Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Everyone! I hope you pick up a piece of trash today, or inform someone on how to save a little bit of energy. Maybe you will even go and plant a tree. I made a compost bin the other day - that's my contribution! It's rainy here today and suppose to rain all-week! Finally we are getting the April showers we have been waiting all April for. I think they have let up a bit today which is nice to have one afternoon.

Friday, April 13, 2012

National Youth Arts Week

National Youth Arts Week is coming up soon May 1 - 7th. I'm very excited to say that I'm part in organizing some bigger things for the week. Including some fun things possibly at the mall, a coffee house, a video project, sidewalk art, etc. I'm exciting for things to get off the ground and start the calling around and more organizing. We had a really powerful meeting tonight with a group of adults, young adults and teens. Everyone shared in some unique, great ideas. I think we are really going to put Bridgewater on the map for being a hip place for NYAW! More to come !

Sunday, April 8, 2012

worker bees

Right now I'm only working about 25 hours a week, and I'm totally lovin' it. It's starting to be a little stressful on the pocketbook but I love having the extra time! I don't know how I did it before! I guess I'm good at managing my time but still. I love it! I have time to clean, organize, cook yummy meals -it's great! I know a lot of people who hire out cleaning people like carpet cleaning holly springs nc and I totally understand, especially working parents it must be hard to find the time to get anything done.


I'd like to say that generally, I'm a happy person. I like, but sometimes don't like that I'm an introvert. I like the perks that come with being an introvert, but I sometimes I wish I had so limits or boundaries to my comfort level. I don't enjoy that I have to wear contacts, or that my hair is too poofy but I'll live with that. Eventually I'll probably end up with progressive eyeglasses but I can totally live with that. I wish I could travel more or that I had a job that was flexiable enough for me to travel or had a 'travelling' type job. That would be awesome. Dreamers gotta dream, right?

beautiful gardens

Spring has sprung. The crocuses are up, the tulips are starting. I went next door to the house that is repossessed and the bank owns it right now and took a bunch of the tulips. I worked with Troy a little bit yesterday afternoon and we cleared out a lady's old garden with a whole bunch of ornamental grasses, so booyah some more free plants. I love it! I can't wait to have a beautiful garden! We are doing some work around the house with some ornamental gardens. Troy's really good at making things look nice yet rustic at the same time, which I like. I'll post photos soon!

All that glitters

One of the few things I miss about city living is farmers markets. We have some down here but in Bridgewater it's only in the summer. Lunenburg's market is on Thursday's which are never a good time for me since I'm always working. Boo. The one market in Dartmouth was interesting because it had everything from used books to produce to buying gold. I always wonder about the whole 'buying gold' thing like how you can buy gold online from Golden Eagle and sell it too. I found a men's wedding ring one time, held onto it for a year, tried to find the owner before I sold it. I made $60 of it which I thought was pretty good!

clean freak

I've been going through a bit of a cleaning stage, I must be nesting or something ! haha. I'm working today on this Easter Sunday at the YMCA front desk but that's okay. It will probably be pretty quiet. I like keeping things clean and organized around the desk, it just makes me feel happy! It doesn't need to be professional like house cleaning services holly springs or anything, just enough to keep the dust down and things looking 'spic and span'.

the tomato queen

So I bought the new book The Year Round Vegetable Gardener and it was been provden very helpful! I like how simply everything is laid out. I started making some quick notes on when to grow things. I'm so excited that I have 7 tomato seedlings that have now sprouted!! I have never grown anything from seed before. Well one time when I was still living in Dartmouth I started to grow a chestnut tree from seed (a very large seed at that). It grew quite large until my cat decided that it tasted delicious. Oh well. I'll post photos soon of my tomato plants!

Friday, April 6, 2012

this little life of mine

I know I shouldn't be thinking of looking for life insurance but I'm a pessimist I just can't help it. I keep hearing stories of people who die suddenly of aneurysms. Those things just freak me out! You are just bumping along then pow, boom, all gone. I've been thinking of 'the bigger picture' a lot lately and I'm decided to go 'back to my roots'. I mean that in the form of back to the way things were when life was a bit more simple. Making your own things. No much thing as frozen meals, that kind of thing. I think I'll start finding the enjoyment out of simple life lessons. How to make my own cheese and yogurt. How to grow my own food. I think it would be nice. I think I'll find peace. And if I find a bit more peace then maybe I'll find a less stressful life, then maybe I'll live a more wholesome life. Oh, this could go on and on!

little chickies

So many things on my life list, and in particular so many things I want to accomplish in 2012. Somy boring stuff like, pay off my car, put money in savings, blah blah, some more exciting things like take a trip, hot air balloon ride, learn a language, grow my own food, that kind of thing. Troy and I are getting out little baby hens in the beginning of May, I'm so excited! We looked everywhere for some heavy duty chicken wire and finally found some last week. They had some beautiful wooden fencing and swimming pool fences as well. There is just so much to choose from!

love/hate relationship

Why aircanada? Why do you have to have seatsales? Why do you have to have seatsales to nearby places that I could just hop on and then stay for a few days and come home. I love you and hate you at the same time. There is 50% off in Eastern Canada. I could get a flight to St. John's Newfoundland for like $200 which is crazy dirt cheap and I'm so half tempted to go. I'll book it for Troy and it can be a late summer surprise to get him through the rest of the busy work. It's so tempting I may just have to do it!


Today is Good Friday. Troy had the day off so he decided that we would do some lawn care stuff and I agreed to help him. So now, I'm exhausted and going to bed very soon. So tired and I'm sore and have bit of a headache. Did you know there is such a thing called Migraine plastic surgery? Really. What will they come up with next?! I mean that in a good day - unqiue things, gagets and toys come out everyday, we just can't keep up with it all! My mom, dad and sister came over for supper this evening. They brought the meal and I made the dessert - blueberry crisp. I have so many blueberries still left over from last summer in my freezer. I just can't use them all!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

until that day comes...

Life has been a little stressful lately. Troy's mom isn't in a steady decline, more like a drastic one and it's been really rough. Things are looking up once and awhile and she has her good days and bad days but lately it's been more bad than good. She stopped by for a visit yesterday with Troy's father and sister and she was in a good mood and smiling so that was nice to see. I tried to take some photos of her smiling and eating birthday cake with Troy because I don't know if there will be another opportunity. I'm glad I got the photo and video at Christmas time that I did. I don't look forward to the day that she'll end up on a patient monitor somewhere. I guess I'm a pessimist so I think like that, but I'm trying to stay as positive as I can in light of the situation.

that would be the live

From my couchsurfing post from eariler... I really do have the travelling bug. Oh how I wish I didn't have responsibilities! I would just travel all over. I guess I sacrificed things like that in order to get married and own a house. I guess I'll be ahead of those people who don't buy a house until they are in their mid-thirties or fourties. There is nothing wrong with that for sure, but I sacrificed for this decision, and I'm totally ok with that. If I'm lucky we will have our house paid for even sooner than 25 years :) That would be really nice. Retire early... ahh... :)

the world i would know

I always thought to myself - if I ever had time to kill I would... that is if I ever won the lottery, or for some reason didn't have to worry about money or working for a living I would... Lots of things of course but one thing (well a few things I guess) would do would to take a lot of courses. I would buy some welding supplies and teach myself, take a carpentry course, mechanics for sure, all the trades really so that I could fix things myself. I think that would be great. Also of course courses in agriculture, language, philanthropy, that kind of thing. I can only dream and be jealous of those who are a "student for a living" that would be amazing. I just wouldn't want to the student loan afterwords.

power to the nation

Mom was telling me that the new Lunenburg school is suppose to be the most efficient school in Nova Scotia heated by solar panels and a wood pellet furnance. We are hoping for an open house so we can go and check it out. It looks like a beautiful school from the outside. I'm always interested in heating sources and ways to power. Some places even have incentives like nj electricity. It's a great idea to help people think a little more green with an added bonus. It doesn't hurt that's for sure.

folk festival in July

I'm a little obsessed with a website that I found... I have a profile on there now accepting people to stay with me and hoping to find a place to stay and meet some cool people for my potentail trip to Rhode Island this summer for the folk festival there. Some of my favourite bands will be there so I'm excited! I love travel - and this will be a mini vacation but I think it will get me through!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

farmer life

Troy said to me the other day, "I just want to be a farmer and grow my own food..." what a nice dream that is. Maybe in a few years once we have some things established, asparagus patch, large blueberry bushes we can start storing food away and save money that way. Maybe eventually have a u-pick and make some money off it too. Troy got himself a little tractor in the fall be he continues to look for sales like bobcats for sale, etc.
It's nice to dream about a simple, quiet life, maybe not so quiet once we have children, but it will be a different kind of 'busy' and i'm looking foward to it!
Since Troy got sick last year with IBS and his stomach hernia we have been looking more and more into different kinds of medicines and treatments from osteopaths to Hormone replacement therapy and everything in between. We need to look into getting some sort of health insurance as well, or try and figure something out along the lines of how we'll do it. I guess we probably will try and figure something out when we start having children and they will need work done (dentist, eye exams, etc.) Hopefully our children have Troy's eyesight and not mine - that would be awesome. He's got perfect 20/20 and last time he went for a checkup they told him that he wouldn't have to come back for many years. Wicked. I'm not the lucky one there.

april fools day

No one played an April Fools Joke on me today. Nice. I guess the day isn't over so I better watch myself. I can't believe it's April already. Three months of 2012 are already over! I keep my plans of 2012 in my head and try to help myself get them done. I'm working on my life list and continue to add things. I have a lot on there and am trying my best to get it all together. A few things at a time.