the works. Troy and I lounged all day long and finished off the UK Office. He'd never seen if before so it was all new to him. I might get into a little obsession now again with the USA version. We'll see. :)

My favourite bit, last episode:

V Day

Valentines Day is coming up. Tuesday

Troy and I don't usually do anything, but this year we may be going out with my brother-in-law and his wife. They are really great people so it will be nice to sit somewhere and chat with them away from 'everything' I like this time of year that everything is 'rainbow and sunshine and butterflies' (love terminology) but it's the opposite of sunshine and meadows. Lots of free online dating sites and yummy chocolates in the stores start to consume you but it's all in fun whether you are with someone or not. As long as people who 'are attached' don't take it too far.


My dresser looks pretty amazing. I went through and got rid of another whole garbage bag of clothing. Oh it feels good! I kept a few funny shirts but ones that I know I will wear. I've downsized big time. I don't even have that many clothes in my closet at the moment. I am invited to a little 'girls night out' and I don't even know if i have anything to wear since i always just borrow from other people aka. my sister. :) We'll see!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

i work out

I've been a machine lately!

I've been working out almost every day for the past few weeks (just taking a few days off in between here and there). I don't really feel a difference. I know when I had the good habit before I felt more awake during the day and more rested at night time. I don't feel that, or not yet at least. I've been doing the bike and what they call an AMT machine. I really want to get into biking in the spring time with Troy - doing some trails some I'm trying to build up my leg muscle so that I'll be able to do long distances.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

tv dreams

I can't give up a good deal! Even though I'm trying to be a minimalist, when I see a good deal like Black Friday deals, I get an itch. Troy really wants a nice TV. I can't blame him, it's something that he'll use a lot, or kinda a lot, maybe a little since we don't have cable, but he hooks his computer into it. We just have our little tv sitting on his amp right now, not even on a little shelf or anything. It would save some space though, maybe we'll get one next Christmas, that's a good idea!

my thing

A girl at work has horses.

Horses. Aren't really my thing. They look nice, their pretty but I don't have any desire to pet one, ride one, or anything. I think they are super intelligent and the girls who ride them look beautiful with their horse riding helmets, jackets, etc. but they aren't my thing. Other farm animals, sheep, I like. I'm hoping to get some sheep and other animals in the spring which is really exciting! Also looking forward to doing some major cultivation of fruit plants and vegetables. Can't wait to turn this blog into writing more about that very soon!

Kenya love

Things are coming together for the Kenya farm project and I'm really antsy to go back hopefully this summer and try and do some more work. I'm waiting for more updates from Drew who's visiting there now and who's been a huge part in making this whole thing possible. I've put fundraising on the back burner at the moment, but next week I'm going to start looking into getting some things off the ground. This is a nice photo of Brian, Gaspe, Susan and Rose at the site where the farm will be! updates at

Valentine's Day

Hey! The one holiday a year I never give any thought too. Valentine's Day. It's not that I'm not romantic, that's not it. I just never really have been 'into it', maybe when I was a kid when you would pass out little cards and notes with candy to your friends. Cinnamon hearts, wowszers, I almost forgot about those. Funny, when you are a kid it's about cards and little candies, when you become an adult it's about hotel rooms, womens lingerie, wine, etc. Now I like the wine part haha! Maybe that's how I'll celebrate this year, a nice bottle of local wine. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 list

So. I've been trying to think of different things that I was to accomplish so far this year. The list is getting quite long. Let's rhyme off a few things:

Start organic farm in Kenya
Pay off car
Meditate on a daily basis
Learn Swahili
Give blood
Take infant mental health course
volunteer in my community (more)
start a recipe box
learn to play the accordian

It's a pretty good list so far. I should add some mad skill ones like learning to stand on my head, spoon or tube bending like at tube bending at You know something totally random like that. Welding? I could pick up welding? or become a carpenter? haha!

Mother Mother

New favourite band. Mother Mother. They are awesome. Their videos are pretty swanky. They are Canadian too which is even better! Check out this video of one of their songs. Hayloft this is one of my favourite songs by them at the moment.

I'm sad tomorrow is Monday. Today was a nice relaxing day. I was a tad bit productive but not too much. Not really looking forward to tomorrow. Work all day then a staff meeting, boo! I'm planning on working out at the gym in between though so that should be fun. I'm trying to get points for my olympic team!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

did you know?

Sometimes when you find a nice video online you want to preserve it, keep it for yourself on your computer to watch over and over again without having to watch it online over and over again. download youtube is a pretty cool thing where you can download videos from youtube onto your computer. Sometimes you can even extract a song so you don't have the video but you have the song to listen to which is pretty cool. Give it a try and see how you make out!

add it all up

I don't really enjoy shopping. Of course for fun things I do, but I don't like when you get to that point where you run out of things like duracell procell batteries, shampoo, cooking oil, etc. Those things can really add up! I have been doing well trying to save on things through and not overusing items. Since I've chopped my hair I obviously don't use as much shampoo which is nice. I've been trying to limit lots of things really to try and make things last longer.

Kenya Farm


Since my friend Drew from Alaska is there doing some ground work at the moment I've been getting more and more updates which is really exciting! I am going to be updating my blog later on this afternoon with some photos and info. It's truely exciting to see the money that I have sent is making a difference to get some things started. Things are racking up to be a lot more expensive than what I thought they would be... but that always happens. Check the blog later for updates!

come together right now

I'm so glad it's the weekend. Even though I had to work this morning I'm happy. I got off at 1:00pm so that still left me with lots of time. I'm going to try to do some de-cluttering this weekend. I'm going to try and let go some of my clothing... back to the whole 'trying to be a minimalist' thing. Even though I really don't have that much, clothing is something that I'm trying to rid myself. I get attached to some things and I really don't want to be, since I know I will never wear it, or it will be a long time before I do. I'm going to be doing some shopping (after I pay my enormous power bill) for silly things like corner round and ceramic switch plates. But this may not happen for awhile. I'm excited to finally see things coming together.

Friday, February 3, 2012

longing for summer

So when I think summer I think street artists. I know it’s a weird “first word that comes to your head” kind of thing. When I was 13ish years old I went to the local annual street artist festival in the city. There I was a bit inspired! I bought a set of devil sticks and practised all summer. I recently came across spinabolo and I was like ‘what’s that?’ then I checked out the photos and remembered watching street artists at the festival and see that amazing things they can do with ‘play things’ like these! It’s really incredible. I’m longing for summer…. Only a few more months to go!

Train trip 2011

Today I was reminising a little bit. Today was the day that Troy and I were returning from our trip last February, the trip that took us on a five week, elopement, across Canada adventure. For Christmas I gave Troy a photo book about our adventure so it's really nice to have that to capture the memories. I do long to be back then though. Freedom, adventure, love, it was amazing. I had a lady today tell me that she didn't even realize that I was married, it was so funny. I get a kick out of that still, the longer time passes really. :)

Baby love

I can't help myself.

Babies hypnotize me.

We had a little visitor in our room today at work, a little baby less than two weeks old. I miss my old job where I would just hold babies all day. My arms feel so empty. baby items make me all gooey like personalized baby bibs, little socks and sneakers, etc. I know a lot of ladies right now that are pregnant and there are a lot being born in this town, it's a mini baby boom!

in the next little while

Troy and I have a lot of decisions to make in the next year - well, in the next few months really. We are looking at our options, trying to piece together what we are going to do to the house, especially when the warm weather comes. We have some work to do on the outside that's important as in the inside. We are thinking about our basement flooring options. We are thinking of doing a layer of concrete and using it as a cold storage, especially if we get our garden up and running. This is exciting for me !

Pink Ribbon

A women I met at my friend’s wedding back in October. We’ll she’s gotten a lot of recognition in the media lately for her blog. Her blog is unique in the fact that it’s account of her path with breast cancer. It has an interesting spin though, it has a raw, humorous outlook on the disease and living with it. I’ve been following it for a few months and it is always interesting to read. Check it out here: Calm Down, It’s Just a Little Bit of Cancer

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I like quality over quantity.

I 'try' to live my life this way. This could be my motto, maybe? I think trying to have something quality (handmade organic clothing for example) is better than having a closet full of clothes that you forget about. plastic business cards I think are a neat idea. You would give them sparingly but when given would be an item of interest to those receiving it. Unique, that's what people strive for isn't it? Something different, something special. Don't know where I'm going with this, but just some thoughts.

Good night

I'm so glad that I don't have trouble sleeping.... usually. I go through fits every once in awhile where I can't sleep because my mind is racing with too many thoughts, but it's usually pretty good, lately anyways. I got my power bill in the mail today though so I may not sleep tonight! I'm glad that Troy doesn't need white noise machines or anything. He used to sleep with a fan on all the time but that must have been a phase. That used to drive me crazy, so cold! I would hate waking up in the morning because of it!

Transition Bridgewater

My community. Well... I love it. It's going to a 'Transition' right now which I'm proud to say that I have started to become invovled. The Community Christmas Dinner was a blast and I'm looking forward to becoming more invovled.
Here's a little bit more about what I'm talking about!

Thursday horrary

Almost the weekend - oh glory! Even though I have to work for a few hours on Sat. that's okay. I don't even usually count that - it's not tough work. I joined a challenge at work - Olympics. I have a team that I'm on and you get points for things like cario workouts, strength, healthy eating challenges, spirtual, etc. It's pretty fun and I've been trying to get lots of points! A girl at work said that 'online shopping' is taking over her life. I more or so dream about beautiful things I want that I can't afford like rustic bedding, handmade organic clothing, that kind of thing. I'm trying to become a minimalist like I mentioned previously so I guess I shouldn't like to window shop so much!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

scan away

To refer to my eariler post, I'm striving to be a minamalist. With that being said, it's handy to have a few things and some things I really enjoy. I'm not a crazy video gamer - but I do have to say I really enjoy my wii. I don't play everyday or anything but I get a good use out of it. My guilty pleasure is dancing games, I can't help myself. I love them. Other things that I can't live without is this laptop obviously, a printer / document scanning software, stuff like that. I'm talking techology stuff. I can live without gps', ipods, ipads, fancy smart phones, that kind of thing, that's no problem! But there are some essentials for sure. It's all about limitations.

Viva las vegas

I can't help it. I'm obsessed with online shopping (but i'm picky at the same time). I can't get enough of the groupon, teambuy type websites. If you are going to buy something anyways, might as well do it through the website and get it at half off! This one I saw today is a hotel package to Las Vegas for only $59 for a three night/four day stay! how crazy is that. I'm seriously half tempted to go and surprise Troy with a little vacation getaway... really! How crazy good. I read through the fine print and it seems too good to be true!

dance like no one is watching or if they are, ignore them.

So. I went out last Friday night with some ladies from work. It was a fun evening. I'm glad I didn't stay out too late, since I had to work in the morning. I realized my level of maturity, which is really quite high! I watched people smoke Rocky Patel cigars which is not a big deal at all, it was the fighting with knives and police being called that accomodated the smoking and drinking. It's all so juvenille and surprises me really once you just stand back and look at it how silly it all is. I had a nice time with the ladies. You just have to out and not pay attention to anyone else. We danced up a storm :)