Sunday, July 15, 2012

busy days

I have a student staying with me for six weeks this summer - a guy Leo from Quebec through the YMCA Summer Exchange program. We are having a lot of fun so far - he's a pretty easy going fellow and Troy and myself are having fun getting to know him and taking him around and showing places. He went camping this weekend with the other students from Quebec I can imagine they didn't get much sleep last night and you don't get that good of a sleep when you are on the ground. I'm sure they had lots of fun though and their young they can bounce back and be fine - unlike us older folk :) We have been really busy, but a good busy and looking forward to what more of the summer will bring!

Sunny July

This summer has been crazy so far. I can't believe we are half way through July already! Yesterday I went to a beautiful garden party with some of my friends who were hosts. It was quite magical their yard is just marvelous and it really inspired me to go and buy flowers here in the community to start my own little 'secret garden'. I did some weeding today which was helpful. I think in the fall I'll buy a whole bunch where I can get some at really good prices. I don't want to have to plant things every year I'll buy ones that come up year after year. Some tiger lillies that a friend gave me to plant are blooming now and they are so beautiful :)